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JISC Collections Share and Share Alike Caren Milloy and Liam Earney JISC Collections UKSG Annual Conference, Harrogate, 4-6 April 2011.

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1 JISC Collections Share and Share Alike Caren Milloy and Liam Earney JISC Collections UKSG Annual Conference, Harrogate, 4-6 April 2011

2 JISC Collections Thank you for joining us and for your input prior to today We asked you some questions about this session. 22 people responded We asked what you would like us to cover? What you would like to see JISC Collections more involved in? How JISC Collections could be more effective? Any other comments?

3 JISC Collections This is what you said: Tell us more about: -The work you are doing with e-books -Your Licensing Comparison Tool -Your new e-book and archive platforms -Your study into the value and use of scholarly journals

4 JISC Collections When asked: What activities would you like to see JISC Collections more involved in, you said: “Using some of its own considerable financial resources to create for itself some of the technology it demands from publishers” “E-formats for teaching” “Search interface and delivery models for content” “Centralised purchasing for its member institutions” “Open Access journal models” “Active negotiations with publishers rather than waiting for libraries to move”

5 JISC Collections When asked: What could we do better, you said: “Communicate with publishers more often” “More effective negotiation to match the reality of university funding” “Understand that publishers operate globally and cannot accommodate everything” “Concentrate on a smaller number of quality resources for negotiations” “Focussed marketing and promotion for publishers in return for improved pricing/licensing”

6 JISC Collections Taking all this feedback into account, this is what we propose: Brief overviews of our work in the four main areas requested: - e-books - Licence Comparison Tool - New book and journal platforms - Study on the value of journals to HEIs Interspersed with some discussion Some general discussion around communication, consultation and expectations between publishers, consortia negotiators and librarians

7 JISC Collections Where next with e-books? Lets just get on with it

8 JISC Collections OAPEN-UK ‘Scholars do not work in a vacuum; research is based on work from others and new discoveries must be disseminated in order to be used.’ SnijderSnijder,Ronald. 2010. The profits of free books - an experiment to measure the impact of Open Access publishing. The aim of OAPEN-UK is to explore the role, feasibility and impacts of open access scholarly monograph publishing in the UK humanities and social science scholarly environment.

9 JISC Collections 2010 – Assess – 2012 - Re-assess – 2014 48 HSS 2006 – 2010 pairs of titles 24 Open Access CC, OAPEN Library, Repositories Print sales, e- book device sales, usage 24 e-book for sale Pub platforms, standard licence Print sales, e- book device sales, usage Continual assessment of the pilot against developments in the e-book arena Research programme to gather data on attitudes, reach, readership, funding models, practical implications and processes ….. Steering Group of publishers, librarians, researchers and RC’s

10 JISC Collections E-books – where next? 2007 – 2009: JISC national e- books observatory project 2008 – today: E-books for FE 2009 – 2011: JISC e-textbook trials Never going to get consensus! E-book environment fast paced (screening, interactivity, sharing….) Lets just do some agreements! Test out models Explore Coursesmart? High interest in PDA model and rental model Open access


12 JISC Collections 01 May 2015 | | Slide 12 Why are we building this… Institutions facing a number of issues: –Too many licences – and more to come… –Too much inconsistency, opacity, legalese – lack of understanding –Difficult to interpret –Hard to explain to users –Hard to take full advantage of licence terms –Impossible to compare of licence terms across resources to support collection management –Administrative burden of licensing is huge Issues facing users –Don’t understand licence terms At least not the way we draft them! –Not interested in licence terms –Just want to use content

13 JISC Collections What does it do? View licences – in standard format and ONIX-PL version Compare licences –Individual or multiple licences against the model –Different resources licences with each other –Compare licences for the same resource over time Download XML licence expressions of licences for use within institutional systems Print comparative views of licences

14 JISC Collections How? Funding received from JISC in early 2010 EDiTEUR - encode JISC Model Licence as the template in ONIX-PL Sarah Durrant (RedSage Consulting) creating ONIX-PL versions of JISC Collections agreements DataSalon – creating the interface

15 JISC Collections Challenges What do people really want? –“Who are my students?” Creating ONIX-PL versions is time consuming and intellectually demanding Quality of licences –Inconsistencies –Negotiated compromises –Intentional vagueness Interpretation –What did both sides mean? –Is silence yes, no or maybe? Naming convention

16 JISC Collections






22 JISC eCollections JISC eCollections is a value-for-money service that integrates access to a range of high quality archives, managed by the community, for the community, for the long term £15 million + Preserve Increase use Simplify

23 JISC Collections


25 JISC Collections Measuring the Value of Journals Limitations of Cost per Download as a metric for value –Qualitative measures of impact Current budget cuts putting ever greater pressure on journal budgets –Is usage enough to gain trust and support of academics? RIN/CIBER identified an correlation between number of downloads and award of research grants –Called for further qualitative research Tenopir and King have undertaken research into the usefulness and value of scholarly articles

26 JISC Collections Return on Investment

27 JISC Collections Value of the Library

28 JISC Collections UK Return on Investment Study Tenopir and King will repeat their study in the UK with some additional work –Additional qualitative data on usefulness of scholarly articles –Issue of low usage but high value journals –Value of journals compared with other sources –Other business models for journal articles? Working with 6 UK universities (Russell Group and 94 Group) So far over 1400 responses from researchers Work to complete in November 2011

29 JISC Collections Discussion? Thank you Liam Earney and Caren Milloy

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