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Foundations Nonnie, Nikki, Nick BUCKET LIST. 9/11 MEMORIAL IN NY.

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1 Foundations Nonnie, Nikki, Nick BUCKET LIST


3  Memorable event in history  See new tower  Largest manmade waterfalls in N.A.  Biggest loss of life from foreign attack WHY?

4  Flight- $370 dollars round trip  Hotel- $300 dollars a night  2 ½ hour flight  10 min. walk from hotel  Food costs  Finding time to go & cost COST & OBSTACLES

5  Money  Like to have a family member or friend tag along RESOURCES& SUPPORT NEEDED

6 #1 Move to Stockholm

7 Why? Peaceful Stockholm is among the top 3 for having the lowest crime rate Hasn’t been in a war since 1814 Beautiful Stockholm resides on 14 different islands, all connected by bridge. Surrounded by mountains, forests and vast open sea Many castles to tour! Intellectual Nearly 73% of the pop. are Atheists Accepting of all ethnicities and sexualities Extensive space programs

8 Cost? An airplane ticket from Milwaukee to Stockholm - $632 (about 454 euros) All members of the Schengen Agreement (U.S included) receive a visa upon entering Sweden and other Schengen areas. Other fees such housing/appartments would be found there. I would save and bring around $4000 to live off of until a job is found.

9 Obstacles Saving enough money to live off of until a job is found Completing college and leaving the U.S Researching to find a job when I arrive

10 Resources I would need to save up around $4000 before moving.. = 2,877 Euros Besides my parents help and myself there really aren’t any resources I could use, besides the fact that I am currently a U.S citizen and a part of the Schengen Agreement.

11 56 Foot DeFever Pilot House Why This?  I want a yacht the most because I can enjoy the water and take my friends out on the boat and enjoy being away from everything.  I also would like it because I could bring a lot of people on it and party. WHY DO I WANT IT?

12  This yacht will cost about 1.5 million dollars for a new 2012 56’ yacht.  The yacht will cost about 10,000 dollars a year in taxes and 30,000 dollars to dock it in a harbor. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?

13 O B S T A C L E S 1.5 million dollars and not living somewhere I can enjoy it completely. I need to go to college and become a movie producer. I also need to work real-estate to make more money.

14 RESOURCES I need a lot of money and a good job to maintain the boat and my lifestyle. I will need my best buddies and my dad to help me, start making money to work towards my goals.

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