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New Features and Enhancements

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1 New Features and Enhancements
REDCap 6.0.9 New Features and Enhancements Presented by Terri Shkuda REDCap Administrator The Penn State Clinical & Translational Research Institute, Pennsylvania State University CTSA, NIH/NCATS Grant Number UL1 TR000127

2 Reports  Exports  Stats
REDCap has now merged is reporting, exporting and graphical visualization tools into one that allows for: Fine tuning the rights for a specific report based on username, role or Data Access Groups. Exporting a full set OR of a subset of records. Visualizing discrete or numerical data in a subset of records. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

3 Reports  Exports  Stats (Cont’d)
User Access to Reports/Exports/Stats Restrict access by specific user(s), role(s) or DAG(s). Users will only see data for which they have rights as per the Data Entry User Rights. Users can only export data based on export rights. The report might display identifiers but the identified data will not be exported if the user has de-identified rights. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

4 Reports  Exports  Stats (Cont’d)
You can now export a subset of records based on the criteria you establish in the report. Determine the fields you wish to export Determine the filter criteria, or utilize the advanced logic similar to branching logic. Additional filtering available for events and DAGs. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

5 Reports  Exports  Stats (Cont’d)
Create graphs for visualization of your report containing the full dataset or a subset based on the filtering of the report. Create a report of a subset of records Use the Stats & Charts tool to visualize the numeric/categorical data. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

6 Survey Queue REDCap allows for the ability to display a list of surveys that a participant needs to complete on a single worklist. The Queue is a list of surveys that the participant is scheduled to take based on logic of a prior survey taken and/or a specified criteria, similar to Automated Survey Invitations. The ability to “auto-start” the next survey enables the participant to be directed immediately to the next survey in the queue. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

7 Survey Queue (Cont’d) 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9
Include instructions at the top of the queue. Develop criteria when to display the survey. Activate or deactivate the survey. Enable auto-start to direct the participant to the next survey automatically. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

8 PROMIS CAT instruments
REDCap provides the ability to administer Patient Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS) Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) forms where the questions and generated dynamically using previous answers. These surveys request the health status for physical, mental and social well-being and are used across a wide variety of chronic diseases. Currently there are 36 PROMIS forms in the REDCap Shared Library covering: Anxiety, Fatigue, Pain Behavior, Sleep Disturbance, Anger and many others. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

9 PROMIS CAT instruments (Cont’d)
The fields cannot be modified. The data must be entered in a survey format. PROMIS will yield a T score and raw results of the fields and will be read-only. REDCap offers these forms in their Shared Library at no cost. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

10 API Import REDCap will now have the ability to import data via the Application Programming Interface (API). Administrator or Investigator roles will be able to request an API token. Importing via the API will require programming for REDCap to interface with an external application. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

11 Enhancements 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

12 Field Comments can now be edited or deleted.
Users with Read Only rights to instruments can now add/edit/delete Field Comments on the instrument. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

13 Yes/No and True/False will now display their coded values in the Edit Field popup.
11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

14 Record Status Dashboard will now display the lock and e-sign icons if enabled.
11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

15 Data Export user rights changed to separate out De-identified rights into two categories:
Only those fields tagged as an identifier will be removed. Fields tagged as identifiers as well as unvalidated Text and Notes fields will be removed. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

16 PDF de-identified exports will display identifier field with the “Data Removed” note in the value.
*Note that for multiple choice questions, the selection will simply be removed, rather than being replaced by “Data Removed” 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

17 New functions for Report filtering, Survey Queue logic, Data Quality Module, and Automated Survey Invitations: Contains(): Does the field value contain another text string? Not_contain(): Does the field value not contain another text string? Starts_with(): Does the field value start with another text string? Ends_with(): Does the field value end with another text string? 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

18 You can now pipe into the URL when using the “Redirect to a URL” option for surveys or HTML “href” attributes found within a record. Example: Diagnosis is collected in a survey and the study team wants to redirect the participant to for patient education. Field for diagnosis is created with text that can be searched in the WEDMD website. Survey Termination Options: “Redirect to a URL” is set up with piping the diagnosis field as a search parameter for the WEBMD website. Participant completes the survey, choosing a diagnosis and submits. Participant is redirected to the WEBMD website for diabetes. 11/11/2014 REDCap 6.0.9

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