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Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces

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1 Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
Our Residents, Our Business

2 Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
We create outstanding recreational, natural and cultural experiences to enrich you and to enhance our community for this and future generations.

3 Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
VISION Connecting People and Parks for Life CORE VALUES Outstanding Customer Service Enthusiastic Attitude and Teamwork Accountability and Integrity Creativity and Innovation Stewardship Inclusiveness and Accessibility Leadership and Professional Development

4 About Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
Nationally accredited, a three-time winner of the NRPA National Gold Medal Award and winner of the 2009 Florida Governor's Sterling Award for excellence in management and operations Serves 2.5 million residents and 10 million visitors annually Serves 10,000 children in out-of-school and summer programs and 25,000 children in organized youth leagues annually 263 parks & 12,848 acres of land including: After school, sports, summer camp programs Educational nature centers and nature preserves Beaches, marinas, pools, golf courses, gun range Zoo Miami Deering Estate at Cutler Arts and culture programs and events And much more

5 Table of Organization PROS Park Operations Mgt. Director Jack Kardys
Total Employees FT - 433 FTE – 369.2 Total # Parks PROS Director Jack Kardys Executive Secretary SPA 1 PSO 3 Park Operations Mgt. Assistant Director Kevin Kirwin Park Operations George Parrado Recreation & Program Svcs. Renae Nottage Right-of-Way Aesthetic & Assets Management David Cardenas Coastal Park & Marinas Enterprise Tom Morgan Grounds Maint. & STD Gil Delgado Park Security George Poulus Beach Operations & Maintenance John Ripple

6 Park Operations Total Employees FT - 84 FTE – 113.32 Park Operations
Administrative Secretary PSO 3 Account Clerk Park Operations Region Manager George Parrado North Zone Amelia Zone Frankie Yanes Central Zone VACANT Tamiami Zone Lars Bergquist Tropical Zone Tim Byrnes South Zone Deallo Johnson 27th Avenue Boxing Center Ives Estates Park Norman & Jean Reach Park Jefferson Reaves Sr. Park Little River Park North Glade Park Oak Grove Park Marva Y. Bannerman Park West Little River Park Amelia Earhart Park Amelia Earhart Farm Village Amelia Earhart Sports Complex Amelia Earhart Maintenance Kendall Indian Hammocks Bird Lakes Park Ron Ehmann Park Kendall Soccer Park The Women’s Park Tamiami Park and Tennis Rockway Park Ruben Dario McMillan Park Tamiami Park Service Area Tropical Park Tropical Equestrian Center A D Barnes Park Homestead Air Reserve Park Hammocks Community Park Eureka Park Devon Aire Park Modello Park Sgt. Delancy Park Wild Lime Park Southridge Park Eureka Villas Park

7 Park Operations Services
Value Added Core ‘Essential’ Important Parks Maintenance/Safety/Preservatio n of Assets Grounds Maintenance/Preparing of Fields/Clean and Green Asset Inventory General Plans Security Park facilities and Open Spaces Play Areas Recreation/community Centers District/Region Park/Maintenance Landscape Maintenance/Tree Trimming Care CBO space provided Sports Development Disability Sports Athletic Facilities Special Events Life Sports Skate Parks Equestrian Center Kendall Soccer Park Tennis Facilities Dog Parks Concessions Facility Rentals Volunteer Programs

8 Customer Satisfaction
Essential to Business Planning SWOT Analysis - strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Outcome Statements Measures and Targets

9 SWOT Analysis - OPs Strengths (what's going well) Opportunities
INTERNAL Strengths (what's going well) Opportunities EXTERNAL Geographically located shelters for rentals ( New Programming/concession RFPs, ITBs and Permits Large open recreational spaces New sports programming i.e. Lacrosse, Rugby, Adult sports Geographically availability of large sport facilities ( Coordinated corporate rentals for all large facilities Specialized facilities ( Marketing i.e. Web site, Facebook, social media venues, online schedules and results Revenue producing partners - RFPs, ITBs, Permits, i.e. Local, Regional and National sports tournaments Weaknesses (what's not going well) Threats (what's endangering us) Reduction in Staffing levels/grounds maintenance Regulatory agencies (life safety) Building sizes (one dimensional) Weather Aging Fleet Economy Limits on offering new sports or expanding current ones Competing facilities of other municipalities/agencies Aging facilities/accessibilities Competitor pricing

10 SWOT - PROS EXTERNAL INTERNAL Strengths (what's going well)
Opportunities EXTERNAL Responsiveness (high visibility and the first contact) Grants [FDLE, DHS, DOJ, etc.] Support special events MDPD relationship Professionalism (certification & state license) Partnership with State Farm Laptop computers ( 5 supervisors) Marina / boat ramp operations Educating the public Customer focus (Park Watch program) AVL vehicle tracking system Work cooperatively park operations Communication, 800 mg radios Weaknesses (what's not going well) Threats (what's endangering us) Patrol vehicle condition 1 Incorporation Bumping of Secretary (specialized duties) 2 Public unawareness of criminal activity No capacity to staff overnight response 3 Privatizing Internal partnership with Miami-Dade Police Linking incident documentation Cross training Guards Laptop for Officer, cut back on paper Go Green

11 Outcome Statements For whom is the service provided? For what purpose?
For what benefit? For what cost? For what outcome?

12 Outcome Statements - examples
Disability Services: To provide architectural and program access to the Miami-Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces Department to individuals with disabilities through compliance with current legal requirements and collaboration with individuals with disabilities, their families, their communities, and the organizations that represent them. Special Tax: To provide exceptional landscape and tree care services to better serve our residents by improving property values and aesthetics throughout Miami-Dade while being financially sustainable.

13 Performance Accountability
Who are our customers? How can we measure if our customers are better off? How can we measure if we are delivering services well? How are we doing on the most important of these measures? Who are the partners that have a role to play in doing better? What works to do better, including no-cost and low- cost ideas? What do we propose to do?

14 Balanced Scorecard Structure

15 Balanced Scorecard

16 Measures – Maintain & Grow Customers

17 Measures – Remain Committed Stewards

18 Measure – # of Parks Programming Registrants

19 Measure - Cleanliness Score: Beach

20 Measure –Customer Satisfaction Summer Camp Score:Hub Sites

21 Measure – Avg. Customer Satisfaction Score:Zoo

22 Measure – Avg. Sparkle Tour Score

23 Measure – Avg. Sparkle Tour Score

24 Measure – Avg. Employee Satisfaction Score
Overall Employee Satisfaction Score for Park and Rec based on responses from survey. Goal is above 4.

25 Measure – Avg. Employee Satisfaction Score:Marinas

26 Measure - % of Safety Tree Trimming Requests

27 Measure - % of Tree Removal Request Response

28 Secret Shopping:Tropical Park
Scoring Summary - Tropical Park Overall Score Actual Possible Score 96% Environment 9 10 90% Office Interaction 11 12 92% Food and Beverage 25 100% Overall Impression 5

29 Secret Shopping - Environment
Was the parking area clean and free of debris? Yes/No Was the landscaping well maintained? Were the grounds clean with no visible trash? Were trash receptables usabe and not overflowing? Was signage visible and easy to read? Were the fields, shelters and courts well maintained?

30 Secret Shopping – Office Interaction
Did the Employee: Smile and make eye contact? Yes/No Speak clearly and in a pleasant voice? Make you feel welcome? Appear knowledgeable when asked questions? Process you in an efficient manner?

31 Thank you and any questions?

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