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Important Application Information & Insights from National Selection Committee Dr. Julia Goldberg, Associate Dean of the College

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1 Important Application Information & Insights from National Selection Committee Dr. Julia Goldberg, Associate Dean of the College October 2014 1


3 C AREER G OAL In one or two sentences, describe your career goal. Example: Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. Conduct research in biomedical science and teach at the university level. You may provide a more detailed description of your career goals. 3

4 R ESEARCH A CTIVITIES List past and present research activities associated with your interests in mathematics, science, or engineering in which you regularly participate. Explain the duration, degree, and significance of your involvement, including what responsibilities you had in the project. In the absence of formal research experience, describe briefly any other skills or accomplishments, i.e., posters, presentations, publications, etc., significant and relevant to this application. 4

5 R ESEARCH A CTIVITIES, C ON ’ T.  Have you regularly participated in research associated with your interests in STEM (yes/no)…if “yes” then:  In reverse chronological order (from most to least recent), list up to 5 research activities:  Start date  End date  Hours/Week  Name of PI or Supervisor  Purpose of research (1000 characters incl. spaces)  Products of your work (written reports, abstracts or papers authored, posters or talk presentations at scientific meetings, etc. including those anticipated and/or in progress) 5

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7 P ROFESSIONAL A SPIRATIONS What are your professional aspirations? Indicate in which area(s) of mathematics, science, or engineering you are considering making your career and specify how your current academic program and your overall educational plans will assist you in achieving this goal. 7

8 M OTIVATION FOR STEM C AREER Describe an activity or experience that has been important in clarifying or strengthening your motivation for a career in science, mathematics, or engineering. 8

9 P ERSONAL I NFORMATION Goldwater Scholars will be representative of the diverse economic, ethnic, and occupational backgrounds of families in the United States. Describe any characteristics or other personal information about yourself or your family that you wish to share with the selection committee. 9

10 P ERSONAL I NFORMATION Personal information is optional. Encouraged to complete this section Personal information is a minor factor compared to major evaluation criteria Level of detail is left to nominee Personal information is never negative in the review Helpful for nominees who have non-traditional background or an inconsistency in the application. Impact of economic or ethnic background Impact of employment as undergraduate 10

11 R ESEARCH E SSAY : 2 P GS /11 P T F ONT Discuss a significant issue or problem of particular interest. The essay must include a/an: description of the issue or problem, discussion of an idea for research that would have significant impact on the issue or problem, description of an aspect of the research in which you would be involved, explanation of issue/problem’s relevance to you, indication of the collaborative or individual participation in the research, and bibliography/references & illustrations (where appropriate). The essay’s content & style is important! Assume that the reader will have the expertise to read, review, and understand the complexities of the field of specialty. 11

12 L ETTERS OF R ECOMMENDATION 3 LORs: 2 faculty (at least 1 from a faculty member in student’s field of study), 1 from recommender who supervised student’s research where applicable From those who know student’s work WELL & can assess student’s personal characteristics, motivation & potential for a STEM research career Best LORs come from faculty in the student’s field of study &/or from those who have supervised the student’s work in a research facility 12

13 R ECOMMENDATIONS, C ON ’ T : LOR I NSTRUCTIONS Please evaluate the applicant's: Personal characteristics; Motivation; Potential for a career in STEM. Your evaluation must address: Criteria on which you base your judgments & How the applicant meets your criteria. Provide specific examples that illustrate the applicant's performance, maturity, initiative, and potential. 13

14 R ECOMMENDATIONS, C ON ’ T Write a detailed 1-2 page letter. not an application for grad school or a job Concentrate on motivation and potential for a research career. ‘A’ student is assumed avoid ‘turned in assignments on time,’ etc. avoid ‘how difficult my course is,’ etc. OK for nominee to be a ‘nerd’ * Compare to other students who have gone on to PhD programs & research careers. evaluation at comparable stage of applicant’s career 14

15 C AMPUS A PPLICATION Deadline: 9 December 2014 scholarship Complete application on-line but do not submit through Goldwater—submit via our external scholarships website’s “submit materials” tab!!!! Submit separate 2 page Research Essay as WORD document Provide names of Recommenders (provide recommenders with “Goldwater” instructions/advice found on our website) Letters of Recommendation submitted to Dean Goldberg directly as WORD documents via email. Official Transcripts (Hard Copy from Registrar’s Office) Signed Waiver/Release form 15

16 C AMPUS A PPLICATION, C ON ’ T Website has “Application Notes”/advice for applicants as well as for recommenders—Refer to these notes frequently! Campus Selection Committee will nominate up to 4 candidates Nominated candidates: Revise application prior to official submission in January (expect multiple revisions) Work closely with Dean Goldberg, Committee, and your faculty as you revise Recommenders may be asked to modify/expand their original LORs to ensure content coincides with candidate’s responses 16

17 O FFICIAL D EADLINE Electronic Materials must be received by 23 January 2015 Letters of Rec must be received by 27 January 2015 Supporting Documents must be received by 30 January 2015 ### Goldwater expects to receive over 1,200 applications Approx. 300 scholars will be selected; approx. 200 may be honorable mentions Approx. 4% chance of recognition (~25% A; ~16% HM) 17


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