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GEO Task AR-07-02 AIP-2 Kickoff Workshop NCAR Mesa Laboratory 25-26 September 2008.

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1 GEO Task AR AIP-2 Kickoff Workshop NCAR Mesa Laboratory September 2008

2 AIP-2 Kickoff Objectives of Kickoff Workshop –Begin the Development of AIP-2 –Refine and develop Collaboration and interoperability goals Detailed design based on CFP Architecture User scenarios suitable for demonstration. –Develop plan for AIP-2 Development September 2008 at UCAR Mesa Lab –Plenary and parallel sessions –85 persons attended over the two days –Progress initiated on all objectives

3 DevelopmentActivities Kick-offWorkshop Call for Participation ConceptDevelopment PersistentOperations(AR-07-01) Participation ArchitectureDocumentation Updates for each step Baseline AR Architecture Implementation Pilot Evolutionary Development Process Operational Baseline and Lessons Learned for next evolutionary spiral Continuous interaction with external activities AI Pilot Development Approach

4 AIP-2 CFP Responses (35 to date) ACRF BKG Caribbean Flood Team CIESIN CNES and ERDAS Compusult EPA AirNow ERDAS Titan ESA ESIP AQ Cluster ESRI ESRI Canada EuroCryoClim NOAA IOOS NOAA NCDC NOAA SNAAP Noblis Northrop Grumman Spot Image SURA/NIMSAT/GoMO OS USGS VIEWS Washington University in St. Louis GEO-Ukraine GEO Grid Giovanni ICAN ICT4EO INCOSE IP3 ISPRA JAXA Mines Paris Tech NASA World Wind NOAA/NASA GOES-R and GMU CSISS

5 Slide originally from Shawn McClureCIRA, Colorado State University Why participate in GEOSS AIP? Better awareness of community interoperability efforts Better understanding and use of proposed GEOSS standards Standardization of intra- and inter-system data exchange Leveraging and reuse of existing resources through service-chaining Increased value of existing development investments Improved resource availability and decision-making for end users

6 Agenda – 25 September

7 Agenda – 26 September

8 AIP-2 Kickoff Sessions SBA, Communities of Practice, Scenario Sessions –Disaster Response –Climate Change and Biodiversity –Renewable Energy –Air Quality and Health Transverse Technology sessions: –Catalogues and Clearinghouse –Service and Dataset Description –Data Product Access: service, schema, encoding –Sensors and Models Access: service, schema, encoding –Workflow for derived product and alert generation –Clients: portals and applications clients –Test Facility for Service Registration

9 Session Leader responsibilities - Thanks! Introduce and organize themselves Create an agenda for the session Introduce the session at the opening plenary Lead the session at the kickoff Present the outcomes to the closing plenary All summaries of the Sessions are available in a presentation: – _ClosingPlenary_Percivall.ppt _ClosingPlenary_Percivall.ppt

10 AIP-2 SBA/CoP/Scenario session leaders Disaster Response SBA –Ron Lowther, Northrop Grumman; Didier Giacobbo, Spot Image; Stuart Frye, NASA; Health SBA: Air Quality –David McCabe, EPA; Frank Lindsay, NASA; Stefan Falke & Rudy Husar, Washington Univ. Biodiversity and Climate –Stefano Nativi, CNR Energy SBA –Thierry Ranchin, Mines Paris Tech; Ellsworth LeDrew, Univ Waterloo

11 AIP-2 Transverse session leaders Catalogues, Clearinghouse, Metadata –Doug Nebert, USGS; Josh Lieberman OGC/Traverse; Kengo Aizawa, JAXA Data Product Access –Herve' Caumont, OGC/ERDAS, Glenn Rutledge NOAA NOMADS, Hans Peter Plag Task AR Sensors and Models Access –Anwar Vahed, ICT4EO; Luis Bermudez SURA; Don Sullivan, NASA Workflow for products and alerts –Liping Di, GMU; Greg Yetman, CIESIN; Satoshi Sekiguchi, GEOGrid Clients: portals and application clients –Nadine Alameh, NASA-WW; Herve' Caumont, OGC/Erdas Test Facility for service registration –Doug Nebert, USGS; Jolyon Martin, ESA

12 AIP-2 Working Groups (WGs) SBA, Communities of Practice, Scenario Sessions –Disaster Response –Climate Change and Biodiversity –Renewable Energy –Air Quality and Health Transverse Technology sessions: –Clearinghouse, Catalogues, Registries and Metadata –Access Services: products, sensors, models –Workflow and Alerts –Portals and Application Clients –Test Facility

13 Comments What is the relationship between SBA and Transverse Technology work groups? –SBAs identify needs satisfied by Transverse WGs –Transverse groups need to formulate questions to SBA How do you cross-grain the SBA scenarios –Transverse Technology groups

14 AIP Phase 2 Master Schedule

15 AIP-2 Schedule – Development – Draft

16 Communication Plan Telecons –AIP Plenary Telecon – Tuesdays Alternating topics: SBAs and Trans Tech Beginning 30 September –WG telecons as defined by WG leaders list-servers –One plenary list –One list per work group OGC will host as needed Collaborative Workspaces: see next page

17 Cross-linking, Communication: Collaboration Environment for AIP Pilot R.Husar WG Summary, Uniform look for WGs Drupal based More stable Links to Detail workspace Workspace for Specific WGs Wiki Style More Dynamic ESIP or Google Groups

18 Thank you! NCAR hosting of the Kickoff –Richard Anthes, Peter Backlund, Carol Park, Donna Bonnetti IEEE for organizing events all week –SiriJodha Singh Khalsa OGC gratefully acknowledges sponsorship from –European Commission –European Space Agency –USGS –ERDAS –Northrop Grumman

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