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CTS2 Terminology Services Harold Solbrig Mayo Clinic.

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1 CTS2 Terminology Services Harold Solbrig Mayo Clinic

2 Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2)  Object Management Group (OMG) Standard  Focus is access, query, update and distribution of “Terminological Resources”  Standard contains: –Formal Information Model in UML –Formal Computational Model in UML –Set of XML Schemas –WADL (REST) and WSDL (SOAP) specifications

3 CTS2 An application program interface (API) specification:  It defines the semantics, syntax and valid interactions that can occur  It is a “blueprint” for software  If everyone follows the blueprint (and the blueprint is sufficiently precise) then CTS2 clients and services can interoperate

4 CTS2 Standard as a Blueprint CTS2 Clients CTS2 Services April 2, 2012

5 CTS2 Modules Structural  Code System / Code System Version  Entity / Association  Map / Map Version  Value Set / Value Set Definition  Resolved Value Set  Concept Domain / Concept Domain Binding Functional  Read  Query  Import  Export  Update  Maintenance  History  Temporal

6 Using CTS2  XML Schema defines required and optional components of a resource  WADL or WSDL defines how resource is accessed  REST PSM defines how to access using HTTP (Browser) GET / PUT / POST / REMOVE  SOAP PSM defines web services addess

7 CTS2 Implementations  BioPortal REST  BioPortal RDF  SNOMED CT (alpha)  eXist (alpha)  ECIS  External (PHAST / Codices / BiKE …)  Ad-hoc (CTS2 basement shop)

8 Demonstration  Creating information in CTS2  Publishing information in CTS2  CTS2 Client In action

9 CTS2 Development Framework

10 CTS2 and SHARP  SHARP Value Sets published as CTS2 Resolved Value Sets  SNOMED CT resolved using py4cts2 server  ECIS Value Sets and maps published using CTS2 Development Framework

11 Next Steps  RxNorm, UMLS, LOINC available for value set construction  Complete URI links to Entity and Association Nodes  SHARP / ECIS and related maps as CTS2 Maps

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