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Our survey By Kaitlin Williams, Adele Burchill and Chloe Zierk.

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1 Our survey By Kaitlin Williams, Adele Burchill and Chloe Zierk

2 Our Project We decided that recycling would be a great topic for our project because the disposal of the goods we use is one of the most important aspects of sustainability. First we did some research to find out all about different recycling methods and how we could help. Then… we conducted a survey, and later transferred all the information into graphs and tables.

3 Recyclables List Things you can recycle Wood, bricks, glass, plastic, paper, cardboards Food waste, Green wastes Steel, tin, aluminium, batteries Clothes, fabric waste, Fluorescent light tubes, polystyrene Dishwashers, TV sets, Computer, mobile phones and many household appliances

4 Our Survey Our Survey We are conducting a survey to find out how much waste is recycled in homes and at schools. Gender: __________ Age:___________ Please circle one Do you compost at home: YES NO Do you have chooks or any other sort of animal that eat food scraps: YES NO Do you recycle at school: YES NO Do you use recycled objects in your everyday life: YES NO If you do please explain what is recycled Objects:_________________________________ Do you recycle at home: YES NO If you circled no for the last question please don’t continue. How many bags do you recycle at home per week:__________


6 Table Percentage Compost42% Animals52% Charity84% Recycling at school78% Recycling at home84%

7 Conclusion We found that: 84% of people recycle at home 42% of people compost at home 52% of people have animals that eat food scraps 84% of people give to charity 78% of people recycle at school

8 For watching our Power Point presentation

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