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IQSM Intelligent Quality Security Management Demonstration of features.

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1 iQSM Intelligent Quality Security Management Demonstration of features.

2 System Overview iQSM consists of the following components: The “Question Editor” The “SIP Editor” The “Audit Dashboard” Question Editor SIP Editor Audit dashboard

3 System Overview – Question Editor The Question editor is part of the QuEdit module that is installed on a client machine. With QuEdit you are able to: Create a new audit. Edit Audit question sets building intelligence and creating the audit workflow. Add or remove questions, question sections and link questions. Add different question types such as yes/no, free text, time date, geographical maps, radio buttons. Define scores and question filters. Include SIP reports to be generated by selected answers. Add help text to ensure the context of the question is understood. Link questions to compliance, regulations and audit context groups.

4 System Overview – SIP Editor The SIP Editor is used to create Security Improvement Programmes (SIP) and is part o the QuEdit client component. The SIP Editor enables you to: Define a name and description of the SIP. Detail if the SIP is positive or negative. Detail the action to be taken. Set the SIP so that it is automatically assigned to the right person.

5 System Overview – Audit Dashboard The Audit dashboard provided the main user interface to iQSM and is accessed through a web browser. The dashboard view is controlled by the user privileges set by the audit manager. The dashboard allows the user to see and select audits that they have access to. The dashboard provides information on audit progress and status. Questions can be bookmarked for easy access later User tasks such as SIPs and outstanding questions appear in the users task folder The question navigation pane makes it easy to work through audits. The dashboard provides access to the report generator and displays real time reports.

6 Step 1 – The Question Editor 1.Create a new demo audit from the demo template

7 Step 1 – The Question Editor 2.Type in the name of the audit and select the audit or template which you want to copy to create your audit.

8 Step 1 – The Question Editor 3. Here you can see the type and structure of the questions.

9 Step 2 – Adding a Question 1.To add a new question first click on a section. Two options appear, one creates a new sub section and the other creates a new question 2.Click the ‘Create Child Question’ and the question will appear at the bottom of the current section.

10 Step 2 – Adding a Question 3. By selecting the question icon you can now enter question text, help text, select the question type and start to build your options and scoring.

11 Step 3 – SIP Editing and Management SIPs are generated when you wish to raise an exception as a result of an answer to a question. The SIP will be the ‘worksheet’ sent to a prescribed individual who is nominated as responsible for that particular area of remediation. (IT Manager, HR Manager etc.) New SIPS can easily be created from the QSM menu In QuEdit

12 Step 3 – SIP Editing and Management 1. Enter the details of the SIP and assign a responsibility using the SIP editor.

13 Step 3 – SIP Editing and Management 2. Return to the Question Editor and link the SIP to the relevant question answer that you have created.

14 Step 4 – Filtering Filtering allows a question or block of questions to be skipped on the selection of one or more of the answers to that question.

15 Step 4 – Filtering 1.If you select the answers in turn you can see which questions if any are filtered;

16 Step 5 – Scoring and DNA Showing scoring and DNA involves expanding an answer. By selecting the value it is possible to change it.

17 Step 6 – User and Role Administrator 1.User Administration is controlled through the Administration Function. Logon to iQSM. 2.From the landing screen select the Administration tab. 3.The User Manager allows you to add/delete and modify iQSM users.

18 Step 6 – User and Role Administrator 4. User Role Manager is where you setup permissions for iQSM users. Each user has a role per audit. This means that an audit owner of one audit may actually only be a basic respondent in another audit. 5.You need to select first the user and then in the right hand pane select the audit (If marked with an asterix) to see that users’ role. If there is no asterix, that user is not a part of that audit. New roles can be created from the Role Manager tab. Here you will see the wide range of iQSM permissions.

19 Step 7 – The Audit Session Screen 1.Click Audit Selection from the main menu. 2.Once you have chosen you audit from the list click to open the audit.

20 Step 7 – The Audit The grey bar contains your user information and the details of the audit you have selected. The question tree for easy navigation. The DNA scoring panel. The question screen. Various counters, status lights and links. Navigation buttons

21 Step 8 – Question Format 1.Defer a question to someone else by clicking on the Defer button. 2.Add evidence to justify your answer. This is excellent for when an auditor looks over an audit done by someone else. You can progress through an iQSM audit either by navigating from the question tree pane or by selecting the Next button or NUQ (Next unanswered question).

22 Step 9 – Reporting SIP Report: A SIP report can be accessed from the hyper link in the bottom pane if a SIP has been generated.

23 Step 9 – Reporting Splodge: A splodge report can be shown by going back to the audit selection screen. 1.Select the audit you wish to report on, and click on the REPORT tab.

24 Step 9 – Reporting 2.Then select which template you wish to compare your current audit against.

25 Step 9 – Reporting 3.Finally, click PLOT and you will see the green shading of your template and the red shading which represents your current iQSM audit scoring.


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