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Pesticide Storage, Security, and Disposal Developed by: Pesticide Education Program.

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1 Pesticide Storage, Security, and Disposal Developed by: Pesticide Education Program

2 Pesticide security should always be a prime consideration. The potential for human harm through incidental exposure, especially children, who should not have access, is a concern.

3 Pesticide security should always be a prime consideration. Other concerns include environmental harm, vandalism, theft, possible misuse of products, and the potential for unauthorized use.

4 Storage Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture requires that pesticides are kept in a manner that will not harm humans or the environment There are many common sense rules of thumb that can provide guidance for safe storage.

5 Storage Location of the storage facility is critical –Do not locate near well heads even if the well is no longer being used –Consider potential for runoff –Keep away from livestock feed or feed storage areas

6 Maintain a separate location for the storage of pesticides.

7 Prefabricated storage units are also available

8 Storage If storage area is located within a larger structure, provide access through a separate outside door.

9 Storage Keep the storage area locked. Tightly control who has keys.

10 Post the storage area appropriately to deter accidental exposure. Example: “Danger--Pesticides--Keep Out”

11 Also post “No Smoking” signs and do not allow smoking near the storage area. Especially where petroleum based products are stored.

12 Maintain copies of labels and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each product.

13 Keep pesticides in original container. Make sure that the label is intact and all information is legible. Keep label firmly attached. Check for damaged containers.

14 - This is particularly important with herbicides Store different types of pesticides separate from each other to avoid cross contamination.

15 Provide adequate lighting

16 Dry material should always be stored above liquids

17 Metal or non- porous shelving is best Provide adequate lighting Dry material should always be stored above liquids

18 The good, the bad and the ugly

19 The good

20 The bad

21 The really bad

22 The Ugly (but it works, sort of) * Signal Word * Active Ingredient * Amt. of active ingredient

23 Storage areas should provide: Non-porous flooring Proper lighting Tools for spill management - Absorbent material - Shovel - Bucket Safety equipment


25 Maintain an updated inventory of products. List at least the product name, date of purchase, quantity, and location within the storage area.

26 Security Maintain a log of inspection. Store the inventory list separately from the storage area. Inspect the storage area regularly, and check for leaks and spills.

27 Keeping a log of what pesticides have been taken from the storage area and used is a check-and–balance system for inventory control.

28 Storage Post the name, address, and telephone number of at least one contact person at the primary entrance to the storage area, and another location near the storage areas. Post emergency numbers (Poison Control, police, fire department) near storage area. Police Fire

29 Storage Establish contact with local law enforcement and fire authorities. Develop an emergency response plan with local police, fire, medical and emergency management authorities. Police Fire

30 * Dogs can be effective deterrents against criminal activity. Do not allow unauthorized access to storage area.

31 Application Equipment Security Keep pesticide application equipment secure to prevent unauthorized use. Application equipment kept offsite should be locked and disabled.

32 Security Lock pesticide transport vehicles whenever the driver is away from the vehicle. Ensure that unauthorized persons cannot get into areas of vehicles where pesticides are stored. For example, consider using lock- boxes for chemicals transported in the back of a pick-up truck.

33 Application Equipment Security Never leave ignition keys in application equipment.

34 Protect against the potential for siphoning or otherwise stealing from filled tanks such as mini-bulk equipment.

35 Be Alert Do not sell or give pesticides to someone you do not know. If you do sell pesticides, make sure the buyer has appropriate use for them. Only licensed dealers can sell restricted use pesticides.

36 Be Alert Watch for unusual or suspicious behavior by a purchaser or other individuals who: *seems unfamiliar with details of using agrochemicals; *acts nervous, seems uneasy or vague, and avoids eye contact;

37 Be Alert Watch for unusual or suspicious behavior by a purchaser or other individuals who: *demands immediate possession of purchased material instead of future delivery; or *asks for material in smaller, individual containers rather than in bulk.

38 Security *Be cautious of unknown individuals who insist on paying with cash instead of using credit or a check. * Promptly report any thefts of pesticides or equipment and any suspicious behavior to your local law enforcement agency.

39 One way to avoid storage problems is to only buy what you need. You are not getting a bargain if you don’t use the product and it becomes ineffective because of poor storage conditions. If you have old unused, or unwanted pesticides you have an excellent disposal option…


41 Sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture (PDA) Free of charge Contact Regional PDA office for more information Will take unknowns as long as they are pesticides

42 2002 CHEMSWEEP Counties

43 Make sure that products identified for disposal are kept locked in the storage area until they are disposed of properly.

44 Remember: Proper storage, security, and disposal of pesticides is as important as using them safely in the field.

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