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1 Summer Camp, 2013. A Bucket Load of Games For Interactive Teaching (0332-3799529)

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1 1 Summer Camp, 2013

2 A Bucket Load of Games For Interactive Teaching (0332-3799529)

3  What is interactive teaching and learning?  Is your teaching interactive or not?  What kind of interactions occur during interactive teaching and learning?  How is interactive teaching related to critical thinking?  Is there one interactive teaching strategy or more? (0332-3799529)

4 What Is Interactive Teaching?  The Law of Meaningful Processing  Schema Theory Learning is “bridge building;” linking what a learner already knows to new information Effective instruction occurs when the learners’ background knowledge is valued, activated and developed (0332-3799529)

5 What Is a “Schema”?  A knowledge structure which new information must fit into order to be understood.  A plan for directing attention and conducting purposeful searches for information.  A resource for filling in gaps in information. (0332-3799529)

6 Interactive Teaching  Understanding of content  Communication of tasks  Progression of content  Provision for feedback and evaluation (0332-3799529)

7 Interactive Teaching - Strengths  Teaching can be individualized based on alternative responses  New content can be presented and adjusted midstream  Progression is based on previous responses of the student and can be made appropriate  Teacher is free to give feedback during activity (0332-3799529)


9 Games For Interactive Teaching (0332-3799529)

10 Picture Prompt Think Break Choral Response Instructor Storytelling Pass the Pointer Empty Outlines Classroom Opinion Polls Total Physical Response (TPR) Hand Held Response Cards Student Polling (0332-3799529)

11 Polar Opposites Make Them Guess Make It Personal Read Aloud Punctuated Lectures Word of the Day Recall, Summarize, Question, Connect, and Comment Focused Listing Background Knowledge Probe Goal Ranking and Matching (0332-3799529)

12 Interest/Knowledge/Skills Pass the Chalk The Half Class Lecture One-Minute Papers Muddiest Point Misconception Check Drawing for Understanding Circle the Questions Ask the Winner Bookmark Notes True or False? “Real-World” Concept Mapping Advice Letter Bumper Stickers (0332-3799529)

13 One-Sentence Summary Directed Paraphrasing Word Journal Truth Statements Objective Check Opposites Student Storytelling Pro and Con Grid Harvesting Chain Notes Memory Matrix Categorizing Grid What/How/Why Outlines Problem Recognition Tasks Switch it up! (0332-3799529)

14 Reading Rating Sheets Think-Pair-Share Wisdom of Another Forced Debate Jigsaw (Group Experts) Pick the Winner Layered Cake Discussion Student Pictures Definitions and Applications TV Commercial (0332-3799529)

15 Blender Human Tableau or Class Modeling Classroom Assessment Quality Circles Imaginary Show and Tell Closed Eyes Method Fishbowl Chalk Talk Polar Opposites Bingo! Vocabulary Basket (0332-3799529)

16 Interactive Instructional Strategies  Adjunct Displays  Split-page Note taking  Paired Reviews  Text Impressions  Student Questions for Purposeful Learning  Graphic Organizers  Structured Academic Controversies  Possible Sentences  Academic Discourse  Context Clues  Save the Last Word for Me  Brainstorming for Prior Knoweldge (0332-3799529)

17 (0332-3799529)

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