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Energy Gym Q1 2012 Member Survey Results April 2012.

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1 Energy Gym Q1 2012 Member Survey Results April 2012

2 Background 10 question online survey. Survey included in member monthly ‘e’zine and posted on Energy Gym Facebook & Twitter. Reminder messages also posted. 2 week completion timeline.1 in 5 members (20%) completed survey. 1

3 Moodboard 2

4 Our Action Plan SuggestionYes/NoCommentsDate Extended opening hours.Yes Due to demand we will now be open in the afternoons each weekend. So the gym will now be open from 9am - 5pm on Saturdays & Sundays. We will continue to monitor demand for opening earlier in the morning but will not introduce this in Q2 2011. From Sat 21 April Cleaning to be improved.Yes We have already introduced a new cleaning rota for changing rooms, studios and equipment. If you see any area which is not up to standard, please alert any member of staff who will address the issue immediately. Toilets – Boroughmuir Rugby Club are responsible for the cleaning and maintenance of the toilets. We have raised the fixes required with their management team and will update you on their response ASAP. Ongoing Update ASAP. More daytime classes & classes on flexibility and co- ordination. Can we have step, pilates, yoga? Yes 2 new daytime classes being introduced to the schedule: - Legs Bums & Tums – Mondays at 1pm with Neil Hunter. - Pilates ‘drop in’ – Sundays at 11am with Mark Flannigan. - Step & Yoga – in Q3 development plans. Starting: Monday 23 th April Sunday 29 th April Q3 Spin Classes – music too loudYes We appreciate that the music can be loud for general gym users when the spin class is on. We have set a volume limit with the instructors. Again, we would encourage you to discuss this with a member of staff at the time who will remind the instructor to reduce volume where required. Ongoing 14

5 Our Action Plan SuggestionYes/NoDetailDate Spinning classes – start too early at 6pm.YesWe will reschedule Tuesday PM classes to 6.30pm. Starting Tuesday 1 st May Spin bikes keep breaking downYesWe were not aware of any particular issue with the bikes, most of which are new and regularly serviced. Normal wear and tear on bikes includes toe clips breaking, saddles requiring adjustment (bolts tightening). Again, please advise a member of the team of any local fixes required. Most of these fixes will be implemented within 48 hours. Ongoing We need better ‘Ergs’TBCErgs cost c. £1400-£1500. We have just invested £43k in other gym equipment but will confirm if this can be added to our equipment in Q4 2012. TBC Lat pull down, steel cable curl, lifting platform for Olympic lifts NoWe too would like to add some of these items to our kit, however, given the recent investment will have to defer this to development plans for the end of 2012/2013. N/A Need smaller weights (5kg or less) – plates and dumbbells YesWe have ordered a smaller weights dumbbell range and more weight plates will be coming soon. May 15

6 Our Action Plan SuggestionYes/NoDetailDate Improve changing rooms – including ladies mirrors & hairdryers YesThe men’s changing room will be refreshed. Mirrors and hairdryers will be installed in the ladies changing room. June Lockers & toilets in changing roomsNo We have installed lockers for valuables (mobile phones, wallets, keys etc.) However, there is simply not enough space to install full lockers. Toilets are not hygienic/appropriate to be introduced into the changing room area. N/A Physios available onsiteYesThere are 2 onsite already who offer sports massage and podiatry: Fiona Sutherland – 07919 922371. Marie Neish – 07740 783280. There is also an independent physiotherapist onsite. N/A Social EventsYesWe have organised a few events to date however, have had little uptake from the membership (Go Ape, Cycle Challenge). We will continue to suggest/co-ordinate events on an ongoing basis. Again, feel free to suggest activities you would be interested in via our Facebook or email us via our website at Ongoing 16

7 Our Action Plan SuggestionYes/NoDetailDate Discounted rates for loyal membersNo We know we are one of the best value gyms in town and offer all members low cost membership options. We don’t charge joining fees and unlike other gyms have not increased our rates year on year which means that fees are effectively frozen. We also know that we offer our members more ‘added extras’ such as ‘Grab & Go Workouts’ and extra classes. We are very grateful to our longer term members and would love to be in a position to consider discounting rates further, however, we are still a young gym with a small but growing membership. 2011 is the first time the gym has made a small operating profit. The profit is modest, equating to c. 8p per member. In addition to this the management team have invested £43k of their own funds to install new equipment and improve the gym for existing members. We are therefore not in a position to consider discounting prices any further. N/A 17

8 Our Action Plan SuggestionYes/NoDetailDate Kids gym sessionsYesWe will look at where we can introduce this during the summer months/holidays and test demand with you in June/July. June/July CrecheYesWe will investigate setting up a small creche facility with registered childcare professionals and test this in the AMs during the summer months to determine demand. TBC Soft playNoSoftplay is a great idea but our studio is the only area large enough and is in regular use throughout the day. N/A FoodYesDue to demand we now offer a range of protein products, snack bars, drinks and coffee. We can only offer pre-packed foodstuffs, so if you would like us to stock other things just tell us. Ongoing Additional TVsYesWe have one more TV in plan for 2012.Q3 2012 18

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