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Greetings in ASL American Sign Language I Mrs. Stokes.

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1 Greetings in ASL American Sign Language I Mrs. Stokes

2 Teacher Introduction HELLO. ME NAME MRS.S-T-O-K-E-S Hello, my name is Mrs. Stokes

3 Please Note… When you are introducing yourself, you don’t need to sign Miss, Ms., Mrs. or Mr.-it is explained or implied.

4 Student Introduction Activity YOU NAME WHAT What is your name?

5 Student Introduction Activity Write your name in large letters, on the sheet of paper provided. When you are finished, fold into three parts, and stand it up on your desk.

6 Pronouns ME Point to one’s self YOU Point to other person

7 More Pronouns IX Short for INDEX. IX indicates pointing, and is used for 3 rd person pronouns (he, she, him, her, it). IX (loc) Short for INDEX, and is used to indicate “here” or “there”.


9 Non-Manual Markers Non-Manual Markers are facial expressions used to denote certain grammatical aspects of ASL. Yes/No-questions: raised eyebrows Wh-questions: lowered eyebrows

10 More Non-Manual Markers Negative-head shake Confirming-head nod

11 Non-Manual Marker Practice ME NAME MRS. STOKES This is an example of a yes/no question (eyebrows raised). ME NAME WHAT This is an example of a Wh-question (eyebrows lowered).

12 Nouns NAME Note: English word in capital letters stands for an ASL sign (called a gloss). The meaning of the sign and the English word may not be exactly the same.


14 Sentence Structure Practice Signer A: ask for name YOU NAME “WHAT” Signer B: give name (point to name on paper sign) ME NAME IX(loc)

15 Sentence Paired Practice You and your partner will practice asking each other’s names (one person asks; the other responds). When the teacher gives the signal, you will switch roles.

16 Homework Assignment “Who Am I?” Using WordArt, ClipArt, and your creativity, create a poster (Word document) that describes you and your personality. Include likes, interests, and hobbies. Due Date: next class period

17 The next slide is an example of a “Personality Poster”. Remember to be creative and illustrate your interests!!

18 Tennis player Hiker photographer Musician Skier Loves camping and nature Teacher

19 That’s all for today! Terrific job!!

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