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Your tomorrow is decided by the way you spend your today.

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1 Your tomorrow is decided by the way you spend your today.

2 Interview Basics

3 Contents of this presentation What: What is an Interview? Why: What is the purpose of an Interview? What: What ‘role’ are you and the interview panel playing? Which: Identify the essential skills required for any interview. How: How should you dress / sit / talk ? Yes / No: Can you ask questions? And when? What not to do: Avoid these elements How: The Psychology of Assessment

4 What is an Interview? An interview, in simple words, is an “Inner View” of the candidate.

5 Why an Interview? Your theoretical skills have already been assessed. Now they want to assess you. You, as a person.

6 What are the roles? You, the candidate, are selling a very invaluable product – yourself. Don’t oversell, but at the same time, don’t undersell.

7 What are the roles? So you are salesman and the interview panel is your potential customer.

8 Skills Required Enthusiasm + Honesty Maturity + Confidence Sincerity + Knowledge Cheerful + Alert

9 Basic Etiquettes Enter with permission Sit after permission Dressing formal, clean, proper hair-cut no tattoos, gaudy make-up etc.

10 Basic Etiquettes Keep your documents with you, not on their table Greet the lady interviewer(s) before the male interviewer(s) Positive Body Language

11 Basic Etiquettes Answer accurately and to- the-point; don’t lie. Don’t make any negative statements about people, religion, political parties etc.

12 Can I ask questions? Yes, but only if it cannot be answered by the internet or details printed in the advertisement. Usually, this is not required.

13 Risk Areas If the panel mistakes you for another candidate, clarify. If any documents are missing, be polite in your requests. (Extensions may or may not be granted!)

14 Risk Areas Change of time / venue / date etc. are not allowed, so make your own adjustments.

15 How are you assessed? Every organization wants committed, reliable, and knowledgeable workers.

16 How are you assessed? However, there is a time- constraint.

17 How are you assessed? IBPS Interviews are short – less than 10 minutes. So make sure you perform your best from the very start.

18 How are you assessed? In every answer, start with the best part of your response. You never know, your answer may be cut-off or interrupted by a question any moment.

19 Remember… The best way to perform your best is to prepare your best!

20 Best of luck!

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