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SuBcUlTuReS CUBIC MILE Lukáš Mesároš Filip Vojčík Samuel Michálek Slovakia TERCIA.

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1 SuBcUlTuReS CUBIC MILE Lukáš Mesároš Filip Vojčík Samuel Michálek Slovakia TERCIA


3 See us working...

4 Subculture topic is the best, We have prepared for you some texts. Energy,health and nature, Subculture is the most amazing issue. Our work amuses us, We have the best topic in our class. Past,present and future, These are all in the subculture. written by Samuel

5 What is subculture? Many complex societies encourage diversity by allowing smaller groups to form their own subcultures, with their own distinct behaviour, beliefs and attitudes. Through fashion, music and art, subcultures often influence mainstream culture.

6 Who joins a subcluture? Subcultures are often joined by younger people because they want to express their interests and identity. Teenegers who join the subcultures are looking for similiar musical, sporting or political interests. That gave them the sense of beloning. Subcultures can even be based around hobbies such as folk- dancing.


8 What is gang culture ? Gang culture is joined only by people looking for strong identity, excitement. Gang cultures has got their own tattoos, slang, dress-codes and other. These highly visible sings show the members´ loyalty and pride belonging to gang.


10 Past

11 Questionnaire music Music 1. What kind of music did you listen to? ________________ 2. How did you listen to music? (Live music, radio, with headphones) ______________ 3. Did you listen to foreign music? ______________________ 4. When did you listen to music? ________________________ 5. Did you play a musical instrument?____________________ 6. If yes, what kind? ___________________ 7. Did you go to a) Discos,Parties b) Parties c) Nowhere


13 Questionnaire clothes Clothes 1. What did you wear? ___________________ 2. What clothes were fashionable?______________________ 3. Did you wear schol uniforms? Yes/No 4. Did you wear clothes, to atract people or to feel comfortable? _____________________________________________ 5. Did you wear sneakers? Yes/No What shoes were fashionable? _________________ 6. How often did you buy clothes? _____________________


15 Questionnaire free time Free time: 1. What did you do in your free time? _________________ 2. How often did you do it? __________________ Was it fun? Yes/No 3. How much free time did you have? _____________________ 4. Did your parents let you do what you wanted to in your free time? ______________________

16 Answers music Classical23% Beatles36% Rock23% Brass music53% Gipsylike music36% Radio, live 27% Radio76% Live49% YesForeign music No 67%31% In free timeAt work 45%53% YesinstrumentNo 27%71%

17 Answers clothes WomenClothesMen Suit and skirtJacket 44% 100%Jeans,shirt 55% To look good 54%To look good 33% To feel comfortable 46%To feel comfortably 66% Yes 31% SneakersYes 44% No 69%No 55% Bootee,sandals 62%Moccasins were the most favourite Spike heel shoes 38%They went shopping maximally 1 They went shopping when they needed. time per month.

18 Answers free time Work53% Sport31% Books13% Had a small amount of free time. 62% Had a big/normal amount of free time.36%

19 Present

20 Present past comparasion- Music Music has changed comparing it with the past time. Young people mostly listen to rock, metal, drum ´n´ bass, rap and techno. There was even a suprising number of 25% of asked teenegers listen to old music. Even how today's youth listens to music has changed, with the majority listening to music on MP3 players, instead of radio, or even live performances. Teenegers usually listen to music in their free time, at home and on the bus. Another thing that has changed is that teenegers play musical instruments more. The most favourite instruments are the guitar, drums and the piano.


22 Present past comparasion- Clothes Another thing that differs at present from the past is the style of clothing of the youth. In the past girls wore sandals and dresses, now girls wear jeans, sweaters and sneakers or high heel shoes. The clothing of boys didn´t changed as much as the clothing of girls. Boys wear jeans and shirts but mocasins aren´t as favourite as they were in the past. The only thing that didn´t change way of shopping. Girls go shopping as much as they can and boys shop one time per month.


24 Present past comparasion- Free time Free time changed the most from the past in comparison with the present. Teenegers have a lot of free time compared to the past and parents aren´t as strict as they used to be, so teenegers can do whatever they want in their free time.Teenegers spent their free time sleeping, hanging out with friends, listening to music, surfing on the Internet, chatting, playing video games and reading.


26 Likes and dislikes of Slovak teenagers. Slovak teenagers like doing all kinds of sports and playing games like football and volleyball. They also like spending their time on the computer chatting and playing games. Slovak teenagers do not like the same things as other teenagers all over the world. They hate doing housework, homework and going to school.








34 How will teenage subculture look like in the future ?

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