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Strengthening Rotary Mark Huddleston District Membership & PR Committee Chair 2014/15.

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1 Strengthening Rotary Mark Huddleston District Membership & PR Committee Chair 2014/15

2 “If you do not change your direction, you may end up where you’re heading.” Lao Tsu, Chinese Philosopher Mark Huddleston District Membership & PR Committee Chair 2014/15

3 "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Albert Einstein

4 Why “Strengthening Rotary?” Regional Membership Development Plan Retention: Our biggest problem Current Membership Trends Why Members Leave or Stay Best Practice & Consistency Consequences of Change District Committee Structure Resources Today’s Presentation

5 membership Why “Strengthening Rotary”? Rotarians are experiencing “Membership Fatigue”!


7 Diverse membership Informed and skilled Rotarians Innovative and flexible structures and operations Recognised and trusted brand Strategic partnerships Regional Membership Development Plan Strategic Priorities When we focus on these priorities, we will Strengthen Rotary. When we Strengthen Rotary, our membership will grow.

8 We’ve done a lot of work on filling the bucket… … not so much on plugging the holes!

9 Globally 1.2 Million (static for over 20 years) 2003 – 2011 2,552 new clubs chartered - net gain of only 226 members 1.1 Million inductions Global membership shifting from West to East Australia July 2011 – June 2012 Net loss of 581 members District 9520 2012/13 123 Inductions, net gain of 16 (28 deceased) Recent Membership Trends We don’t have a recruitment problem, we have a retention problem!

10 D9520 current Rotary year

11 Death Poor health Relocation Change in work responsibility Competing priorities Why are we losing our members? “Uncontrollables”

12 Why are we losing our members? “Controllables” Lack of involvement/engagement/inclusion Lack of direction & leadership Conflict with other members Inflexible attendance requirements Input not sought or valued Membership did not meet expectations Unwillingness to modernise/change Boring meetings Affordability Poor venue/meal quality Termination

13 Unlike an employer, volunteer organisations cannot motivate, reward, recruit or retain their workforce with money. What is our Currency? Empowerment Responsibility Recognition Leadership pathways Personal growth Sense of belonging Project ownership Networking opportunities Broadening of Horizons Fellowship / social activities Currency is what we get for what we do. But Rotary has its own currency…

14 What are clubs doing REALLY WELL? Let’s capture and share that information!

15 “I thought I was on to something but I can’t figure out how to move it.”

16 We need more consistency across our clubs…

17 What ALL clubs can offer… Diversity in membership Good venue & time for meetings Structured, informative, punctual meetings Effective communications – both within and outside the club Quality projects responding to genuine community needs

18 Mentoring program for new members Links to local businesses and community Vibrant social calendar Strong program of Rotary information An inclusive environment where everyone’s input is sought and valued What ALL clubs can offer…

19 Learning to accept change…

20 We are already losing members. “But if we change we might lose some of our senior members.” There are greater consequences to remaining the same! AT LEAST start the conversation…



23 Membership Development & Retention Club based:Recruitment & Retention Initiatives Performance & Best Practice Promotion & Public Image Club Visioning & Change Management Penni Hamilton-Smith(Mitcham) Steve Hayter(Kent Town) Pam Maxwell(Somerton Park) District Public Relations Promotion of Rotary to the general public across the district Work with Zone Image & PR Co-ordinator Philip Archer on national campaigns Bob Brigden (Sub-Chair)(Norwood) Jan Tsoutouras(Campbelltown) Jeff Neale(Campbelltown) Denise Pellen(Mitcham) DG Jerry, DGE Dick, DGN will also sit on both committees District Committee Structure 2014/15 Chair Membership & PR - Mark Huddleston (Edwardstown)


25 Resources

26 Our view of where we’ve been must not obstruct our view of where we’re going.

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