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Application for ________________________________ NEW Course Increase In Sanctioned Intake New College.

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1 Application for ________________________________ NEW Course Increase In Sanctioned Intake New College

2 ABOUT THE TRUST  Name:  Nature of Trust: Educational Trust  Experience in Education field:  Registered with: S.No.Institutes already running under the TrustCourses running 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 2

3 Past Experience of the Management in the field of Education ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3

4 Financial Status of the Trust Financial Sources Available for the new college/new course/ increase intake of seats: 1.______________ 2.______________ 3.______________

5 Institute Profile (Max 50 words) S.NoName of the MemberDesignation 1Chairman 2Vice-Chairman 3Secretary 4Member 5Director Other ________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________ List of Trustees 5

6 Director/Principal’s Profile Name of Director/Principal Qualification Specialization Date of Birth Total Experience (Experience at the level of Prof.)Name of the Institute/ OrganizationTotal Experience (Experience at the level of Asso. Prof & Pay Scale Publications Books Published Patents Ph.D Guided Research Projects Other Information 6

7 Land Description Ownership statusLand Detail SocietyRegistration Details (Registered or Deed) Requirement as per normsActual Area Urban Area (0.5 Acre) Rural Area (2 Acre) In case of B.Sc-Agriculture10 Acres Farming Land (Specify owned and leased in area) Kindly attach the copy of Registration Certificate, CLU and other documents related to land

8 Attach Photo of CLU and Approval of Building plan of Institute (Separate Slides)

9 Details of Courses Applied Courses Name Status (New Course/ Increase Intake) Current Intake Applied Intake Session 2013-14Session 2014-15 Sanctioned intake (Seats) AdmissionSanctioned intake (Seats) Admission Total

10 Justification for starting New Course/ Increase in Intake of seats (In One slide) ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------

11 Build up Detail Particulars9Built up floor spaceInstructional (Academic) Area Administra tive Area Student Amenities Area Other As per Norms832 sq.m350 sq.m130sq.m Actual Area ProofsAttached three to four Photographs of the building in next slide

12 Photographs of the Building

13 Courses NameDesignationName of Faculty QualificationExperiencePay ScaleMode of Appointment Supporting Staff Details DesignationAs per Norms Number Actually AvailableQualificationRemarks Computer Programmer 1 Others Librarian1 Superintendent2 Faculty & Supporting Staff Detail

14 Efforts for Recruitment of Senior and other Faculty 1.Advertisement given in the NewspaperYes/NO 2.Shortlisted Yes/NO 3.Interview conducted Yes/NO 4.Faculty Identified Yes/NO List of Identified Faculty along with Bio-data 1. 2. 3.

15 Laboratory Details Give course wise description of the laboratories of the new courses applied ad increase intake of seats to justify your preparedness to start the course. Kindly attach list of equipments. Photo of each lab Laboratory must be separate for each Course and must have sufficient equipment's to conduct the practical as per syllabus finalized by Board of Studies

16 Computer Requirements As per Norms Computers : Minimum 20 PC with the ratio of 1:4 for UG and 1:2 for PG Courses (i.e. 1 PC after every 04 student for UG and 1 PC for each 2 students in PG) Legal Software: 03 Number of Computere:____________ Applied Intake:__________________ Legal Sofiware:_________________ Legal Appl. Software:______________ LAN & Internet :________________Generator:________________________ Legal Application Software: Minimum 10 (as per syllabus requirement) LAN & Internet Facility (Minimum 1 Mbps) Mail Server and Client Server is desirable Generator/ AC etc

17 Library Detail Particulars: Books per course norms As per Actual Available Books per course (minimum 500 per year) :1500 Technical magazines 10 Course Details Name of the Course Applied Applied Intake Attach list of books or purchase order / current status signed by Director

18 Details of NOC from Finance Department Attached Photo of the Latest NOC issue by Accounts Department (Applicable in case of existing institutes only) Details of the Fees submitted this year :

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