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LEONARDO DA VINCI The common programme for action in the professional education for the promotion of the EU education policy.

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1 LEONARDO DA VINCI The common programme for action in the professional education for the promotion of the EU education policy

2 Regierungspräsidium Chemnitz, Department of Agriculture Regierungspräsidium Chemnitz District Government Board Chemnitz Project Partner P 7 in the AAC – Agriculture Advisor´s Competencies Agriculture in Saxony - modern, competitive, environmetal- friendly, lastingly

3 EU-Project A A C Agriculture Advisor´s Competencies – Kompetenzbildung landwirtschaftlicher Berater

4 Phase 3: Evaluation of quality of advisor´s competencies (6 month) 3. Meeting: Budapest – Hungary

5 Criteria of input for advisors Education level 2 types of Advisors: 1 general advisor, 2 special advisor. The general advisor needs the higher qualification. Special Advisor: specialized university or technical college of higher education degree in an agricultural field of knowledge. General Advisor: additional civil service examination to the higher agricultural service and technical college teacher qualification in agricultural fields. Required experience and practise One year agricultural practices Experiences in advice or consultation not required. The following further education provides training in advice and consultation.

6 ResponsibilityStructured organisation. 3-stage administration: SMUL - RPC – ÄfL (Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture (Dresden) – District Administration Board (Chemnitz)- 11 Offices for Agriculture) The Ministry appoints the advisors at the time they get an employee of the state (employment contract). Some of the advisors are employees, some are public officials. Public advice and financing. Partly private advice suppliers. At investment support since 2004 no more state advice. Advice is made by private investment attendants. Private advice is carried out also at certain other services. In the field of FAS there are no certifications for private advisors. Certification

7 Target groups = who will be certificated No extra certification procedure. No other target groups. Procedure of certification Form of registration - procedure Not applying. How many years valid Not applying. Register (yes/no) Not applying.

8 Education Institutional courses (The guarantee of courses) (Here the situation for the official advisors in Saxony is shown) Who provide? (Who is responsi ble for keeping of qualifica tion and what delegati on the provider has) General Responsibility: Saxon State Ministry for Environment and Agriculture Basic education The National Training Place for Agriculture (NTPA) (Reinhardtsgrimma) provides most of the further education. The Saxon Institute for Agriculture (Dresden- Pillnitz and their branch offices in Saxony) supports the tasks of the NTPA by experts and teachers and materials. Cooperation at specific questions: Saxon national Institute of Agriculture; Environmental Offices, Food and Veterinary Offices (within the District Offices).

9 FormPresentPresent courses and conferences only Distance learning Individual learning is the task of the advisors by themselves. Combine (present, distance- what proportion?) Duration5 days courses and up to 5 days conferences and/or exchange of experiences. ExaminationNo examinations. Participation document is given to the advisor.

10 Advisors as a target group how many advisors 2008: 188 advisors all together in agriculture and horticulture. Some of them are teachers at the technical colleges of agriculture too. Consultation is not only for FAS and CC. ContentsCC (Cross complianc e) 19 regulations The 19 regulations are content of further education courses. Education for advisory tools is also provided.

11 Advisory tools GQS-SN: “Whole Enterprise Quality Safekeeping System of Saxony” Internet portal about GQS-SN with CC check list, question answer catalogue etc. permanently is updated. Everything public for everybody accessible. Private consultants also can be using. Advice management is not promoted for private suppliers but an indirect support by the subsidized appropriation of technical documents. Many materials also free of charge over the Internet for all interested parties (farmers, private consultants) available.

12 GAEC (good agricultural and environmenta l conditions) This topic is also in education courses. OthersLabour safetyNo information available yet. Good practisesThis topic is also in education courses. Other examples …

13 Other facts of P 7 CC consultation has been effective since 2005 In 2008 the system of the whole administration in Saxony will be changed FAS shall be continued in the shown way

14 Extend of agricultural enterprises in Saxony 2005 single farms agriculture9.022 main paid occupation1.943 single enterprises horticult.1.028 main paid occupation852 other farms agriculture 572 other farms horticulture 56 public farms 3 total10.681

15 Extend of consultation 2005 single consultations30.313 group consultations 2.053 participants38.049

16 In the federal states of Germany exist several different systems in this topic. Information: There are no official recognitions of private advisors in general, but only in connection with supporting measures. It is planned, to make a register of such recognised

17 Thank you for your attention.

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