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Follow the Money A Webinar for the American Public Transportation Association.

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1 Follow the Money A Webinar for the American Public Transportation Association

2 Topics About the Webinar Clarifying Terms (Appropriations versus Authorization) The NORMAL Process What’s Happening with Current Appropriations and Budget Items Advocacy Approaches for Each Stage

3 Who’s Speaking? Stephanie Vance, Advocacy Guru Former Capitol Hill Staff Lobbyist Author of 5 books on advocacy including the recently released “The Influence Game: 50 Insider Tactics from the Washington D.C. Lobbying World That Will Get You to Yes” “The Influence Game: 50 Insider Tactics from the Washington D.C. Lobbying World That Will Get You to Yes

4 About the Webinar What’s happening? Muting Q&A Recording and Follow-Up Materials

5 First, a Round of Applause… Success in CR Highway Transit / MAP-21 Efforts

6 … And a Recognition of Challenges High-Speed Rail, New Starts, Reserves – and more!

7 Clarifying General Legislative Terms A fiscal blueprint Budget Allow programs to exist & make changes Authorizations The actual dollars going out Appropriations Revenues coming in to the government Tax Legislation

8 Drilling Down: Clarifying Budget Process Terms Budget Budget Reconciliation AppropriationsAuthorizationTax Legislation Continuing Resolution Omnibus / Minibus

9 The Normal Process: Key Steps for the US Budget Process Source: National Priorities Project

10 Current Status: FY 2013 – Start of FY 2014 Sequestration (FY13 and ongoing) CR (FY13)FY2014 Impact on FTA's New Starts/Small Starts, Amtrak Operations and Capital, among others Final numbers through 9/30/2013 Fixed some sequestration issues: MAP-21 implementation and highway safety House Budget passed Senate Budget passed President’s Budget Expected April 8 Appropriations pending

11 APTA Resources

12 FY 2014 BUDGET Details (Note: Budgets are not line-item specific) House RepublicansSenate DemocratsPresident No change to MAP- 21 Cut high-speed rail Possible cuts to New Starts HTF tied to actual receipts Additional funding options left to House Ways and Means No general reserve fund to counter HTF shortfalls No change to MAP- 21 Highway safety funds included Reserve fund funded No specifics on high- speed rail or new starts ?? – To be released 4/8/2013

13 The Connection of the Overall Budget to Transportation

14 What the Budgets Portend (Word of the Day!) for Transportation

15 The Future of the HTF – Unless Changes are Made

16 Why Does This Matter?: Advocacy Approaches Success

17 Advocacy Approaches In the budget / appropriations process, you need to be clear on four things: What you want Who’s in charge Who should ask How to ask (especially in tough economic times)

18 What Do You Want?

19 Who’s in Charge? Budget Blueprint House Budget Senate Budget OMB

20 Who’s in Charge? Authorization / Reconciliation House T&I, Ways and Means Senate Banking, Finance, CST Important for MAP-21, HTF and related non-appropriations funds Appropriations Important for high-speed rail, new starts and related appropriations funds More information on the Library of Congress’ Thomas appropriation chartappropriation chart

21 Who Should Ask? Politics is not a spectator sport! Grassroots advocacy (i.e., communications from citizens to their legislators) has the most impact of any form of communication Think broadly about what “citizen communication” means You Employees Customers Riders Local opinion leaders Supporters Volunteers

22 Your Role: The LOCAL Story You are the ONLY way to stress the local story

23 Examples Key things to know: How many employees? Economic impact? Opinion leader connections Noteworthy events

24 Messages That Work: Ridership

25 Messages That Work: Local Support Total Measures: 62 States: 18 Approval Rate: 78.3%

26 Messages That Work: Budget Savings (Personal and National)

27 Most Important? The Message is NOT One Size Fits All! In other words – understand THEIR interests

28 Wrapping it Up: A Checklist for Budget Planning What do you want? Background research  What economic benefits do you bring to the community?  What will you / can you do with funds?  What have you spend funds on?  What projects could you not complete without funds? Who can you approach?  Who are your legislators?  Are they on key committees? How can you approach them? Grassroots? Direct Lobbying? Don’t forget APTA resources Where are you on the timeline? What are your other options?

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