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Anna Golubovska-Onisimova, UNENGO MAMA-86 European Integration Index presentation Chisinau, 21 November 2012.

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1 Anna Golubovska-Onisimova, UNENGO MAMA-86 European Integration Index presentation Chisinau, 21 November 2012

2 2001 EaP SCF WG3 Report of 14 expert of 6 EaP countries Assessed 7 areas: 1) Strenghtening cooperation with EU 2) Strengthening administrative structures and procedures 3) Developing strategies, plans and programmes 4) Ensuring environmental policy integration (promoting SD) 5) Strenghtening structure and procedures to conduct EIA 6) Improving access to info and PP 7) Cooperation on SEIS Based on WWF IPO methodology for ENP Action Plans assessment(2008-2009) Discussed by expert groups and WG3 during 2 meetings Presented in March 2012 in Kyiv using skype technology Sent to all EaP countries EU delegations

3 Azerbaijan48,8% - 4 Armenia58,2% - 1 Belarus35,4% - 5 Georgia21,3% - 6 Moldova56,7% - 2 Ukraine50,7% - 3

4 E xternal incentives continue to be the major drive for reforms where the EU is the number one. Complimentary information is provided by EII. 2011-2012, 8 experts of 6 EaP countries Sector specific assessment. Questions covered 1) environmental policy (incl MEAs) 2) sustainable development policy 3) resource efficiency 4) Climate change 5) pressure to/ state of environment 6) sustainable development and trade Helped to make a link between policy and state of environment/ resource efficiency Good exercise to integrate environment and sustainable development into multitopic CSO research

5 Priorities of ENP SD&environmental objectives Basic requirements of SD Summits Key prerequisite of obligatory EPI Eastern Partnership Flagship initiative on good governance (admin. str., SEIS, MEAs –AC, Espoo) Key elements of AA (FTA, SBS in Environment) The data should be available in each of 6 country Major environmental performance indicators

6 TOTAL 0,610,760,530,560,610,53 Environmental policy UAMDBYGEARAZ Strategy and Action plan on National environmental policy. Is it adopted by the Parliament/ Government? Yes/ No 1,000,700,500,000,800,10 Environmental policy integration. Is it demanded by National legislation? Yes/ No 1,000,700,000,800,900,50 Action Plan on joining Shared Environmental Information System (EEA). Is it adopted by the Government? Yes/No/Under preparation 0,700,100,50 0,800,00 Which regional and global Environmental Conventions and Protocols your country signed, ratified and accessed? 0,900,800,680,600,700,60 Established facts of non-compliance with main conventions and protocols with compliance mechanism ESPOO0,001,000,50n/a0,001,00 Aarhus0,001,000,001,000,001,00 Kyoto Protocol0,501,00 MEAs Implementation plans and Annual Reports Yes/No0,501,000,70 1,000,00

7 Moldova is leading on EPI, thus on topic Ukraine recently adopted new Env Strategy and NEAP as required by Association Agenda But – 3 non-compliance in 2011, one withdrawn Armenia is the only country ratified SEA Georgia adopted 2 nd generation of NEAP MEAs: Ukraine is leading in number, but behind in reporting and compliance (active public phenomena)

8 Sustainable development policy UAMDBYGEARAZ Has a National Strategy of Sustainable Development been adopted and implemented? Yes/No/Under preparation 0,000,700,00 0,50 Is there an institutional mechanism for sustainable development policy coordination? Yes/No/Under preparation 0,300,700,000,500,700,50 Has a policy of sustainable consumption and production (under 10 Year Framework of Programmes) been adopted? Yes/No/Under preparation 0,500,700,30 0,500,00 SD and Trade UAMDBYGEARAZ Membership in ILO conventions Number1,000,500,600,200,300,80 Is there an EU-compatible mechanism for prevention of illegal unreported and unofficial fishery? Yes/ No 0,501,000,00 Control of legality of trade in forestry Yes/ No1,00 0,001,000,50

9 No NSDS, except Armenia (recently ratified programme) NSDC are not functional (except Armenia), though are established in majority 10-years SCP policy framework is planned Ukraine ratified 69 ILO Conventions, 60 are in force, Moldova – 42 and 40 Only Moldova adopted law against illegal fishery Control of legal trade in forestry is a bit better

10 Climate change UAMDBYGEARAZ Compliance with international commitments in the context of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol National Actions Plan on climate change mitigation: Yes/No 1,00 0,00 National Actions Plan on climate change adaptation: Yes/No 0,000,500,301,00 0,00 Are National Communications being sent regularly? Yes/No. 1,00 Was the most recent sent to FCCC Secretariat in 2009- 2010? 1,00 Was it approved by the Convention secretariat? Yes/No1,00 Development of policy framework: National framework policy (Strategy, Doctrine) on Climate change is adopted? Yes/No 0,300,100,500,100,001,00

11 Resource efficiency, pressure to/ state of environment 0,320,550,740,590,500,49 Resources efficiency UAMDBYGEARAZ Water Exploitation Index (water withdrawal as percent of annual long-term water resources) % (EU-27: 13,2) 0,52 15,6 0,78 8,6 1,00 2,8 0,92 4,9 0,00 29,3 0,01 29 Waste intensity: generation of industrial, hazardous waste (total per year), kg/GDP unit (mln USD) 0,001,000,680,920,95? Waste intensity: municipal waste (total per year), kg/per capita 0,17 0,501,000,920,00 Share of municipal waste recycled: in % (EU-27: 22,6) 0,54 5-8 0,08 1 1,00 12 0,00 0 0,03 0,4 0,00 0

12 Pressure to/ state of environment UAMDBYGEARAZ Ratio between GHG emission reduction during last reporting period and the reduction potential ?0,901,000,000,210,24 Share of non-treated waste waters in annual waste waters discharge % 0,820,70 1,00 1,10 0,42 0,00 43,9 0,94 Per capita SO2 emissions, kg0,000,930,570,920,811,00 Per capita, NOx emmissions, kg0,000,690,110,800,891,00 Share of forest area, % (EU-27: 33%) 0,25 17,6 0,00 10 1,00 41 0,960,000,03 Share of nature protected area, % (EU-27: 17%) 0,24 5,7 0,00 4,3 0,580,46 0,88 9,5 1,00 10,2 Eroded soil, share of territory, % (EU-27: 17%) 0,00 57,5 0,82 26 1,001 19,3 0,640,360,55 Pesticides input, kg/ha (EU-27: 3) 1,00 0,5-1 0,51 2,79 0,48 4,9 0,000,990,67

13 12 indicators shown: Belarus has the best environmental situation, followed by Gerogia and Moldova, and Ukraine – the worst The result correlates with Yale University Environmental Performance Index Total annual volume of municipal waste p. c. is still lower than in EU-27 (< consumption) Soil erosion is very high, Ukraine is leading Natural protected areas are too small

14 TOTAL ENVIRONMENT AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT UAMDBYGEARAZ 0,470,660,640,570,560,51 Despite some success in policy elaboration and international cooperation, all EaP countries lag behind in resource efficiency, and state of/ impact to environment (environmental performance). Ukraine as the biggest country in Europe in territory inherited heavy environemntal consequences from USSR (heavy industry and conventional agriculture). One of the reason to explain the largest gap among EaP countries between modern environemntal policy and modest so far success in its implementation.

15 The latest public administration reforms weaken administrative structures and procedures (10218) Strategic planning (and reporting) was improved in advanced AA negotiating countries (SBS indicators) Environmental policy integration is generally not backed up with legislation (SEA Pr – Armenia) Deregulation leads to elimination of EIA procedure (fracking) Mechanisms and procedures for PP are absent SEIS potential for improving the quality of information for EDM could be used better (env. data collection – EaP Roadmap)

16 Thank you! ДЯКУЮ ЗА УВАГУ!

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