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S.O.S -Social Optimization Series Marketing,FACEBOOK 101, Twitter and Google+ Online,Offline & Social Marketing How your online social footprint should.

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1 S.O.S -Social Optimization Series Marketing,FACEBOOK 101, Twitter and Google+ Online,Offline & Social Marketing How your online social footprint should look. Getting Started w/ Facebook & other Fan Pages. Finding new “friends” & “fans” in twitter, google+ Facebook Social Algorithm Posting & Commenting & Likes LinkedIN and Youtube, Pinterest and more Can ALL be important to your business!

2 "On Twitter we get excited if someone follows us. In real life we get really scared and run away." ~Unknown via @mozusa "When you've got 5 minutes to fill, Twitter/facebook is a great way to fill 35 minutes - @mattcutts “LinkedIn is for the people you know. Facebook is for the people you used to know. Twitter is for people you want to know” ~ Source unknown

3 By: Stacy Deprey-Purper CEO & Founder Better Business Together Co Op You can find me online: Tweet Me: @SDepreyPurper Friend me: Fan Me: ether Link with Me: r

4 Thank you to Your Action Coach SUPPORT TODAY'S SPONSOR Fan Them: Tweet Them: @YourActionCoach LinkedIn Carolyn Andrews

5 Today's Marketing Online Offline Social Marketing Networking Personal Touch*

6 Offline – Some of it is still Necessary!! Mailers yes/no? Print Ads in Publications yes/no? Telesales yes/no? Door to Door yes/no? Yellow Pages yes/no? – YP.COM Online ads yes/no?

7 Online Website – your online business card, call to action, email harvest Blog – Your knowledge base, call to action, email harvest, BE THE EXPERT! Social Networks – Your knowledge base,your door to door, email harvest Comments – On industry & other blogs, social network,(builds seo)

8 Your Social Footprint Your social networks and bookmarking sites should point to your main product website. Your Twitter should Tweet about everything, including your social networks that link to your product site. (Twitter is a whole different Series)

9 Google +1 Google is another way to get seen Drives up your SEO ranking with social media sharing. More info on & a non-geek speak w/ Better Business Together.37% vs.31% for video and photos. Highest Engagement online!

10 Why is this online stuff important? Marketing is a numbers game. How many web visitors = 1 NEW client? For me it's about 100 visitors per month. For realtors, it’s about 800/mo. Monitor your analytics & how people found you. (google,directories,ads, etc) Drive people to your website. Organic searches (seo),offline marketing,your email signature,your profile singature, Website Optimization Do you have a call to action? Email Capture? Offer free info for their email,phone number or address.

11 Why is this online stuff important? (cont’d) Current Clients & Sphere of Influence =REFERALS Don't lose touch with these people. Keep them in your social network & comment on their fb statuses, offer them your personal touch (birthday cards, thank you cards, go to coffee etc... Building a referral business is LUCRATIVE

12 SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION Google Drives 85% of the Traffic – The other 15% is divided among Bing, YAHOO, etc... Your Website should be Google friendly. Wordpress is UBER GOOGLE friendly. They have easy to read headers, tags & descriptions by google. Link Building: Quality links build authority and & push you up your rankings. Content is King: About 300 words. Match the front to the back. Build authority with content.

13 Dive into Facebook 500 Million Active Users 200 Million use it on their mobile phone Average user has 130 friends Mobile Users are twice as active as non mobile users Data from:

14 Find it on Facebookor Google it? While you may be able to find a slew of businesses on Google, you NOW can engage with users on Google+, FB and Twitter. The ability to find & stay connected with customers is KEY!

15 Facebook for Business Facebook Profiles are not allowed to be used for “business purposes”. USE IT, but keep it “friendly”. Make lots of friends. Don't spam out your business. Not for business purposes...because facebook wants you to buy their ads. Fan pages are for your business – but all business & NO personality is a fail. discussed in more detail later on...

16 Make lots of Friends FIRST RULE OF SALES (this rule is older than me!!!). If you don't know the 1 st Rule – Ask me now! How to make Friends – It's easy, click “Add as Friend”. I know, but it's that easy. You can also upload and or sync your email list and facebook will find your contacts so you can friend them as well as twitter and google+. (careful fatal flaw) The Stigma – Get it over it. Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc are no longer your personal network once you make the decision to use it for business. (set privacy settings)

17 Managing your Friends Create Lists go to: Account---->Edit Friends---->Create Lists Get Email addresses. LEARN TO MASS COMMUNICATE *Family (trust me, update them), *friends,*clients, *potential clients/referrals.

18 Fan Pages & Optimization Getting Fans – Ask your “friends” Every month ask your new friends. Remember the 1 st rule of sales, you should have new friends every month. Landing Page – Get people to “like” your page. Offer them tips, free stuff etc.. Tabs are gone – Side Navigations are there (fan/non fan landing page). Getting followers of ANY kind – Here is the simple and fast way!

19 Posting & Getting Likes/Comments Facebook,twitter, Google+ are MEGA VIRAL! So if you're not posting, you're not getting seen by friends/fans. News feeds, if you're not posting & GETTING LIKES – you may be getting left out of news feeds. Sorry Diet Coke. Where the “personality” comes in. If your fan page is all stale business talk, you may not be getting likes & fans may block you!

20 News Feeds Facebook is the epitome of permission marketing. Don't become my diet coke. (FB Algorithm) Best times to post to get comments & likes: 8am- 9am and 5pm – 6pm. Stay relevant, stay fun every 15 posts you can post something about your business or product. You can become viral.

21 Facebook's Fatal Flaws & “Phantom Facebook” offers! They can shut down your fan page, Tech Savvy Agent lost 47k They can suspend you from getting more friends. You don't get email addresses. Blog/Website Importance.

22 Get fans or promote your Business: Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads+ FB demographics are uberlicous! Twellow Gaining (Stealing) customers

23 In Closing… Thank you for participating today! Questions? Please visit for more FREE classes and events! A special “thanks” to Your Action Coach!

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