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Mrs. Scarfi’s First Grade Welcome to Back to School Night!

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1 Mrs. Scarfi’s First Grade Welcome to Back to School Night!

2 Welcome to First Grade!  Thank you for coming to visit our classroom!  If you have any questions during the presentation, please feel free to interrupt.

3 My Goals  To give your child the academic and social skills they need to successfully progress through first grade.  To provide a supportive and fun classroom environment.  To help your child make new friends and discover new interests.

4 Classroom Community  Our classroom is a learning community. In our community, we have rules to help us get along with each other.  Our class rules are:  Be respectful and responsible.  Be organized and follow directions.  Be prepared.  Be a TEAM player! Together Everyone Achieves More!

5 Website  We have a class website!  Choose Middle Road on the district’s homepage and then choose my name from the “Staff Websites” list.  Visit often as I am always updating it with new information!  With parent’s permission, I will also add student work and photographs. A permission slip will be sent home soon.  Download the mobile app for your cell phone!

6 Class Subjects  The subjects we cover in first grade are:  Reading  Spelling  Language  Penmanship  Math  Science  Social studies  Health

7 Special Classes  Gym – Monday/Friday  Art – Tuesday  Enrichment – Tuesday  Music – Wednesday  Computers – Thursday  Library – To Be Determined  Spanish- 4 th Marking Period

8 Reading  Your child will have a new story each week. Every day they will also take home a trade book. These books may or may not correspond to the skills and vocabulary in the main story. The purpose is to have your child read a variety of texts to help gain fluency.  At the start of every new anthology students will take home a complete list of the high-frequency words they will be expected to read. Please make individual flash cards with the words so that your child can practice reading them at home.  Students will be orally quizzed on the high-frequency words every Friday. I will write down the words they need to practice on a piece of paper. Please practice these words for the following week.

9 Spelling, Language, and Penmanship  Every Monday a new Spelling list will be sent home. Words for the entire year are also listed on our website.  There will be Spelling homework most nights. Assignments can be done in advance, but please send them in the day they are due.  In Language, students will be learning about sentence structure. Some topics include capitalization, punctuation, nouns, verbs, adjectives, and contractions.  Students will review how to properly form their letters and numbers. All assignments should be written neatly and legibly. Illegible work will be redone.

10 Math  Students will explore a variety of Math topics:  Number concepts, addition, subtraction, place value, money, time, measurement, graphing, geometry, fractions.  Extend your child’s learning by bringing Math into their everyday world.  Baking? Have your child measure the ingredients.  Shopping? Have your child add up the cost of the items or count your change.  Have your child tell you what time it is throughout the day. When is dinner? When is their favorite show on? How long did they play their video games? How long did it take them to complete their homework?

11 Science, Social Studies, and Health  Science topics include: Balance and Motion, Air and Weather, Comparing and Measuring, and Insects and Plants  Social Studies topics include: Rules and Laws, Where People Live, We Love Our Country, Our Changing World, Meeting People, The Marketplace, and Holidays  Health topics include: Feelings, Safety, Staying Well, Taking Care of My Body, Dental Health, Nutrition, Medicines and Drugs, Senses, and Anti-bullying  We take few formal tests in these subject areas, so in-class discussions and participation in activities will be used as an informal assessment.  If your child has any interesting information or items at home that will enhance the study of any of the topics we discuss throughout the year, please have them bring them in to share with us!

12 User Names and Passwords  Students have been assigned User Names and Passwords for several websites. They can log on to the these websites to access online books, games and skills reinforcement. Contact me if you forget or misplace your child’s information.  Think Central: Students can access their Ebook, decodable readers and leveled readers.  Reading Eggs: Students take a placement test and then play games at their reading level.  Everyday Mathematics: Students can play math games and access the interactive reference book.  Visit our “Quick Links for Kids” page on our class website for other great websites!

13 Homework  As per the district’s homework policy, 20-30 minutes of homework per day is permitted for first grade. Please let me know if your child is struggling with this amount of work or if it is too easy.  Homework assignments will have a circled “HW” on it.  Reading: read weekly story and new trade book (sign Reading log); practice vocab words  Spelling: Mon.- ABC order Tues.- 3x each Wed.- 5 Sentences (to start later in the year) Thurs.- practice words for test on Friday  Math: worksheet reviewing that day’s lesson  At times there might be homework in Science, Social Studies, or Health. All assignments will be posted on the website.

14 Homework Calendar  Your child will receive a homework calendar every month. It will be taped inside their folder. Students will receive a sticker every day they complete their homework. If any assignment is not turned in I will write it down on the calendar.  Incomplete homework will be completed at recess.  Every Friday students who completed their homework the entire week will receive a prize from the homework box.

15 Tests  Most Fridays there will be a Reading, Spelling, and Language test. Tests in other subject areas will be given on varying days. Students will have advance notice for these tests.  On Monday your child will bring home a red test folder. Inside are the tests from the previous Friday. Please sign the tests near the grade and return them in the folder the next day. If you have any questions or concerns regarding a grade, please write me a separate note. Do not write on the test paper.

16 Breakfast and Lunch  Breakfast costs $1.40. The breakfast order is taken the day before it is delivered.  Lunch costs $2.25.  You can add money to your child’s lunch card anytime via the parent portal or by sending in cash or a check payable to the “Hazlet Board of Education”.  Please make sure all food and drinks are in a lunch box or brown bag.

17 Snack  We have snack every day around 11:00 a.m. Please send in one nutritious snack and drink for your child.  Should a student forget at snack, I usually have pretzels for them to eat. They will be able to get a drink from the water fountain.

18 Scarfi’s Superstars  To help promote a positive learning environment, I recognize students who go “above and beyond”. Students earn Superstar stickers whenever they demonstrate outstanding citizenship.  Once a student fills their Superstar chart, to celebrate they get to have lunch with me in the classroom.  Students can also earn Roadrunner Dollars from any teacher. Once they have five Roadrunner Dollars they can visit Mrs. Zimmer’s Treasure Tower!

19 Birthdays  We celebrate birthdays once a month. Any student who has a birthday will be given a poster at the beginning of the month to complete. They will also be given a notice that tells when their birthday celebration is and who else is celebrating with them.  Please coordinate with the other parents if you would like to bring in a treat for the class. We are only permitted to have one healthy treat and a drink that is 100% fruit juice.  Healthy snack ideas: fruit, veggies, popcorn, pretzels, rice cakes, fat free/sugar free Jell-O (As much as I LOVE cupcakes and Munchkins….they’re not allowed!)  Please keep in mind food allergies!  Please do not send party invitations to be distributed in school unless everyone in the class is invited. Feelings will be hurt if anyone is left out.

20 Scholastic  An order form will be sent home in the beginning of every month.  Please make checks payable to “Scholastic Book Club”.  NO cash please!  You can also order online at Our online code is DX27H. We get a free book coupon from Scholastic for every parent online order!

21 Class V.I.P.’s (Very Important Parents)  Our class parents are Mrs. Kolmer and Ms. Hands! They will help me plan the holiday and year end celebrations. Please contact them if you would like to help.  There will be plenty of opportunities throughout the year for other parents to volunteer. Notices will be sent home when volunteers are needed. Thank you in advance for your time!

22 Student Observers and Student Teachers  Middle Road School has partnered with Monmouth University and is now a Professional Development School.  Monmouth University courses are taught in our library.  Throughout the year there will be student observers and student teachers completing their fieldwork in our classroom.

23 Miscellaneous  If there are any changes in dismissal plans please send in a dated note.  If sending money to school, please put it in an envelope with your child’s name clearly printed on it and the reason for the money (ie. lunch tickets, snack money, book order, etc).

24 Contact Information I am always available should you ever need to contact me. The best way to get in touch with me is via email. 732-264-9012 Feel free to contact me by phone or note as well.

25 Class Messenger  If you would like to receive reminder texts from me, please download the “Class Messenger” app on your Smartphone. All phone numbers are private and never displayed.

26 One final thought… Rev. Jesse L. Jackson once wrote, “A school system without parents at its foundation is just like a bucket with a hole in it.” Together as a team we will help make your child’s first grade experiences meaningful and memorable!

27 It’s going to be a great year!

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