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LE Staff Report Agenda 1.Welcome 2.View from the Transom: 2013 Review 3.Approaching the Windward Mark: Year.

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2 LE

3 Staff Report Agenda 1.Welcome 2.View from the Transom: 2013 Review 3.Approaching the Windward Mark: Year to Date Performance 4.Updates from the Crew: 2013 Highlights and 2104 Plans – Promote Participation, Education, and Safety Marketing, Training, Safety at Sea – Expand Competitive Sailing in the U.S. Offshore, Championships, Race Administration, Inshore – Win in International Competition Olympics – Grow Membership 5.The Next Leg: Focus for 2014

4 2013 Review A Year of Adjustment – Management – Structure Focus on Enhancements and Extending Programs Partnerships Collaboration and Integration Olympic Reset Challenges ⇒ Team has come together well

5 YTD Performance 1.Achieve budget surplus of $10,000 – $379,693 vs. budget of $564,663 – ($184,970) negative variance to budget. – Pre-audit accounting: $631,952; $67,289 ahead of budget – Forecast: finish the year with surplus (based on 2012 accounting standards) 2.Fundraising – Medalist Program: $1.0 million + in 2013-2016 pledges – Projects and Annual Appeal: $ 62,000 3.Membership – Memberships sold: 23,124 actual vs. 22,939 budget – 43,281 (9/30/13) vs. 42,043 (9/30/12) – Pre audit net: $1,221,739

6 Updates from the Crew: 2013 Highlights and 2104 Plans

7 Promote Participation, Education, and Safety - Marketing -

8 Marketing Partnership with America’s Cup Event Authority Created and launched America’s Cup 2013

9 Marketing Partnership with America’s Cup Event Authority America’s Cup 2013

10 Marketing July Through Early October  28 tour stops  Touching over 3500 sailors and hundreds of non-sailors  Blog recaps, photo galleries, audio and video interviews can be seen at The US Sailing blog has received over 20,000 views from July through September. West Coast Tour

11 Marketing

12 Marketing Please join us for US Sailing’s Inaugural Sailing Leadership Forum February 6-8, 2013 Hilton San Diego Resort, San Diego, CA Groundbreaking event will connect leaders from all aspects of our sport: Sail training and education Yacht club and sailing organization management Racing associations and organizations One-design and handicap classes Race officials Industry professionals The Sailing Leadership Forum combines US Sailing’s National Sailing Program Symposium, One-Design Symposium and Yacht Club Summit into one all-inclusive event. Register today:

13 Marketing Sponsor acquisition and activation Focused on Membership initiative » Growth for our organization Merchandise Continued focus on program marketing for the organization Looking ahead - 2014

14 Marketing Thank you to our sponsors

15 Training The Updates: Chart Your Course (Small Boat) Updated Course/Event Calendar REACH Program Small Boat Safety Clinic Education-Collaboration

16 Chart Your Course (Small Boat) The Updates: Updated Course/Event Calendar REACH Program Small Boat Safety Clinic Education-Collaboration Training Chart Your Course (Small Boat) Professional Development 2013 Courses: Level 2 Instructor Level 3 Instructor 2014 Courses: Level 3 Head Instructor The Academy Level 4 Coach & Director

17 Chart Your Course (Small Boat) Professional Development 2013 Courses: Level 2 Instructor Level 3 Instructor 2014 Courses: Level 3 Head Instructor The Academy Level 4 Coach & Director Training New Course Calendar

18 Training STEM Education Programming 2,500 middle school students Eight grant recipients Educator guide

19 Training STEM Education Programming 2,500 middle school students Eight grant recipients Educator guide Small Boat Safety Clinic Held at Nyack Boat Club

20 Training Small Boat Safety Clinic Held at Nyack Boat Club Safety-at-Sea Publications Mark-Set Boat Handling Online Education-Collaboration

21 Chart Your Course Updated Calendar Small Boat Safety Clinic Education-Collaboration REACH The Training Department Training Safety-at-Sea Publications Mark-Set Boat Handling Online Education-Collaboration

22 Offshore Safety at Sea

23 Offshore/Big Boat Safety at Sea Projects Offshore Special Regulations – US friendly version – 15 pages (ISAF version is 140 pages) New Coastal safety seminar – ½ day Safety at Sea handbook Islands Race panel report Jr. Safety at Sea seminars On-Line safety training modules – Joint with Training department

24 Expand Competitive Sailing in the U.S. - Offshore/Big Boat -

25 Offshore/Big Boat PHRF Fleet Services Database management with on-line user access – Boat owner membership basic requirement – Member Value Program available to fleets – US Sailing handicapping an option Fleet technical support – Spinnaker/non-spinnaker handicapping tool – fixed/folding prop adjustment – Centerline asymmetric spinnaker study

26 Championships

27 2013 Summary Junior Championships continue to flourish – More and more sailors excited about the U.S. Junior Championships – Top junior sailors compete for these events

28 Championships 2013 Summary Adult Championships continue to struggle with some notable exceptions – This was a focus of a working party this summer – Recommendations have been made to the Board

29 Championships Reinstatement of the Youth Championships as an ISAF Youth World Qualifier – enlarging it and synchronizing with the Olympic Department and our Youth Development strategy. Increase applications to the US Youth Championships by 20% to 176. Status: Achieved and exceeded! Applications were up by 33%. Seven fleets including multihulls and boards. 2013 Goals

30 Championships The development of an adult keelboat championship to be sailed for the Mallory Trophy Status: Achieved – Increased number of boats up to 20 max – Women may helm as well as crew – Weight limits apply – Teaming with one design classes to integrate our qualifiers with their larger events to make it easier to sail into the championship – You must sail in or be invited in – no resumes 2013 Goals

31 Championships A restructured Offshore Championship which incorporated navigation and distance racing along with a few shorter races Professionalize the coaching hiring process – We are already 90% compliant with the USOC’s Safe Sport Initiative – All coaches have participated in the USOC’s Smart Coaching training, have annual background checks, have current First Aid and CPR, and are US Sailing Level 3 certified 2013 Goals

32 Championships Challenges

33 Championships Challenges Our Championships are near to invisible at the adult level Get the Adult Championships back up to where they should be





38 So, how do we right the Championships ?

39 Re-branding is needed and increased visibility

40 Championships 2014 Goals 1.Restore the luster of our Adult Championships 2.Increase Participation

41 Championships 2014 Plan Brand these events as a series with each event focusing on a particular element of sailing. Segment participants from the past ten years by interest and send them information about championships specific to them

42 Championships 2014 Plans, cont. Create a press kit for each of the championships Create a series of articles focused on each of the championships for inclusion in club newsletters Media push about changes at the national level Ask people to be ambassadors for specific championships to their organizations and/or class Continue to adapt and change to meet today’s sailor

43 Race Administration

44 Quarterly e-newsletter: interviews, Q & A, features on people and techniques, “Ask a Judge,” upcoming seminars Active scheduling, in coordination with AROs and RAJs, of seminars to meet the needs of officials in the area Regular email contact: coming events, recertification reminders, questions or problems? How can we help? What do race officials need from US Sailing? Contacting and Supporting Race Officials

45 Race Administration Recognizing the Efforts of Race Officials Recognition of newly- certified and recertified officials Updated CRO gear for race officials Thank you for your contributions

46 Race Administration Best instructional practices On-line training and testing Recertification courses that cover appropriate material Instructor training and certification Continuing education for race officials Race Official representation on the National Faculty Upgraded, Standardized and Responsive Training Programs and Practices

47 Race Administration Sailor’s Guide to the Racing Rules “Race Committee 101” Race Management Handbook Judges Manual US Sailing Appeals and ISAF Cases New and Updated Products to Assist Sailors and Officials


49 JUNIOR OLYMPICS 17 TH Year 361 events (average 25/year) 52,090 participants (avg 4000/year) 4,000 youth members = $100K/year Next Chapter Increase events & participants Expand education component

50 INSHORE A Resource for Racing Sailors Partners: Southport Sailing Foundation (founders) Sailing Foundation of NY CISA Chicago Match Race Center JYA of Long Island Sound Shannon Bush

51 INSHORE 8 th One-Design Symposium Cleveland Yachting Club, Jan 2013 40 classes/135 participants Keynotes: ⁻Anna Tunnicliffe ⁻Dave Perry

52 INSHORE 991 clubs/orgs insured under the Burgee Program 9.3% increase in total premiums in 2012 130% loss/expense ratio (Super storm Sandy) 20 classes added to the One- Design Program Top 3 reasons why clients choose the Burgee Program: 1.US Sailing partnership 2.Service excellence 3.Deep expertise

53 Win in International Competition - Olympics -

54 Olympic Department 1.Lead a culture of technical excellence --Charlie McKee, High Performance Director --Grant Spanhake, Technical Director 2.Make U.S. domestic training a strength --Miami, Long Beach, Oyster Bay, San Fran Bay --Training partnerships like Oakcliff Sailing 3.Build the base of Olympic sailors --Vision 2024 Plan: Olympic Pathways for developing talent --Youth Development Director and YD Advisor --Focus on U.S. Youth Champs Fundamental Success Factors

55 Olympic Department Hired world-class coaches: McKee, Spanhake, Mark Littlejohn, Morgan Reeser, Mike Gebhardt, Adrian Finglas Built class depth in 470W, Radial, 49er, 49erFX, Nacra 17 Top results for US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider: --Multiple podium finishes by Annie Haeger/Briana Provancha, 470W --Paige Railey 3 rd at Laser Radial Worlds --Stu McNay/Dave Hughes 6 th at 470M Worlds --Anna Tunnicliffe/Molly Vandemoer 11 th at 49erFX Worlds --Ryan Porteus/Cindy Walker 4 th at IFDS Worlds, SKUD 18 2013 USST STS Highlights

56 Olympic Department Formed new partnerships: --US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider Training Center at Oakcliff --US Sailing Team Sperry Top-Sider Fitness Center at Jaguar Therapy Raised $1 million+ YTD for Olympic Medalist Program Launched Rio 2016 Weather Project Launched USST Rio Fleet Plan Launched World Championships hosting initiative 2013 USST STS Highlights

57 Olympic Department 1.Three-continent training: U.S., Europe, Rio 2.Establish and train at primary U.S. training sites: --Miami, Long Beach, Oyster Bay, San Fran Bay 3.USST STS Peak Event: ISAF Combined Worlds in Santander, Spain (Olympic country qualifier) 4.Execute first phase of Rio Training Plan 5.Form 2016 Olympic Team Selection Procedures 2014 High Performance Plan

58 Olympic Department

59 Membership

60 Membership Team Georgia McDonald, Director Lauren Cotta, Manager Cindy Walker, Membership Associate Nancy Mazzulli, Front Desk Answer All Phone Calls Create Communications New and Renewing Memberships Track Receivables/Financials Membership Reporting Solve Problems Burgee Program College Membership Program Donation Acknowledgements Member Benefits Outreach Programs MVP Process and Tracking DailyOn-Going Projects

61 Membership 95+% 18% 74% 72% 77% 69% Retention Rates

62 Membership Organization-Wide Initiative How can US Sailing be the organization sailors want to be a part of?

63 Membership BLUEPRINT FOR GROWTH Membership Growth is Not the Objective Membership Growth is the Outcome 1.Top-Notch Programs and Services 2.Signature Sailing Events 3.First-Class Member Care and Benefits 4.Approachable, Visible, Relevant

64 Membership Internal Campaign Member Care Program Operations Task Force Ambassador Program Communicate/Connect

65 Membership Communications Renewal vs. Retention Lifecycle Communications Segments Cultivation Membership Type vs. Member Interest Communications Benefits

66 Membership Variable Content Personalized Communications Connect with Members

67 Membership Retention Up 12.2% New Memberships 111% from 2012

68 Membership External Campaigns MPP Program Cruising/Recreational Sailors PHRF Fleets/One Design Fleets College Sailing Partnership Community Sailing US Sailing Programs & Events Brand Building/Marketing

69 Membership 2014 Focus Retention Member Care Program Communications Program Growth MPP Program PHRF & One Design Fleets US Sailing Programs Brand Building

70 Membership Health and Sustainability of the Sport Supporting Sailing Organizations Bringing New Sailors to the Sport Providing Opportunity Keeping Sailors Safe

71 The Next Leg: 2014

72 Continue to Pursue Initiatives Mission, Vision and Strategic Initiatives 2012 -2014 VISION Be the recognized leader in training and certification, in support for the racing sailor and in facilitating access to sailing. MISSION Provide leadership, integrity and advancement for the sport of sailing. Promote Participation, Education, and Safety  Deliver innovative education accessible to all  Service and support sailing organizations  Retain sailors and encourage advancement Strengthen Governance and Organizational Efficiency  Continue to evolve organizational structure  Energize volunteer recruitment, by offering rewarding opportunities and resources.  Invigorate local/field programs and support. Expand Competitive Sailing in the U.S.  Strengthen and expand race management programs  Increase opportunities and access to racing  Make US Sailing National Championships relevant and exceptional Win in International Competition  Ensure a development path for athletes  Prepare elite athletes to achieve success in international and Olympic competition  Increase awareness for our athletes and Team throughout US Sailing and local organizations STRATEGIC INITATIVES  Support 21 st Century Sailors  Engage the 21 st Century Volunteer  Collaboration & Inclusion  Provide personalized communications  Lead, be proactive and bold  Think globally, connect locally  Be environmentally consciousness  Strengthen Paths and Connections: direction for new sailors; alternatives for youth (non-competitive); connect owners to crews, sailors to clubs, community sailors and college sailors to clubs & classes.  Expand our market/audience: non-certified, local race committee volunteers; camp and scout programs; local handicap (PHRF) sailors; non-competitive sailors PRINCIPLES

73 For 2014: Focus 1.Connections and Communications – Relevant and Targeted Information and Communications – Volunteers 2.Organizational Excellence – Product/Service/Program Quality – Member Service; Operations 3.Resource Growth – Members – Programs – Development

74 US Sailing Culture As US Sailing C.R.E.W. members, we promise to: 1.Commit to exceptional service to our constituents. 2.Respect the integrity and work of fellow C.R.E.W. members. 3.Expect excellence as a group and personal standard of accomplishment 4.Work together in a responsible, consistent fashion.

75 Thank You!

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