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FIspace Review Story Board SW Demo related Presentations Sequence, Messages, Responsibilities.

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1 FIspace Review Story Board SW Demo related Presentations Sequence, Messages, Responsibilities

2 Approach for the demos/presentations 1.Set the context by the business person – what why how 2.Reference implementation demo – What is working today in the current FIspace implementation 3.Outlining specific technical perspectives –> What is the way towards the end of FIspace – the future/vision 4.Final business dimension –> what will be possible in the future and which impact can be realised

3 Benefits for Supply Chain Actors Tailored info for consumers Farming Advice Operational improvements  all actors,dynamic collaboration New collaborations & markets  Global sourcing, quality demand End to end messaging across the supply chain – many actors Easy definition of workflows between supply chain actors Enforcement and tracking of workflow between supply chain actors End-to-end automated event handling across the supply chain Easily change the business workflows to include a new supplier Virtualisation of business relations and flow of goods, combined with new added value services/providers Provision of data Satisfy legal requirements Business Perspective Technical Perspective Minimum 55-65 Min. (without questions/discussion) B2B elements, approach for configuration workflow EPM SDI – A) sensor integration (also practically showing sensor integration) UI & profile management  Role based access App Store PlusFresc, Eloi 5 Min. K+N, Dave 5Min. Integration & automated exchange of sensor/other data (IoT connection) Easy integration of expert system into workflow Easy capture of knowledge gained from supply chain interactions for improving expert system Easily change the business workflows to include a new actor Easily instantiate a new business contract with a new actor Easily allow access to sensor or other data source from app users (farmers) allowing e.g. big data analysis in the future by companies like Kverneland Operational improvements  IoT for farming, precision agric. New collaborations & markets  No lock-in, openness also for devices Kverneland Peter 10 -? Min. IBM, Eliezer 10 Min. Atos, Paco 5-10 Min. KOC, Ferhad 5-10 Min. NKUA, Aggelos -5Min IBM, Eliezer 5Min. SDI - B) interoperability of devices and Apps LimeTri, Timon 5Min

4 To be clarified What is the latest status of the App Store? – What can we show? – It is planned to have a functionality for the farmer to configure an app in the store for its usage -> configuring URL, combining with unique ID We need to elaborate the messages of the technical perspective. – Key features, implemented and planned (i.e. also reporting the status of implementation, like nothing done, started, half way, most things done, completed) – Challenges – GEs used

5 Minimum 65-80 Min. (without questions/discussion) Platform Attractiveness Business Perspective Technical Perspective Benefits for App Developers Push new App ecosystems Lowering costs of app development Reuse App Components Customise Apps for specific user (groups) Compile different apps for innovation Facilitate legacy system integration Not reinventing the basic platform features – two perspectives, effort and ability Open Source Reuse Defined integration model Facilitate requirements engineering Stable cloud environment FIspace store Something to show? M&A, Sander Limetri, Timon Innova, Makis? For all three 5-10 Min. M&A, Sander Limetri, Timon Innova, Makis? For all three 5-10 Min. FIspace technical security FIspace CSB FIspace SDK FIspace experimentation environment IBM, Eliezer 5-10 Min. Atos, Javier 30Min. KOC, Serdar 10-15 Min. IBM, Eliezer, please decide if we shall have split presentations KOC, Ferhad, 15 Min. Initial Apps, becoming platform services (Log.Pl.App)

6 To be clarified WP 300 results – are we offering certain results to external parties? Do have app developers access to the experimentation infrastructure. – Answer in Madrid –> The results can be used also by the new app developers and by external developers Taping videos without sound –> separate videos as appropriate – will be updated according to implementation. Final decision needed on when and how to present: FIspace SW development methodology FIspace quality assurance Development status and planning next actions LimeTri, Timon 10-15 Min. Atos, Said 10-15 Min.

7 Proposed Participants for the Review Meeting Please check and propose changes if required Rehearsal Meeting: – Technical Test at EC BU33 0/54 – 08:30-12:30: Aggelos, Ferhad, Javier Hitado, Moti, Pablo, Paco, Romero, Serdar, Timon – Overall Rehearsal at iMinds, Pleinlaan 9 – 10:00-20:00 Andreas, Anna, Dave, Eliezer, Eloi, Gonzalo, Harald, Heritiana, Juan, Krijn, Makis?, Peter, Said, Sander?, Sjaak Review Meeting Participants: – Management Team:Andreas, Dave, Eliezer, Harald, Said, Sjaak – Business Message:Eloi, Juan, Makis, Peter, Sander? – Technical Messages:Aggelos, Ferhad, Hitado, Moti, Pablo, Paco, Romero, Serdar, Timon – Exploitation:Anna, Gonzalo, Heritiana, Krijn Place of Review:Avenue Beaulieu 33, Room: BU33 0/54 Time:10:00-19:00

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