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1 Class of 2011 12 th Grade Counseling Night “ Conversations with the Counselors”

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1 1 Class of 2011 12 th Grade Counseling Night “ Conversations with the Counselors”

2 2 Counseling Staff Student Last Names A-HMr. Mark Brinson I-QMr. Shannon Cone R-ZMrs. Sheila Oliver Magnet Students A-ZMrs. Shaketha Blankenship Graduation CoachMrs. Charmaine Gray

3 3 Post-Secondary Representatives 4-Year College Reps Georgia State University Mr. Donald Weatherington Georgia Gwinnett College Ms. Alba Cobos University of Georgia Mr. Jackie Pearson 2-Year and Technical College Georgia Perimeter College Ms. Donna Frazier Atlanta Technical College Ms. Elisa Jaden Military Reps U. S. Army Sgt. Perry and Sgt. Stewart

4 Senior Panel Michael Barlow Morgan Dalton Aaron Foston Asha Haki-Tyler Jonathan Stone Taylor Walker Frank Williamson

5 5 College and Career Connections The College and Career Connection (CCC) is a valuable resource for Grady students and parents to become better informed about opportunities after high school. The CCC contains information on college placement exams, four-year colleges, community colleges, technical schools, scholarships, summer opportunities, financial aid, military service, and much more. CCC is a joint project of the school counselors and parent volunteers. We partner with the Writing Center (located in the Media Center) to assist students with college essay development. College and Career Connections

6 6 College Application Process –Step 1: Submit online if possible. Double check that your name, Social Security Number, and birth date are entered correctly. Note any deadlines imposed by the college, and plan ahead by applying online two to four weeks in advance. –Step 2: Contact the testing agency and order your SAT/ACT scores electronically to the colleges. Plan ahead! SAT: ACT: –Step 3: Request teacher recommendations (if required) at least four weeks ahead of deadlines. Colleges prefer everything to come in together (or it may get lost) – therefore whenever possible, include teacher recommendations with your transcript request packet. Each recommendation should be in a sealed envelope with the teacher’s name signed on the back flap.

7 College Application Process-cont. Step 4: For counselor recommendations, provide a resume to your counselor and give it to your counselor at least two weeks before the college deadline date. Visit our CCC for assistance. Step 5: Important Deadline – transcripts that need to be processed before the winter holidays or transcripts with a deadline before January 1, must be submitted by December 15 th. Step 6: Prepare an envelope addressed to the university/college. Affix at least two first class stamps to the upper right corner. Affix additional stamps if students include any additional documents required by the college, such as teacher recommendations, essays, resume, etc. Step 7: Complete the Transcript Request form and paperclip the form and the $1 transcript fee to the envelope. Double check your packet for completeness and accuracy before turning it your counselor.

8 Grady Transcript Request ALLOW AT LEAST 2 WEEKS FOR PROCESSING TRANSCRIPT & 1 REQUEST PER COLLEGE GATHER YOUR INFORMATION: How did you apply? Mail Online Attached Is the college application fee or application fee waiver attached?YesNo (If yes, staple the check to the lower right corner of the application) Is there a counselor form to be completed? YesNo (If yes, provide with this form) Is a Counselor Letter of Recommendation required?YesNo (If yes, provide a resume to your counselor) Is a Teacher Letter of Recommendation required:YesNo (If yes, attach sealed recommendation with this form) Have you requested SAT scores from the College Board Yes No ( or ACT scores from PREPARE YOUR PACKET: You are responsible for properly compiling your packet. Have you provided your transcript processing fee of $1.00? NOTE: NO CHARGE FOR UNOFFICIAL COPY YesNo Have you affixed at least 2 stamps to the envelope, complete the YesNo college address, and high school return address?

9 9 HOPE Scholarship High School Diploma Meet the requirements for a HS Diploma and earn a B average, 3.0 GPA in “APS/State core” courses if pursuing a College Preparatory Diploma or 3.2 GPA if pursuing a Technology-Career Preparatory Diploma. Every grade earned in core academic courses (English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Foreign Language) will be used in calculating Grade Point Average (GPA) for HOPE eligibility. “Fs” are NOT replaced by a higher grade if a core academic course is repeated. Also, if a student earns more core academic credits than required, all core grades will be used to determine HOPE eligibility. Public Colleges HOPE covers tuition, and a book allowance up to $300 per academic year. Full-time enrollment is not required. Private Colleges HOPE will pay $3500 per academic year for full-time enrollment (12 hours or more) and $1,750 per academic year for half-time enrollment (6-11 hours). Additionally, full-time students may be eligible for the Georgia Tuition Equalization Grant. Recipients receive an award of $250 per quarter or $375 per semester and can receive payment for up to four quarters or three semesters per year. (Budgeted each year by the Georgia Legislature. The amount of the award may change during the award year.) please visit for additional information.

10 10 HOPE Continued… Out of State Colleges HOPE Scholarship does not pay at outside of the state of Georgia. HOPE Scholarship for Students Ineligible as Entering Freshmen If you are not eligible for the HOPE Scholarship upon graduation, you may become eligible if: You enroll at an eligible college/university Earn at 3.0 cumulative GPA at a HOPE checkpoint of 30 semester hours (45quarter), 60 semester hours (90 quarter), or 90 semester hours (135 quarter). HOPE GRANT High School Diploma or GED Covers tuition at any Georgia public technical colleges if enrolled in a certificate or diploma program. HOPE Grant cover tuition, HOPE approved mandatory fees, and book allowance up to $300 per academic year. A 3.0 GPA is not required for the HOPE Grant.

11 11 Scholarships Review school-specific websites Monthly Scholarship Newsletter (October- December) posted on the Grady High School Website at (NEW WEB ADDRESS) Scholarship Reference Guide is posted in the website & located in the CCC and Counselor’s Suite Students are to meet with their counselor and visit the CCC for assistance with scholarship applications

12 12 IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS Senior Contracts: mailed January 21, 2011 must be returned to counselors by January 28, 2011 -Community Service: due by December 10, 2010 - Graduation Date: May 27, 2011 Time: TBA Location: Atlanta Civic Center Grady Graduation Coordinator: Mrs. Kim Reid 404-802-3060

13 13 Herff Jones Representative class rings graduation invitations Mike Toomer Office #: 770-948-7401 Email:

14 14 Thank You!!!!

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