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2 Purpose of this Clinic To expand your current knowledge of the game of baseball Skills and drills to help each individual player become a better baseball player Achieve a life long love of the game


4 FUN!

5 KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE Who is watching and what they see and hear Players Parents Umpires

6 Who is watching

7 Know The Field of Play Diamond The bases Fowl Pole Fielding positions 1-9

8 Fielders

9 Catching a Fly Ball CATCH-THROW-KNOW-HIT-RUN

10 Thumbs together – Two hands

11 Catching a Fly ball Glove side foot forward Square to the ball Two hands - Thumb to Thumb

12 Catching a fly ball

13 Catching a fly ball Practice Drills Throwing, Fungo, Tennis racket – Straight on – Drop step – open hips 45’s – Over the head – Tennis balls – two handed drill – Progress to more difficult

14 Example of Drills

15 Know Catching a fly ball Square Balance Crow Hop/skip step Cut Off – get the ball cut off - never wrong Double Cut Drop step In the gap Tag Pre-thinking Line drive Fly ball Popfly Lead runner

16 Fielding a ground ball CATCH-THROW-KNOW-HIT-RUN

17 Fielding a Ground ball Wide athletic base Square to ball Butt down (start low stay low) Both hands out front Funnel ball in – Gator

18 Funnel or Gator

19 Fielding a ground ball

20 Fielding a Ground ball Practice Drills Throw, Fungo, Racquet – Straight ahead – Backhand – Forehand – One hop – Glove/No Glove – Reactionary ball – Two ball shuffle drill

21 Fielding a Ground ball Practice Drills Warm up -Players receive fungo’s and drop into bucket (1 coach on 3 rd base side & 1 coach on 1 st base side) Catchers blocking drills

22 Fielding a Ground ball Practice Drills Get 1 and cover 5-3-B then 2-5-3-bucket 6-3-B then 2-6-3/5 -bucket 4-3- B then 2-4-3/5 -bucket 3 tag- B then…. 2-3-6-5 – bucket 2-5-4-3- bucket

23 Know Fielding a ground ball Know the situation Pre-Thinking Square to play Start low stay low Funnel the ball in 4 Seam grip Separate – point –throw- follow your throw


25 Throwing 4 Seam from all fielding positions Separate throwing hand and glove, point glove at target, throw & follow

26 Playing Catch Warm ups Two knees One Knee – throwing side knee down Stand and twist Catch Long Toss Quick Toss

27 Know for throwing Grip – 4 seam – thumb under the ball Pre-Think Cutoff Getting one Double play Force play VS. Tag

28 Throwing a ball

29 Throwing Drills Playing catch Wall ball Fungos Fielding and getting 1 Three cone drill Cutoff drill 3-4 Player relay drill 4 Player square drill

30 Three Cone Drill 1.4 seam facing cone 1 2.Start low stay low 3.Release/Throw the ball at cone 2 4.Finish at cone 3

31 Three cone drill

32 Cutoff Drill 1.Coach hits fly-ball/grounder to OF 2.OF fields and throws to cutoff 3.Cutoff relays to catcher 4.Catcher fields and tags – ball in bucket

33 3-4 Player Relay Drill 1.Player throws the ball to middle player 2.Middle player works on glove & throwing hand relationship, footwork and quick accurate throws

34 4 Player hand/feet Drill 1.Player throws the ball to around square 2. Players works on glove & throwing hand relationship, footwork and quick accurate throws


36 Pitching Balance – Balance- Balance Everyone is a pitcher Foul line balance drill Head controls right and left Glove controls up and down

37 Know Pitching Stretch vs. Windup Balance Separate Glove hand opposite and equal Stride Land and field Slide step Holding runners

38 Know Pitching Head over shoulder, shoulders over hips, hips over knees and knees over feet Rubber Seams Fastball and Changeup Count Follow-Through Mechanics

39 Pitching - Grips 4 Seam fast ball grip 2 Seam fast ball grip

40 2 & 4 Seam Fast balls

41 Pitching - Grips Circle Change grip Three finger Change up grip

42 Pitching Drills Balance and hold Stride plus five Hockey puck Fielding and covering Backing up

43 Mechanics From stretch: grip, balance, separate, throw From windup: grip, step back, pivot, balance, separate, throw

44 Stride Plus Five 1.From stretch, player takes normal pitching stride.. Then marks off 5 additional steps 2.Second player stands at the location with glove as target 3.Pitcher using a dish towel, uses normal pitching mechanics to strike target 4.Object is to ensure proper balance – mechanics – follow -through

45 Pitchers Fielding drills Balls hit to 1 st base, Pitcher 1 up the line and inside of base, covers 1 st base and receives ball from fielder Alternate drill, ball hit to Pitcher 1 who fields the ball, steps and throws to first Pitcher 2 fields the ball and throws to 2 nd or 3 rd, good tag at either base by fielder

46 Pitching

47 Hitting Bat Speed –Seeing the Ball -Confidence CATCH-THROW-KNOW-HIT-RUN

48 Catchers Square to plate and pitcher at all times Frame a pitch Blocking drills Throwing drills Tag drills

49 Hitting Bat Speed –Seeing the Ball -Confidence Bat size and selection (hold bat straight out) Grip – in fingers Plate coverage Pre-pitch ritual Stance Weight Contact Follow through (pivot hips – face pitcher)

50 Grip Knocking knuckles Wrong

51 Hitting Drills Bat Speed –Seeing the Ball -Confidence Tee – Tee – Tee (top, bottom, both) Soft toss (top, bottom, both) Fence drill Dry swings Live at the plate Live in the cage Situational hitting

52 Hitting Drills Bat Speed –Seeing the Ball -Confidence Wrist whips Top hand Bottom hand Both hands Hip thrusts Back hand into strike zone Pivot feet Eyes down in contact area

53 Know Hitting Stance Grip Barrel Count- (balls/strikes) Hitting zone *Bat speed Hit and run SAC Fly Line drive *Contact (eyes on the ball) Knowing the situation *Confidence

54 Live hitting Sequence Bunt for hit (2) - 1 to 3rd - 1 to 1st - batter moves up in box, squares when ball is in flight. Sac bunt - batter moves up in box and must make contact with ball Hit and run - batter must make contact with ball want ball on ground Sac fly - less than 2 outs attempting to score runner on 3rd Squeeze - batter pivots when pitcher makes motion to plate - batter must make contact with ball want ball on ground 10 Hits - line-drive base hits - 10th hit batter runner runs out of batters box thinking double, always!

55 BP Schedule Hitting/Fielding StationPlayers 1Live hitting a plateHaley/Gangi 22 nd and BucketKenney/Bishop 3Tee 10 swings eachTorres/Natale 4SS and 3 rd Brinkley/Tanzo 5Soft-toss with thunderstickCastano/Carter 6Right Field/Right CenterMiller/Patti 7Bunt StationO’Donnell/Scarpone 8Left Field/Left CenterSullivan/Gately

56 Bunting SAC-giving up an out to move a runner Bunting for a hit – drag bunt Squeeze – base runner on 3 rd, batter bunts to score the runner. Runner breaks home on the pitchers hand separation.


58 Run Know where the baseball is at all times Know how many outs

59 Run Drills Swing and double out of batters box Lead and steal Lead, secondary & score Tag on SAC Fly Lead, break, squeeze

60 Know Run Steal Lead Slide Pop-up-slide Hit and run Picking up the ball Pickle Scoring position Everything is a double Down in foul back in fair Pass ball Getting back on belly Rear of bag

61 Practice Schedule Flex Run & Stretch Throwing Bunting/Hitting Skills Fielding skills Infield/Outfield – Cuts – Situational – Bunt Coverages BP-Batting Practice Baserunning




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