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James Gough Cyrus MacLellan Cole Ferguson Andrew Wilson THE CAGE.

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1 James Gough Cyrus MacLellan Cole Ferguson Andrew Wilson THE CAGE

2 Did the best we could with available materials, cost, and experience. Intro - Summary: goals we set out to achieve Go over basic design of the cage Combine demonstration with explanations of unexpected circumstances and surprisingly good discoveries. Talk about how practice is much more complicated and different than design on paper: go over things that happened that we didn’t expect to happen that influenced design changes. Include final costs, surveys, and interview after demo. Closing remarks on our experience doing the project: things we may have learned about working in the real world, etc.

3 PROJECT GOALS Maximize the effects of exercising at the gym Reduce time spent at the gym Establish a safe and easy way to maintain correct form for an exercise with little concentration. Sylvester Stallone

4 THE SURVEY How often do you go to the gym? 1/ month1/ week 2-3/week4-6/week How often do you use exercise your biceps? Every workoutEvery 2-3 workoutsEvery 4-6 workouts Do you feel like you or others in the gym have improper form when it comes to curling? YesNo Do you wish you could curl more weight? Yes No Would you try a machine that isolates the bicep? YesNo

5 The survey was conducted by passing out hard copies to forty-two people entering the St.F.X. wellness center ( a sample size greater than 30 approximates the normal distribution). Results were:



8 PERSONAL TRAINER INTERVIEW Important points of conversation with personal trainer Aaron MacDonald:  he stressed that proper form was the most underrated aspect of both newcomers and experienced gym users.  Teaching people proper form is a long and tedious process, which most people are not willing to commit to.  Machines are popular because of the mass amount of newcomers added with their general impatience to prefect proper form.  Machines tend to cause less injury than the traditional free weights, and can act as good starting point before exploring more advanced exercises.  The bicep curl specifically is an overused exercise and one of the most difficult to prefect. “I myself have to confess of not always using proper form.” as McDonald concluded the interview.










18 ADVANTAGES OF THE CAGE Able to perform a wide range of exercises. Competitive with current gym equipment in size and price Corrects form of the bicep curl better than other market alternatives Easy to set up and disassemble

19 CONSTRUCTION Top and bottom of the frame had to be welded together. Pockets were welded to top and bottom to hold posts and sliding collars in place. Arm rests were welded to outside collars. All pulleys and supports are bolted in place. Arm-rest collars are pinned in place. Overall construction time was roughly 35 hours.

20 PROBLEMS ENCOUNTERED DURING CONSTRUCTION Tolerance of dimensions Length of center posts Welded upside down Additional support to reduce deflection Pocket bracing required Lack of field experience Pulley System: Initial designs failed due to situations that could not be accounted for during design from lack of experience. Availability of Materials

21 COST INFORMATION Pricing of iron (taxes in) = $578.37 Pricing of miscellaneous components (taxes in) = $204.49 Total cost (taxes in) = $782.86

22 UNEXPECTED RESULTS After completion of the prototype, a number of positive side effects occurred based on our design choices: It was discovered that the Cage can be used as a multipurpose piece of gym equipment. Other muscle groups that can be exercised now include the triceps, chest, and back, with the possibility to also incorporate leg and shoulder exercises


24 EXERCISES TO BE DEMONSTRATED Bicep curls Dips Body weight shrugs Tricep pulldowns Cable benchpress Rows

25 OTHER POSSIBLE EXERCISES Core Squats Deadlift Shoulder Press Pull ups Chin ups Jonah Lomu

26 CONCLUSION Karina Baymiller The Cage began as a means to improve the form of the bicep curl. It is additionally a multipurpose piece of gym equipment suitable for any exercise facility. Its size, production cost, and versatility make it suitable as both a home-gym, and a supplement to a conventional gym.

27 THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have about the Cage and we will answer them to the best of our ability. Special thanks to Gerry Brymer and Steve MacDonald for helping with the construction of the prototype.

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