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Reimagining the business of apps ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC.

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1 reimagining the business of apps ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC

2 Twitter: @MDCstatsd

3 Measure Everything Understanding your systems.

4 Why should we measure? Understanding the current state of our code and systems.

5 Experiences Why StatsD and Graphite may help you!

6 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Experiences System performance degradation

7 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Experiences Understanding when releases have an effect on our systems

8 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Experiences Load balancing – When is my server active

9 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Experiences Transitioning traffic to a new system

10 Convinced Yet? Hopefully so.

11 Other reasons you should use StatsD and Graphite?

12 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD and Graphite Blending data tracking and data representation Its Open Source High Performance Fire and Forget (UDP) Data Representation through Graphs Render API Automatic Measure Creation (Low Configuration) Data roll-off Complex Data Aggregation through Render API

13 StatsD High Performance Data Logging

14 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD How does it work? Node JS UDP Pluggable Backend (Graphite, Console, Repeater, Create Your Own)

15 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD Why NodeJS? High throughput Simple code Simple calls Async Everything How does it work? It Listens for metrics on UDP socket It Assigns a metric to its own bucket It Aggregates values for each bucket until they need to flush Each bucket flushes every X seconds (configurable) and resets the value in the bucket

16 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD Why UDP? Fire and Forget Unless you majorly overload your network with UDP traffic it will not bring down your systems if StatsD fails Little network overhead, small messages Ask me how many times we crashed StatsD

17 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD – Metric Types Timers – Track Times by Millisecond How long does it take to make calls to other people’s APIs Do I know how long specific units of code take to run? How long does it take for my API to respond? Counters – Track an Integer Value How many times does my page get hit per flush interval How many times does my API get hit per flush interval How many users hit my API per flush interval Gauges – Track a Value What was this value at the last point before flush interval? What is our CPU on our serer running at? How much memory do we have available? How much disk space do we have available?

18 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD Lets talk about creating metrics If the metric name did not exist previously, a bucket will be created to store the data. “.” represents a step down in hierarchy. Think of it as a file system but replace “\” with “.”. MDC.Twitter.HashTags becomes MDC Twitter HashTags

19 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD Show me some code already, OK NStatsD.Client.Current.Increment("testing.increment"); NStatsD.Client.Current.Decrement("testing.decrement"); NStatsD.Client.Current.Timing("testing.timing", 2345); NStatsD.Client.Current.Gauge("testing.gauge", 45); Also has ability to do sample rate, which allows you to only send metrics every x requests. Value is expressed as a double from 0.0 to 1.0 Can it send tracking from SQL Server? It can Check the Questions page

20 Graphite Data Aggregation and Graphing

21 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Graphite How does it work? Graphite Web – for assembling and rendering graphs Render API – An API which takes querystring parameters to generate graphs or json Web App – Allows you to generate graphs by assembling simple urls which call the render api

22 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Graphite Render API How easy is it? Let me show you. Example Graph - et=stats.gauges.MDC.Twitter.Mentions et=stats.gauges.MDC.Twitter.Mentions Need JSON? et=stats.gauges.MDC.Twitter.Mentions et=stats.gauges.MDC.Twitter.Mentions&format=json

23 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Making Measurements Meaningful Understanding data is all about knowing the context and presentation Grids (Nice filtering, but little impact) Charts (Depends on the Type and what You’re Measuring) Line (Great for comparing things over time) Gauge (Great for showing general system health as an average) Focus (Selectable Timeframe for in depth analysis over time) Alerting - Graphs are nice, but do we really want to stare at graphs all day

24 Lets Build a Graph Graphite - How simple can it be?

25 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Graphite Dashboards What if I want to create a collection of graphs that I want to repeatedly look at? /dashboard – Created named dashboards with graphs which you generate

26 Setting Up StatsD & Graphite

27 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Components StatsD nodeJS module [Listener; Aggregation] Graphite Carbon carbon-relay carbon-cache carbon-aggregator Whisper Django Webapp

28 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Graphite – Python modules Store and render time-series data carbon - a daemon that listens for time-series data whisper - a simple database library for storing time-series data graphite webapp - A Django webapp that renders graphs on- demand Query = look in carbon cache + whisper files

29 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Carbon daemons Receive, cache, store Basically a Load Balancer – daemon receives incoming data into RAM flush to whisper on an interval – optional Works similar to StatsD TCP

30 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Whisper The datastore Each metric in a.wsp file.wsp are pre-allocated; fixed size Retention and resolution are predefined & static Each metric type creates different number of.wsp files Key TypeBalloon Factor Sets1 Counter2 Timer9 Gauge1 Resolution Retention ShortLong Aggregated Precise Storage Configuration

31 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Storage-Schemas.conf /graphite/conf/storage-schemas.conf [title_of_schema] Priority = 110 Pattern =.* Retention = 20s:7d,1m:21d,15m:3y Fixed size database requires parameters [title] – can be anything Priority - Carbon checks priority from high to low Pattern - regex match or default is used ^servers\. Or ^user_metrics\. Retention – 20 seconds for 7 days, 1 minute for 21 days, 15 minutes for 3 years

32 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC StatsD Configuration File: /dConfig.js Ex: /opt/graphite/statsd/dConfig.js JSON Object Graphite backend config (could be a carbon-relay or –cache) graphitePort graphiteHost legacyNamespace: Should ‘counts’ for counters and timers have ‘stats_counts’ prefix? [for backwards compat] port – for the StatsD UDP socket flushInterval: In ms, how often to flush values to backend and reset to 0.

33 Lessons Learned What did we learn the hard way?

34 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Lessons learned Keep Flush interval’s the same StatsD & Carbon config 10 seconds typically Limit bucket architecture Bad idea – reporting per server in a cluster Buckets total size is static Filled up whisper storage? corrupt data! Countries example

35 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Lessons learned Data points per pixel More data points per pixel = rounded data Some crazy numbers Show example

36 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Lessons learned NStatsD C# library Retention ratios don’t exactly work Need to handle % sent to NStatsD Example Start in the cloud Scalability Data Precision & Accuracy Company adoption brings over use Limit use to monitoring general trends

37 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Rolling your own system What can you do with StatsD and Graphite

38 ©2013 NativeX Holdings, LLC Questions? Graphite - StatsD - measure-everything/ measure-everything/ StatsD GitHub - StatsD Metrics - NStatsD - Graphite ** - Github on the stored procedure - client/blob/master/source/Graphite.TSql/sp_graphitesend.sql client/blob/master/source/Graphite.TSql/sp_graphitesend.sql DLL, should be placed in the shared location - client/tree/master/source/Graphite.TSql client/tree/master/source/Graphite.TSql ** super useful for setting graphite up the right way

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