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+ Welcome to Prep 2015 Prep Information Morning 10/02/2015.

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1 + Welcome to Prep 2015 Prep Information Morning 10/02/2015

2 + FCPS Teachers Specialists Teachers: Art – Emily Power Moore Music – Alison Handley Chinese – Hannah Gan P.E, PMP & Hot Shots – Joe Diamond Prep Teachers: Prep A – Rebecca Raso Prep B – Sally Mackintosh Prep C – Juliet Walker Integration Aide – Hamish Watt Classroom and Specialist Teachers can be contacted at any time via email.

3 + General Information  Fruit and Vegetable break – Daily around 10am. Students to bring cut up fruit and/or vegetables (as well as their recess snack and lunch).  Recess and Lunch – Students eat their recess snack at 10:45am until the bell goes at 11 to go outside. They eat their lunch at 1:25pm until the bell goes at 1:40.  Water bottles – Important that students have their water bottle in class to have a drink when needed.  Sunsmart Policy – Terms 1 & 4, please make sure your child wears a school hat with name clearly labelled (No hat, no play).  Sunscreen – A pump bottle is supplied by the school in each Prep classroom, your child will need to apply it themselves throughout the day, they will be reminded to do so before going outside at Recess and Lunch. If your child needs to use a specific sunscreen, please provide it.  Notes – Will be sent home in your child’s school bag, and a copy of every note is available on the school’s website,, under Curriculum then, Prep Overview. Also ‘like’ the school’s Facebook page to receive updates and information.  Before and After School Care – Please see the office for more details and to book. Jennifer walks students to the Peppercorn Building in the morning, teachers walk students to After School Care after school.

4 + General Information - Continued  Buddies – Grades 4/5 and 5/6. We will have buddies every Friday.  Lunch orders – Every Wednesday. Please provide order in a clearly labelled bag with correct money.  Assembly – Monday morning, 9:00am, drop your child off next to the Main Building. Friday afternoon in the Multipurpose Room, 3:15pm – 3:30pm, collect your child from the Multipurpose Room (not the Peppercorn), followed by Market Stall. We will email parents on Thursday to let them know if their child is receiving an award.  Homework (Reader Bags) will be sent home this Friday, a copy of every note inside will also be available on the school’s website. Every child will have a designated day to return their Reader Bag and change their books. Students assigned on a Wednesday will change their books on a Thursday throughout February.  Curriculum Newsletter – Will go home after Planning Week (Prep planning day (at this stage) is on Monday17th). This will include important dates for Term 1.  School Nurse – Forms went home yesterday, please return by Friday 13 th. The Primary School Nursing Program is a free service offered by the Department of Education. It is designed to identify students with potential health-related learning difficulties and to respond to parent concerns and observations about their child’s heath and wellbeing.

5 + School Values and Policies  School begins at 8:55, allowing students to settle in the classroom for a 9am start. If your child arrives late to school, please have them sign in at the office and collect a late pass. Then bring your child to their classroom.  If your child is not coming to school for any reason, could you please contact the office in the morning to let the classroom teachers know.  Absent students require a note confirming absence from a parent or guardian, you can also email your classroom teacher.  Each class will design a set of Essential Agreements which follow our school values: Excellence, Respect, Honesty, Empathy, and Fairness.

6 + Morning Routine Lunch boxes and drink bottles on tables. Reader Bags and Show and Tell to teacher (Show and Tell will be linked to a different letter each week). Return any notes to teachers. Whiteboards and Word of The Week (learning how to read, write and spell a different High Frequency Word each week). Lunch orders in the basket (Wednesday’s only).

7 + Curriculum Literacy Block - Every day 2 hours (1 hour Reading focus: Guided & Independent Reading and 1 hour Writing focus: Various Genres) Numeracy Block - Everyday 1.5 hour Integrated Learning - Term 1 focus is Rules and Essential Agreements. Bounce Back - Whole School Student Wellbeing Program, Term 1 focus is Bucket Filling. The Bucket Filling concept is based on the picture book 'Have You Filled a Bucket Today?', by Carol McCloud. The ‘bucket’ represents your mental and emotional self. You can be Bucket Filler or a Bucket Dipper . Specialist Program - 4 hours each per week PMP and Hot Shots - Half an hour each per week Library - 1 hour per week, borrow books for home (library bags are already at school), find books for classroom library, focusing on how to find and return books, particular authors, topics/non-fiction, what a library should look, sound and feel like. We will have a Specialist timetable displayed outside each classroom. The timetable may change throughout Term 1. Every Specialist has started, except for PMP.

8 + Literacy – Reading & Writing Reading at School: - Mini Lesson, Guided Practice, Independent Reading, Guided Reading (Reading Goals), Conferencing, Share Time. - Mentor Text Focus: Comprehension Strategies (Predicting, making connections, visualising, questioning, determining important ideas, summarising, inferring), and Decoding (Does it make sense? (Meaning), Does it sound right? (Sentence structure), Does it look right? (Visuals in the word). Reading at Home: - 3 Just Right books, focus on fluency, enjoyment. - Notes in Reader Bag: Bookmark, questions to ask note. - Reading Eggs. Writing at School: - Mini Lesson, Guided Practice, Independent Writing (Different Genres), Guided Writing (Writing Goals), Conferencing, Share Time. - Writing Process; Planning, Writing, Revising, Editing and Publishing. - Links to Integrated. Writing at Home: - Encourage your child to write for different purposes, e.g. letters, cards, lists, etc.

9 + Numeracy Numeracy at School: - Warm up (100 Days of School), lesson intro, student activities, guided teaching/conferences, share time. - Real life experiences, open-ended, problem solving, use of different mathematical language, hands on materials. Numeracy at Home: - Involve your child in maths at home, counting, time, money, etc. Look for maths in the environment. - Refer to Curriculum Newsletters for specific topics, e.g. Shapes, Chance and Data, Patterns, etc. - Mathletics.

10 + Homework  10-15 minutes per night.  Reading to, with or by your child.  3 books will be taken home weekly for the child to read daily and become confident with (fluency).  Alphabet cards focusing on letter ID or common sounds.  Oxford Word List Plus – 15 Spelling words to read and write, to be changed when needed.  Reading Eggs and Mathletics.  Tasks related to Integrated Curriculum, e.g. time capsules.

11 + Nurturing Creativity & Imagination ‘Having a go’ - We encourage mistakes and ‘having a go’ in the classroom, emphasising the learning process not just the outcome. We incorporate music, singing, games and movement into the curriculum as a means of learning. Pre-assessments – We find out what the students already know and then plan to cater to their individual needs. Differentiation – We use pre-assessments and our knowledge of our students and the ways that they learn to provide each child with the best possible teaching and learning experiences. Art & Music - The specialist programs of Art and Music are centred around nurturing creativity and imagination. Each grade will be completing a collaborative work of art that will be up for auction at the Art Show in Term 3. Our priority is knowing our students and how they learn - Building strong relationships with students and finding out how best they learn is a key focus of Term 1.

12 + Incursions & Excursions  We will have a variety of excursions which will be designed to support our learning activities. Please return the consent form and payment as soon as possible to support program planning. All monies should be securely sealed in a named envelope.  The money raised from the Prep Market Stalls will be used to subsidise incursions, excursions, and the Prep - 2 Camping Program.  The Prep – 2 Swimming Program will run in Term 4. Dates and times will be confirmed later in the year. All parents are welcome to attend.

13 + Parent Helpers  Parents are a fantastic resource and can be an ‘expert’ visitor in our class.  Parent Helpers are often welcome on excursions, numbers permitted. A Working with Children Check is required.  Parent helpers are required to attend the information morning or evening which will be held this term – dates will be provided by Jessie Hand.

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