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Exercise Yes / No Questions

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1 Exercise Yes / No Questions
Mela Melinawati, M.Pd

2 Make questions by using the sentence.
1. He loves this town. 2. They like soccer. 3. She can drive a lorry. 4. They are nice. 5. They went to the swimming pool. 6. She waster her money on jewelry. 7. Fred decided to leave his wife. 8. She wakes up early. 9. They should revise their lessons. 10. He was born in this town.

3 Write the answers. 11. Do you have small children? (No)
12. Are there special stores for pet products? (Yes) 13. Is your apartment big? (No) 14. Does she like cats? (Yes) 15. Are they friendly? (No) 16. Did you go shopping last night? (Yes) 17. Does she have curly hair? (No) 18. Are they new students? (Yes) 19. Are Rinto and Nana your classmate? (No) 20. Do your children speak English well? (Yes)

4 Instructions: Answer the following questions using the verbs “To Be,” “To Have,” or “To Do.” ex. Is Stephanie swimming tomorrow? Yes, she is. Are the boys playing soccer? (N) No, they are not. 1. Does Steve Ovett like eating vegetables? ______________________________________ Has Stephanie returned from her vacation? ____________________________________ Do you play tennis on the weekend? _________________________________________ Am I teaching Spanish in Barranquitas? (N) __________________________________. 5. Have Maria and Michael Owen finished the project? ____________________________ Has Fulgencio eaten all the lechon asado? (N) ________________________________ Are the boys finished playing soccer? _______________________________________.

5 8. Is Mr. Smith speaking Greek
8. Is Mr. Smith speaking Greek? (N) __________________________________________ Does Stephanie have an aggressive dog? _____________________________________ Do the Figo brothers live in Calgary? _______________________________________. 11. Are the teams preparing for the championship match? (N) ______________________ Are you studying Spanish with Prof. Bratt? __________________________________ Do hurricanes damage Puerto Rico every year? (N) ____________________________ Does the restaurant serve steak and lobster? __________________________________ Is the soccer game between Blackburn and Arsenal on television? ________________.

6 16. Have the computers been repaired
16. Have the computers been repaired? (N)______________________________________ Has the chef visited the restaurant in Dunedin, New Zealand? (N) ______________ Are you studying at the University of Waikato in New Zealand? (N) _______________ Have I given the students an exam? _________________________________________ Do you like steak, two veg, and a baked potato? _______________________________.

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