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Technology Presentation E-Learning, hardware and the cloud.

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1 Technology Presentation E-Learning, hardware and the cloud

2 Introduction to session Background to Zodiac Training Our recent changes Technologies we use Online Learning / Assessment Learning Assistant Overview Impact on our business How we managed the change Group Exercises

3 About Zodiac Training Zodiac Training have been delivering training, development and recruitment programmes since 1996 and have won numerous awards and accreditations over the years.

4 Over the past 2 years Review of current systems/processes/technology Outline of project/technology/system requirements Outline of project/technology/system goals Detailed system blueprint/wireframes Project plan Potential technology/systems evaluated Technology/System implementation Project reviewed

5 Goals

6 SWOT Strengths Efficient Visibility Availability Remote Access Not bound by geography or time Weaknesses I don’t do computers No Access Ancillary Equipment Opportunities Wider Geographical area Access more learners Shift towards e-learning and assessment Threats Resistance to change Start up costs Risk

7 Technologies involved Laptops with Mobile Broadband - Visits out in the field where connection is not available. Blackberry’s - Email, appointments and calls Audio Recorders - Evidence gathering and guided discussions Digital Camera - Workplace evidence



10 Impact Reduced journeys to learners Time spent with learner Optimised Paper waste reduced Better communication Reduction in leavers


12 Key to managing our change Keeping all stakeholders involved at key stages Gathering requirements from staff Communicating reasons for change Creating a support network Efficient training put in place Iterative/constant development

13 Future Objectives Catering for restrictive environments (Poor signal) Enabling Training Advisors without technical ability to create rich resources Reducing the number of devices involved

14 Example of use of technology iPad2 – Zodiac’s involvement in ‘The Learning Journey in Tablet Form’ - objectives - impact - moving forward

15 Future use of technology iPhone pilot internally – linked to Learning Assistant JISC Advance bid – exciting opportunity to further our technology offering….awaiting result!


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