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School Board Workshop ERP Update January 25, 2006.

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1 School Board Workshop ERP Update January 25, 2006

2 Agenda I.Call to Order II.Opening Remarks III.ERP Update Presentation IV.New Business V.Public Comments VI.Adjournment The School Board of Palm Beach County, Florida SPECIAL MEETING - ERP Fulton-Holland Educational Services Center Board Room January 25, 2006 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.

3 Project Scope Phase I Modules Financials Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Asset Management Billing eProcurement/Purchasing General Ledger Inventory Projects Enterprise Portal Financials Portal Pack Human Capital Management Benefits Administration Candidate Gateway Talent Acquisition Manager Human Resources Payroll Time & Labor HRMS Portal Pack

4 Blueprint Construction Testing Training Go-Live/Post Go-Live Go-live Timeline

5 Key Dates Go-Live Dates: Purchasing – May 1, 2006 Financials – July 1, 2006 HR – July 1, 2006 (Subject to Board Approval) Training: Just-In-Time Training Occurring 1 – 6 Weeks Prior to Go-Live Has Been Scheduled to Avoid FCAT, Spring Break, etc.

6 Who Has Contributed? Human Resources – 50+ participants Financials - 50+ participants Information Technology - 40+ participants School Sites - 100+ participants Committees - 20+ participants ERP Team – 8 participants

7 Metrics and KPIs Goals: Establish a baseline measurement for major business processes Establish target Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Compare to IBM Business Case Assumptions Use Metrics to Feed Business Process Simulations Steps: 2000+ Workload Surveys sent to measure critical metrics and KPIs for all major departments Integration of Metrics into Business Process Analysis Tool Development of Department goals aligned with KPIs

8 Business Process Modeling

9 Purchasing Marketplace











20 Communication Workflow 1.Principal/Director 2.Budget Manager 3.Purchasing 4.Vendor (Fax or Email)

21 Receiving Survey

22 Recruiting

23 Screening

24 Current Application Omni-Fill form Static format Unable to: –Search –Screen –Route –Schedule Interviews –Merge with other applications –Manage with other applicants online PeopleSoft Online Application Online,dynamic,customizable Able to: – Search – Screen – Route – Schedule Interviews – Merge with other applications – Manage & compare with other applicants’ online applications Online Application

25 PeopleSoft Online Application

26 Managing Applicants

27 Applicant Status Applicants can see the status of their applications at any time

28 Time and Attendance Goals: Remove Burden of Time Input From Schools Improve the Ease and Accuracy of Time Reporting Improve Accountability Steps: Install PeopleSoft Time and Labor Move to Biweekly Pay Provide Automated Collection Method –Methods Appropriate to Each Employee Group –Examples: Swipe Cards, Web Based, Badges

29 Questions? ERP Website:

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