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Using Communication Strategy to Align Social, PR and SEO CHICAGO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GROUP – FEB 2015.

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1 Using Communication Strategy to Align Social, PR and SEO CHICAGO SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GROUP – FEB 2015

2 “I knock down walls, create brand belief systems and design performance plans that deliver.” Former journalist, internet pioneer and entrepreneur, thought leader, chief executive with vision and execution chops Dana Todd Digital CMO

3 Outline  How Communication Strategy is natural and strategic convergence platform  My “Bucket Framework” in excruciating detail  Case Study @danatodd


5 SEO-Forward Strategy Limits Opportunity  “Be found for X” is narrow focus, bottom of funnel  People search for nouns, but their decision processes are based on adjectives and emotion  Misses opportunity to mesh with brand communication strategy  Promotes commoditization in search results and brand communications @danatodd

6 Social-Forward Strategy Ignores SEO  Focuses on short term attention, not long term links and searchable content  Many social conversations & impacts aren’t indexed  Can easily become chaotic and unfocused  Keywords are an afterthought, hashtags are dominant @danatodd

7 SEO-Forward Workflow KW Research: “car insurance” Write blog post “how to buy car insurance” Make an infographic Optimized video Socialize & Syndicate (spray, pray) Measure ranking & NBOT

8 Social-Forward Workflow Promotional Plan: “Valentines Sale” Creatives and calendar Outreach to influencers & email Post on site/blog (SEO’d? Maybe) Repeat for reach & frequency Measure engagement

9 SEO is not Dead, but it’s Different Now  SEO is not just links and keywords, BUT the right kind of links and link signals are still crucial  “Author” tag is sort-of dead  Social signals are somewhat important, variably, primarily around authority of signaling “entity”  Hummingbird and semantic search are influenced by CONTEXTUAL KNOWLEDGE  Your brand in context of conversations is VITALLY important @danatodd

10 Convergence: Impact in SERPs SERP for product query “shoes”: Google seems to be testing “Authority” of social on first page results – older “news” content ranks if highly shared or from authority site w/social clout. Found this in US and Canada results.

11 Converge @ Communication Strategy  Usually defined and used by the PR department  Aligned to brand strategy, it’s “ what do we want whom to believe and say about us ?”  And, “In what media or channels do we play?”  Values quality over quantity  It’s all about evolving belief systems, aligned to market share and reputation goals @danatodd

12 Dana’s Easy Bucket Framework  Flexible and fast to set up  Automatically builds in participation from PR, social and SEO teams  Primary Buckets should be in place for 3 years to get the best possible return and impact  Why? Belief systems, like change management or grief cycles, take 2-3 years to move beyond “sprout stage” into entrenched outcomes and thought patterns  You’ll need time to build relationships with the most impactful influencers  You are enacting wholesale changes to the SERP if successful @danatodd

13 Step One: Beliefs WHAT DO YOU WANT THE PUBLIC TO BELIEVE? - About your company - About your products - About your competition - About your industry or market - About time and urgency - About risk and rewards

14 2. Build Strategy Buckets from Beliefs  No more than 5! (3-4 is better)  Business decision maker buy-in: align to big business goals – prioritize beliefs that will impact sales or traffic the most  Examples:  “Company X is the most trustworthy car insurance company”  “Buying this product provides shoes to poor people”  Research review sites & forums to hear “voice of the customer” and emotional triggers

15 3. Fill the Buckets All Play! Social, SEO and PR For each bucket, brainstorm the campaigns or content storylines that can best help “prove” the belief statements: “Pays Auto Insurance Claims in Full” (claim satisfaction) -Research & facts -Anecdotes / human stories -Humor -Applications / use cases -Controversy -Celebrity endorsement -Testimonials / reviews -Altruism / corporate social responsibility -Data streams / Knowledge Graph A

16 Your SEOs should help on this one! Use KW research to find best target sites and influencers: JD Powers Consumer Affairs Forbes Edmunds CNBC Investopedia 4. Map the Influencers across Buckets AB “Is Financially Fair with its Rates” “Pays Auto Insurance Claims in Full”

17 5. What Content Type to Use Where? Get your PR group involved here – they can often help you identify what works best with a publication or author/journalist/blogger. “Pays Auto Insurance Claims in Full” Supporting ContentWhat assets can we make? Influencer + preferred content, channel Research study comparing us vs. top competitors for customer satisfaction with claims process Charts, full study, press release, infographic, video Forbes – Jim Gorzelany – wants full study, graphs, images – press release, video Reviews and testimonials “My hero” FB and Twitter campaign, submit user testimonials and photos Angie’s List – customer list + $ ad campaign Consumer Affairs – submitted testimonials A

18 Consider all the possibilities…  Graphic / photo  Animated gif  Infographic  Raw data feed  Research study / chart  Instagram pic  Video  :30 spot  Google Hangout on Air  Blog post  Interview Q&A  Tweets  FB events, posts  Polls  Game / quiz  Article / longread  White paper / application paper  Press release / press kit **Many of the above can end up in search results easily!

19 Add a column for methods of contact

20 6. Synthesize, Prioritize and Calendar  Short-list the most useful assets that can best prove the belief statements and are most likely to connect with influencers  Connect with a large “theme”, rather than random bits!  Identify secondary resource needs: chopping up, create variants, or support with other assets  Compare to your marketing calendar: events, product launches, etc.  Decide if you’re going to play linear, one bucket at a time, or cross multiple buckets simultaneously

21 7. NOW THE SEO FULL COURT PRESS!  Before you start producing any asset, involve the SEO teams  Fully understand the keyword priorities, localization and other SEO goals  Get lists of top keywords and a copy of the page-level strategy (what pages are targeted to what keywords, so you can plan effective link requests and content placement)  Let them help tag blog posts and assets, name image files and write captions, write YouTube headlines, suggest hashtags, and build pages with appropriate and other important markup  Discuss advanced tactics like creating data feeds and mashups that can be utilized for powerful partnering and link building

22 Quick case study Original brainstorm doc for ideas, rationale & targets

23 Details on Two Buckets & Campaigns CampaignsAssetsTargets Aftermath Cares charity program Press releases, charity golf and law enforcement events, K-9 contest in custom FB app, photos, FB posts Consumer, press, police, police press, police social, local news Meet our techsVideos, blog posts, FB, InstagramLocal news, Google Local “Aftermath is a compassionate and caring company” (TRUST) CampaignsAssetsTargets “3 Rs: Risks, Rights & Responsibilities Infographics, health risk data, long form articles, research, slideshare deck, downloadable safety posters and brochures Consumer, schools, national news, safety blogs, police, police press, police social, cleaning industry trade press “How Would Aftermath Clean…?” Seasonal infographics (Halloween, Valentines) Consumer press (Huffington Post), bloggers “Blood is a high risk to anyone exposed” (FEAR) A B

24 Results: Press Impacts + Links + SEO Most of the pickups above included social amplification (Twitter, FB, blog pickup) #1 Multiple listings reflecting compassion

25 Outcomes  Any new ideas can be filtered for value: do they pass the bucket test?  Everyone gets to measure what they want to meet tactical metric goals  Links, rankings, engagement, traffic, followers etc.  BUT, they’re automatically aligned for long term brand benefit  Think like a CMO: perform baseline market research to understand impacts on recall, awareness and belief statements; re-check annually


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