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Kick-off Meeting February 2003 German Project Partner.

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1 Kick-off Meeting February 2003 German Project Partner

2 Overview Tasks for the German Project Partner Illustration of components already prepared –WebSM Needs Assessment Survey –WebSM Intercept Evaluation Survey Ideas discussed in Mannheim in the last weeks –Editing concept & rights –Technical implementation –´Branding´ of new site –Materials for portal promotion Organizational structure at German Project Partner

3 Tasks German Project Partner Assessment of needs among portal users (WP 2-2) –WebSM Needs Assessment Survey Formative Evaluation (WP 6) –WebSM Needs Assessment Survey Development of quality criteria/guidelines for inclusion of information (major part D; shared with SLO) Development of area guide (major part D) Consulting online-journal (major part SE) Data inclusion and update (shared) Portal promotion (shared)

4 Components already prepared I WebSM Needs Assessment Survey Aims and Scope: –Assessing Web-survey related I&C needs within the EU –Pre-testing thematic blueprint of site provided by SLO partners Project-related exploitation: –Refining initial blueprint according to the newly identified needs and the subjective importance of proposed parts –Own scientific contribution about I&C needs in our field Next steps: –Evaluation of current draft by project partners –Sampling design / Collecting addresses

5 Components already prepared II WebSM Intercept Evaluation Survey Aim: Instrument to formatively evaluate the WebSM portal Materials and Procedure: –Step 1 - Pre-Access survey: Pop-Up or Interstitial survey of portal users: demographics, usage of WebSM, interests and expectations in WebSM (open-ended format), eMail-address for step 2Step 1 - Pre-Access survey: –Step 2 - Post-Access survey: Evaluating “Human factors criteria” of last WebSM usage on three dimensions:Step 2 - Post-Access surveyHuman factors criteria Utility: Will it do what is needed functionally? Is it useful? Usability: Will the users actually work it successfully? Likability: Will the users feel it is suitable? Credibility: As how trustworthy is the information regarded? –Continuous refinement of item battery of step 2 according to psychometric properties

6 Ideas discussed in the last weeks Editing concept & rights Technical implementation –A whole bunch of OpenSource products is freely available (Examples: PHPNuke, PostNuke, Xoops etc.) –Why do we need a costly proprietary system? –What is the ´added value´ provided by the subcontractor? ´Branding´ of new site –Unwanted associations & culture-robust branding – instead of WebSM? Materials for portal promotion –Banners and other promotional materials (Flyers etc.) needed relatively early

7 Organizational structure (Germany) Michael: Assistant professor at U-Mannheim –> External consultant for WebSM Wolfgang: Project consultant at ZUMA –> Internal consultant for WebSM N.N.: Responsible person at ZUMA –Ph.D. student / Assistant researcher Until Sept. 30th, 2003: –PHP programmer (40 hours/month paid by ZUMA) –Student assistant (20 hours/month) From Oct. 1st, 2003: –N.N. / student assistant (40 hours/month)

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