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Corporate Human Resources The Corporate Blueprint December 2009.

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1 Corporate Human Resources The Corporate Blueprint December 2009

2 2 Business Mandate Provide exceptionally excellent knowledge based Service that masters Tools of Management, Industry and Networking Areas of Concern and Activities are the Focus of Business Oriented programs for Public & Corporates; when addressing wider issues Diverse Expertise Supports and Incubates Innovative and Creative Solutions for Typical, New or Transform Endeavors Honoring Humane Derivatives for both Solutions Providers or Recipients is Critical for Lasting Success and effective resultants

3 3 Business Model Bridging the alliance required between Technical Propositions and Banking KYC Processing

4 4 Values Corporate with a Vision, in Worldly Business Endeavor that Celebrates Diversity and Strong Deliveries Business Continuity is Typically Secured by Rationalizing Performance to Risk Opportunities Addressing the People, while Governing them by Adequate Processing & Rationalism & Knowledge Efficiency is the core of Corporate Performance; which Extensively utilizes Outsourcing Pool

5 5 Growth Plan Growth is Inevitable in the New Business World, while its ground have to be Solid Rooted and Unshakable Rational Growth is Triggered by well-managed Opportunities that fit the Corporate Mandate Growth is not only a Motivation Tool, but a Monitoring one, for fair Appraisals & Appreciations

6 6 Growth Rationale Projects SPV covers all Procured services and Products to meet the baselines Mutually developed with the Client The Proposed Fees are the direct expenses incurred during the engagement, not Associated Professionals

7 7 Typical Roles This is the Principle Structure of Corporate Sub-Units, defining Scope, Roles & Responsibilities & KPIs Auditing the outputs of other Units; which constitute Inputs of its own Operations & Performance. Report: to keep the authority aware. Audit: to check in & out to a compliance code. Plan: to prepare resources, tools, measures for intended activity Perform: to do it and deliver the needful. Archive: maintain records and lessons learned as fuel for Planning A Business Unit/Staff InputsInputsOutputsOutputs FunctionFunction

8 8 Corporate Theme Governance is the Platform for Corporate Operations; which define Characteristics and Rationales Communications with both Feeders or Recipients, Internal and External Quality Coding System is the internal communication tool that Define, Align and Controls Performance Administration is the Corporate Well-Fare Structure; which guards its functionalities Product Mgmt (40) (40) OperationsMgmt(50)OperationsMgmt(50) CostMgmt(60)CostMgmt(60) AdminMgmt(60)AdminMgmt(60) Governance Mgmt (30) (30) The Managing Director (10)The (10)

9 9 The (10)The (10)

10 10 Strategy Mgmt

11 11 Investment Mgmt

12 12 Chief Operations Officer TheCorporateOperations(20)TheCorporateOperations(20)

13 13 Governance Mgmt Process Management & Knowledge Management are both embedded in the Quality Management

14 14 Product Mgmt

15 15 Cost Mgmt

16 16 Operations Mgmt

17 17 Administration Mgmt

18 18 The Organization The Board of Directors Managing Director COOCOO Cost Management Product Mgmt Governance Mgmt AdministrationAdministration Program Mgmt Strategy Mgmt Investment Mgmt Investment Modeling Packaging Private Placement Scope Management Appraisal Management Data Farm Management Cost Analysis Cost Control Contracts Management Biz Development Communications Risk Management Quality Management Client Relations Mgmt CSR Management Procurement Mgmt PMO Outsourcing Mgmt HR Management ICT Management Finance Management

19 19 The Launch Team The Board Managing Director COOCOO CostProfessionalCostProfessional Scope Professional Governance Professional CompanySecretaryCompanySecretary Program Professional Strategy Professional Investment reports to MD, with dual reporting to COO Getting Operations aligned to Investments Investment reports to MD, with dual reporting to COO Getting Operations aligned to Investments Governance define Quality, Scope define Products, Program define Operations, Governance define Quality, Scope define Products, Program define Operations, Company Secretary Creates Administration Cost supports Appraisals Company Secretary Creates Administration Cost supports Appraisals Investment Professional

20 20 Quality Code QPerform 10 Managing Director 11- > The Board 12- > Strategy Management ----- > 121 Biz Development, 122 Communications & 123 Risk Mgmt 13- > Investment Management ----- > 131 Investment Modeling & 132 Packaging & 133 Private Placement 14- > Legal Counselor 20 Chief Operations Officer 30- > Governance Management ----- > 31 Quality Mgmt, 32 CR Mgmt & 33 CSR Mgmt 40- > Product Management ----- > 41 Scope Mgmt, 42 Appraisal Mgmt & 43 Data Farm Mgmt 50- > Cost Management ----- > 51 Cost Analysis, 52 Cost Control & 53 Contracts Mgmt 60- > Operations Management ----- > 61 Procurement Mgmt, 62 PMO & 63 Outsourcing Mgmt 70- > Administration ----- > 71 Finance Mgmt, 72 HR Mgmt & 73 ICT Mgmt 80 Actions

21 21 Roles & Responsibilities The Board ManagingDirectorManagingDirector Chief Operations Officer Chief Directors & Senior Managers Directors Executives & Outsourced Executives Corporate Strategy Business Strategy Implementation Plans Technical Detailed Plans Operations & Delivery

22 22 Salary Structure Board Member Managing Director Chief Officer DirectorDirector Senior Manager ManagerManager Senior Executive ExecutiveExecutive $ 21,000 NANA $ 15,000 NANA $12,000$12,000 20+ Y $ 9000 15+ Y $ 6500 10+ Y $ 4500 7+ Y $ 2500 3-7 Y $ 1000 2-5 Y

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