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 Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure.

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1  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Roamer Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure

2  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Free Bluetooth Activities Buried Treasure Cops and Robbers Safari Jail Break Emergency Landing Space Geologist Cave Rescue Buried Treasure is one of the Free Activities you get with the Roamer Bluetooth Accessory Pack. When you get your Bluetooth package you receive a disc. Run this disc and you will add the Bluetooth Interface to your RoamerWorld and at the same time you will add all the free activity files.

3  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Captain O’Doublecross was a wicked pirate droid. After 5 years of stealing treasure he anchored his ship off Rust Bucket Island. When he was sure everyone was hooked into their rechargers for the night he quietly unplugged the two brothers DIM 1 and DIM 2. He made them row to the island and bury a huge casket of treasure. As soon as they’d finished, quicker than you could say “pop my rivets”, he whipped out his sonic screwdriver and disassembled them. He scattered their bits around the island and left them to corrode before returning to the ship. In the morning the ship set sail. The DIMs never shone out in a crowd. So nobody missed them. However as soon as they got home to the notorious port of Bognor the DIM’s wives WIT 1 and WIT 2 came looking for them. It was not long before the crew realised the DIMs were not the only thing missing. Where was the treasure? Buried Treasure After a few painful hours of hacking into Captain’s fragmented memory circuits the crew found the treasure map code. Was it enough to find the treasure?

4  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd What You Need Roamer RoamerWorld Roamer Bluetooth Module Free Activity Downloads Roamer Clear Grid Mat Art Materials

5  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Tasks In the art lesson get the students to create the features shown on the mat They should paint the features on sheets of paper about 25cm square You need to stick the symbols face down on the underside of the grid. This is an excellent coordinate geometry maths activity so let the students do it Discuss what they see looking at the map and what they would see if they looked from underneath – is it the same? Get them to stick the symbols face down on the underside of the grid Turn the map over and check everything is in the right place Get them to name the features on the island They can use the text feature on RoamerWorld to add the names to the treasure map Meanwhile download the Free Activity File into your RoamerWorld Make sure you have installed your Bluetooth software Select the Buried Treasure Activity from the RoamerWorld Activity Launcher

6  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Burying the Treasure One group of students program the screen pirate to find a location to bury the treasure Place the Roamer on a starting point on the map and use the Set Roamer Direction command to make Roamer face the correct way Write a program to bury the treasure Run the program to locate the treasure on the screen Using the Stamp Feature in the graphics toolbar place the Treasure at the Roamers location Press the Control and Go Button in the Graphics Toolbar Press the Rest Button to return the Screen Roamer to its starting position Clear the Go Program Note: the Treasure is a Sprite set to disappear unless Roamer is in its location.

7  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Where is the Treasure? The group of students burying the treasure should write some instructions for finding it For example: Starting from the Old Cannon Go 1 step toward the Oasis Turn to face the Snake Pits Go forward 2 Turn to face the Middle Peak Go back 1 step There’s the treasure You can change this activity if you add a compass onto the top of Roamer. Your instructions might be Go North for two steps, thurn South West….

8  Copyright Valiant Technology Ltd Finding the Treasure A group of students take the instructions on how to find the treasure from those who buried the treasure They place the robot on the mat where they think is appropriate They follow the instructions The Bluetooth Module transmits the floor robots movements to RoamerWorld and makes the screen robot move It they follow the instructions properly the treasure will appear when the screen Roamer reaches the correct location

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