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Quality Module Planned Flow of the Software # 006 = Quality.

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1 Quality Module Planned Flow of the Software # 006 = Quality

2 File # 005 Covers the next cell of this flow chart Purchase indent Indent Approval Purchase Order PO checking PO Approval Gate Entry Quantity MRR QA – QCExcise Bill Passing Payment

3 Auto entry from MRR to QC Shows pending MRR, for which QC not done Short cut QCDetailed QC ( with parameters ) Sub-Topics Covered

4 Quality Assurance Dept Process Starts

5 Pending in QC Report Automatic creation of this report Visible to Purchase Dept Visible to Stores Dept Visible to Quality Dept Visible to Accounts Dept Also to Production and Maintenance Dept.

6 Select the Quality Inspection Module and then click on Pending Inspection Icon Button

7 Select the Desired Option

8 This report shows what is pending for Quality….

9 That was a LIVE automatic report Available to all Updates every 1 second Immediately after a MRR is saved by a stores person And every day end, to push further, the automatic email shoots….. (See Next Page)

10 The ERP software shoots an email directly to your inbox

11 SAMPLE E-MAIL Automatic Emails start To remind the Purchase dept To follow up with QA dept If required For pendency over 2 days …

12 Question : Auto email of pending in QC Send or not ? – Recommended is yes How many days pendency show in day-end email ? 3 vs 0 – Recommended is ZERO days

13 How to do the QC ? Short Cut Simple Yes / No Detailed Parameter wise, Each reason Each test result

14 Select “Inward Inspection” Under “Quality Inspection” Module

15 Inward inspection only for Incoming material and outward Inspection is only for Finish goods

16 You need to set the Templates for the “Quality Test”

17 Templates is set now. Quality Department only needs to tally the fields as per requirement

18 Take the print for Quality Test Template


20 Select the Vendor MRR for Quality

21 Select the Item for quality

22 Quality person check the quality as per their set template


24 Take the print for Inspection Report


26 Short Cut QC ? To be used if the QC Dept is Extra busy and cannot enter the Quality plan for each item in the ERP

27 Select the “Inspection Icon” Button and then Click on “New”


29 Select the vendor MRR for quality

30 Put Qty. In Accept/OK to Ok Quality




34 After the QC “Pass” Purchase Bill

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