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Bucket elevators Basic types Pitched bucket elevator

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1 Bucket elevators Basic types Pitched bucket elevator
Continuous bucket elevator Belt Conveying material Round steel chain Chain Central chain

2 Bucket elevators Belt bucket elevators

3 Bucket elevators Chain bucket elevators Round steel chain
Central chain

4 Bucket elevators Feeding methods Scoop-feeded Fly-feeded

5 Bucket elevators Discharge methods Pitched Continuous
Centrifugal discharge Perfect discharge Outside discharge Inside discharge

6 Bucket elevators Discharge principle Inner radius COG radius
Outer radius Pole distance

7 Bucket elevators Capacity calculation Force calculation Mass / meter
Sum. resistant coeff. Mat. flow Speed

8 Screw conveyors Transported materials: material not sensitive to the crunching effect of the screw (ashes, chemicals, fertilizers, food products, meal, ores, paper pulp, salt, sand...) Screw types

9 Screw conveyors Flow direction types Material in the trough

10 Screw conveyors Construction Parts: 1 Trough 2 Screw 3 End bearing
Section A-A Parts: 1 Trough 2 Screw 3 End bearing 4 Head bearing 5 Hanging bearing 6 Drive motor 7 Coupling 8 Gear 10 Feed opening 11 Discharge opening Pushed or pulled screw?

11 Screw conveyors Required power of a horizontal screw:
Capacity of a horizontal screw: P = ρhIv(Lf±H) in W ρh= Bulk density Iv= Volumetric capacity L= Horizontal distance of start and end points H= Height difference of start and end points f= General resistance factor (0,3 – 4,4) Capacity in m3/h Diameter of the screw in m Screw pitch in m Speed of screw in 1/min Fill factor φ=0, high-density, highly abrasive material φ=0,25 high-density, lightly abrasive material φ=0,32 low-density, lightly abrasive material φ=0,4-0,5 low-density, non-abrasive material k = factor for inclined screw inclination For ribbon screws: Max. allowed screw speed exists! k factor

12 Screw conveyors Vertical screws Minimal required speed of the screw
At critical speed Above critical speed

13 Roller conveyors Transported material: Type of roller elements:
different unit loads, such as: boxes paletts long steel or wood material component assemblies Type of roller elements: - Rollers - Wheels (skates) - Balls Classification of roller conveyors: - Gravity roller conveyors - Manual roller conveyors - Powered roller conveyors

14 Gravity and manual roller conveyors
Fixed Expandable v vlimit Accumulation of the transported unit load t

15 Powered roller conveyors
Individually-driven rollers Belt straight modules only transport rollers tensioning rollers

16 Powered roller conveyors
Chain Round belt Lineshaft

17 Accessories for horizontal diversion
Pusher Chain transfer Sliding shoes Turntable Pop-up belt

18 Accessories for vertical diversion
Elevator rope belts non-continuous Paternoster continuous

19 Accessories for vertical diversion
Vertical spiral conveyor Paternoster with sorting function

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