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Georgia Takes The Lead. AGENDA TOPICS Current situation Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Strategy – A case for change Why Best In Show Pet Treats National 4-H.

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1 Georgia Takes The Lead

2 AGENDA TOPICS Current situation Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts Strategy – A case for change Why Best In Show Pet Treats National 4-H Council asks Georgia to lead Pilot Ready To Go

3 CURRENT COUNTY SITUATION Budget cuts begin to impact 4-H Program Uncertainty related to impact of long-term budget cuts Growing need for State and Counties to develop alternate source of income to support 4-H staff, program, recruitment, training and member participation

4 CURRENT CLUB SITUATION Many ineffective fundraisers offered: candy bars, cookie dough, magazines, candles, calendars, wrapping paper and cookbooks Products are not unique to 4-H Poor brand fit – not consistent with 4-H program values Low return – Low Participation – “Fundraising Burnout” There are a few exceptions: some local fundraising products and activities benefit 4-H in respective counties e.g. vidalia onion sale, rib eye sale, homemade pie auctions, etc.

5 CURRENT SITUATION: FRAGMENTED APPROACH TO FUNDRAISING Does not harness the power of 4-H Membership Does not provide the related learning and skill developmental opportunities Does not create public awareness and media coverage to promote the 4-H Program Some Clubs/Members spending their 4-H time on multiple fundraisers instead of doing 4-H Program

6 A BRANDED SOLUTION TO FUNDRAISING Girl Scout Cookies - $750 million annually Girl Scout Cookie sale began formally in 1930’s Girl Scouts now sell 200 million boxes annually Per girl average is well over 100 boxes per seller Annual Cookie sale creates opportunities for media coverage and awareness of Girl Scout Program Boy Scout Popcorn sale began in 1981 with a bucket of popcorn and seven Scout Councils Over $1 Billion raised to support Scouting Programs between 1981 and 2005

7 FUNDRAISING STRATEGY Provide leadership and tools that would EASILY, EFFICIENTLY and EFFECTIVELY meet the fundraising needs of County Extension Agents, clubs, and members. Test the viability of a strategically planned, growth- oriented, youth-led, brand-relevant, high-quality, high-visibility, high-return fundraising program that would be conducted one time each year. Offer all clubs the opportunity to participate in an annual national fundraising event, while maintaining latitude for those Counties/Clubs with a successful long-term alternate sale/activity to continue with tradition.

8 Pet Treats Right for 4-H Fit with 4-H BRAND – Consistent values Completely new fundraising product concept UNIQUE opportunity to BRAND National 4-H Pet Treat Sale Right Price for high level consumer support High-demand product Easy, Simple, Delightful, Rewarding

9 Impact Beyond Just $ Learning Life Skills: Goal setting and Teamwork Financial Literacy: Marketing and Financial Planning Involvement in Community Service Projects Strengthen Public Image & Awareness of 4-H Increased Participation in 4-H Programs Increased Membership Eliminate time and effort spent on ineffective fundraising activities

10 FUNDING for EACH LEVEL of 4-H ALL packages $4.00 to consumer 50% Fundraising Profit –$1.50 to County –$.25 to County for Operational Expense (incentives, shipping, volunteer recognition) –$.25 to State Program Product Cost: $2.00


12 READY TO GO Best In Show Pet Treats program is 4-H licensed and customer tested with POSITIVE RESULTS High-quality product – made in the USA Custom packaging reflects the wholesome image of 4-H Market-tested varieties for maximum sales: –3 Dog Treats –2 Horse Treats –1 Cat Treat

13 BEST IN SHOW PROVIDES THE “KNOW HOW” AND MATERIALS Best In Show provides the processes and systems Best In Show provides the sales materials and forms Best In Show teaches you how to: –Involve a small Volunteer Team to lead the annual pet treat effort –Share Key Training Points that will help your entire team be successful –Conduct a CONCISE pet treat sale for maximum effectiveness –No product purchase required upfront

14 EASY ONLINE REGISTRATION County Extension Agents will register online at All materials will be mailed to the County Extension Agent upon registration






20 POWERFUL 4-H IMAGES THROUGHOUT GEORGIA Media Plan posted on 4-H brand network and the Best In Show Pet Treats website

21 SUMMARY Growing need for strategic, effective BRANDED fundraising product sale campaign Work together at one time, on one project, with one purpose EMPOWER Youth by providing important Life Skill and Financial Literacy development opportunities UNIFIED strategic effort can help GROW a RELIABLE revenue stream to benefit all levels of 4-H Strengthen public image of 4-H through promoting involvement in community service projects Increase awareness of 4-H



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