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What is CityApp? A CITYNET and Microsoft partnered event to bring together technology and local knowledge to address urban challenges The municipalities.

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2 What is CityApp? A CITYNET and Microsoft partnered event to bring together technology and local knowledge to address urban challenges The municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley, Microsoft Innovation Center, NGOs, and civil society work together to conceptualize, develop and implement innovative solutions to make Kathmandu even more people-friendly Conceptualize: Municipal government officials, local NGOs, corporations and citizens submit short “Problem-Solution Statements” of urban development challenges in their cities Develop: Using the “Problem-Solution Statements” local software programmers, developers and technology experts build solutions to the challenges through Microsoft training, tools and resources Implement: Municipalities, citizens and NGOs can use the newly developed applications to respond to urban development challenges. CITYNET and Microsoft will support the sharing of new applications.

3 CityApp Mission Develop technology-based solutions to address common urban challenges in the Kathmandu Valley CityApp Objectives Bring together a wide range of stakeholders to identify common urban challenges Mobilize civic-minded programmers, designers, data analysts, community leaders, creative thinkers, and other innovators, to develop web, mobile, and SMS solutions to the most pressing urban challenges Increase communication and information sharing between citizens, governments, and the public and private sectors through the use of web and mobile applications Incubate new innovative applications for wide-scale use, contributing to sustainable urban development

4 Problem Statements Municipal officials working in urban development from municipalities in Kathmandu Valley, UN-Habitat Nepal, and the Centre for Integrated Urban Development have written detailed Problem Statements.

5 Solution Development Solution Blueprints being prepared by many young practitioners and professionals Concentrated application development by 100+ local professional and student software developers for 3 days Software developers will bring their own tools and work in small teams Developers will respond to the blueprints and problem statements through their application solutions, be they web-based, mobile-based or SMS-based.

6 ACTIVITYSTARTEND Project StartJan 7, 2014 Problem StatementJan 7Jan 29 Roadshows to promote blueprint challengeJan 7Feb 5 Blueprint challengeJan 15Mar 5 Roadshows to promote the CityApp AppathonJan 20Feb 15 CityApp applicationJan 20Mar 4 Selection of final attendees for CityAppMar 4Mar 9 CityApp Main Event (Dhulikhel Lodge Resort, 3 days- 2 nights)Mar 13Mar 15 Award CeremonyMar 15 Selection of 3-5 top solutions for incubationMar 15 IncubationMar 16May 31 Presentation of selected Apps in World City SummitJun 1 Project EndJun 1, 2014 CityApp Project Timeline

7 DATEThu, Mar 13Fri, Mar 14Sat, Mar 15 TIMEDAY IDAY IIDAY III 06:00-06:30Arrive at bus stop 08:00Arrive Venue 08:00-09:00Registration & BreakfastBreakfast 09:00-10:00 Solution Development Final touch to App 10:00-12:00 Inaugural Session (Dhulikhel Lodge Resort) Pitch Fest 12:00-13:00Initial briefing 13:00-14:00Lunch/Check-inLunchLunch/Check-out 14:00-15:00Solution Development Travel back 15:00-17:00 Closing/Award Ceremony (Hotel Shankar, Lazimpat) 17:00-17:30Tea Break 17:30-18:00Solution Development 18:00-20:00 20:00-21:00Dinner 21:00-23:30 23:30-24:00Midnight snacks 24:00 onwardTake rest or continue development CityApp Main Event Schedule (Mar 13 – 15, 2014)

8 Being promoted through organizers and partners’ Web sites, social media and mailers CityApp Web contents URLs: /CityApp.aspx 2014/ citynet-and-microsoft-collaborate-on- cityapp-kathmandu-2014/

9 How to get involved and what rewards Anyone who in interested may download the form from Apply with the solution blueprint challenge or for CityApp

10 Glimpses of Roadshows Designed to sensitize stakeholders to CityApp 15+ engineering and business colleges Joint presentations by CityNet and Microsoft Microsoft student partners (MSPs) IT Professionals User Group Stakeholders’ consultative meetings Domain experts’ presentations

11 CityApp in Media Exclusive TV shows on Nepal Television – Hamro Kathmandu & Nepal Mandal (3 shows) Broadsheet coverage The Himalayan Times The Republica Annapurna Post (Nepali) Gorkhapatra Online (Nepali) Blog sites Guthi Apps for a better Kathmandu Apps for a better Kathmandu


13 Promotional materials Fleece pullover Facebook badge

14 Stage skirting banner Photo Op banner

15 Expected Outcomes Identify the needs of the municipalities in the Kathmandu Valley through the problem statements Make usable applications available to the cities in the Kathmandu Valley, and later to cities across the network Strengthen the linkage with the member cities in Nepal and related local development actors Build CITYNET network brand value and name recognition across South and South East Asia

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