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PORTFOLIO H5 –annex 1 (tips for teachers)

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1 PORTFOLIO H5 –annex 1 (tips for teachers)

2 Tips 1. Please get to know with the presentation entitled „High5 PORTFOLIO - what is it and why is it worth to have it?" and tasks from ANNEX 1 (A coordinator should upload it on the school’s website) 2. Please encourage your students to watch the presentation entitled „High5 PORTFOLIO - what is it and why is it worth to have it?" 3. Please inform the group about tasks to portfolio H5 and that they are also posted on the school website in the table Career`s Portfolio H5 Erasmus + 4. Please inform your students about the deadline to fulfill tasks (it will be established with the project’s coordinator) 5. Please make an appointment with the students to bring Portfolio H5 with the completed tasks (eg. during the meeting with the class teacher)

3 Meeting with students and discussion about annex 1 1. Please perform a short Feedback to see if the students understand the purpose of portfolio H5 2. Please conduct a free discussion with students, whether they like the tasks. Give them time for the presentation of images, ask them if anyone helped them, for eg., parents, etc.) 3. Please encourage students to give new ideas for tasks and inform them that all the tasks will be consulted in advance with the students` representatives. 4. Please motivate strongly students to filling in systematically and voluntary(you can also remember the established rules of assessment) 5. Please emphasize the importance of a reflective approach to each activity. This will be very helpful when planning students’ career.

4 1. Additional creativity’s training Exercise for attention and spatial imagination Which of sings are mirror images? Do not hurry! Solution: 1) no 2) no 3) yes 4) no 5) yes 6) no 7) no 8) yes DO NOT disseminate on internet website source: ainSP=subjectpages&mainSRV=lwych&methid= 8015087&page=article&article_id=321481 1.yes no 2. yes no 3. yes no 4. yes no 5. yes no 6. yes no 7. yes no 8. yes no


6 1. Additional creativity’s training Goals: To get amazing solutions for uncommon requests, cross borders when thinking, support creativity, convincing presentations Time: 10 minutes to prepare + time to present solutions Work: in small groups Task: Each group gets a task card with a question. The task should be worked on in a given time (10-15 min) and solution should be in a form of a short visual presentation. Presentation of group results (2 minutes). What matters is the ingeniousness! 1. How do I teach a dog to iron? 2. How do I teach a horse to do a summersault? 3. How do I make Queen Elizabeth visit me? 4. How do I make a famous race driver buy my piece of garbage car? 5. How will I become chancellor in 5 years? 6. How do I sell a vacuum cleaner as an aircraft? 7. How do I shove a house 20m?etc. ź ródło: p_creativity.pdf


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