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Drawing Board Today we're going to cover: List building Email Marketing.

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2 Drawing Board

3 Today we're going to cover: List building Email Marketing

4 San Francisco Sept 2007






10 Back to Basics In order to have a list you need traffic

11 At all times remember List Building is the main focus !!!

12 Remember… Each new lead = $1 per month

13 We have spoke about the 80 / 20 rule a number of times on this coaching

14 We hear the money is in the list so often

15 From the time of that first $97 sale I've been earning as I'm learning

16 We all started small, in fact we all start with nothing

17 Things you've learned. How to plan Create content Build an automated system Test system on a small scale, Driving traffic,and more, All this has been focused and based around one thing… Building a List

18 Simple process of building a list and make money from it... Create good ebook Create squeeze page Set up on autopilot Market the ebook Build a list Nurture the list Make money from the list Simple right ?

19 Business is easy People make it hard

20 K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid

21 There are two sides to business Results and Excuses


23 You can be so close to success… but not see how close you really are

24 Pre qualify your list building traffic


26 Don't be annoyed !!!

27 My Tip The quicker you create your own ebook The quicker your list will grow (fact)

28 So its time now to RE-PLAN.

29 I had to grow at my rate not the rate Mike Filsaime was teaching me, MY RATE!


31 Before I started seeing my list build I struggled to get it all set up and running,

32 Fail forward fast!

33 Lets jump into the affiliate marketing section.

34 Winners never quit and quitters never win. by Vincent Thomas...

35 Work smart not hard

36 I know many of you feel overwhelmed

37 jeffreys/breakthroughs-barriers/

38 Do you know where your results have come from ?

39 What needs to be done?

40 http://www.easyprofitauctions.c om/thankyou/limited/

41 The Process First i had to create ebook – One day mums dining room I made sure my squeeze page was set up (box basic) I made sure the system was automated and I uploaded my product to give away, Are you telling me that is hard ?

42 That plan should be focus on giving value to your traffic Squeeze that traffic to your list Build a relationship with your list Sell to your list

43 You Are On Your Way To A Million Dollar Business

44 Traffic to a squeeze page = $

45 So we're going to jump into email markeing side of the webinar now

46 Autoresponders vs Broadcast Messages


48 What is a broadcast message ?

49 You have to remember - we are building a list to make money from that list

50 Tip Send a video of you to your list !

51 Setting up and selling in your A/R series



54 The one thing i like about A/R is the set it and forget it mentality.

55 What Is A Triple Threat Affiliate?

56 ** ME **

57 Drawing Board

58 Why I'm a triple threat affiliate ?

59 What does "value" mean its like a cliché

60 When email marketing, the number one thing what I recommend is to tell your story.

61 Show an interest in your list, dont just try and hard sell them. in this day in age people get swamped with emails, so you need to... create the best subject lineso people open YOUR emails be personal in email and create story line so people want to follow along swipe other people emails and see what works for them

62 Some tips then the blueprint !!! From now on when you read promo emails From other people, Don't see what they offer - watch how They offer it, See who is doing a good job,

63 Who do you follow Who do you trust Who writes good subject lines Who's emails do you read Who uses stories Which emails make you click the links to go to web pages

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