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CTS2 Terminology Services

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1 CTS2 Terminology Services
Harold Solbrig Mayo Clinic

2 Common Terminology Services 2 (CTS2)
Object Management Group (OMG) Standard Focus is access, query, update and distribution of “Terminological Resources” Standard contains: Formal Information Model in UML Formal Computational Model in UML Set of XML Schemas WADL (REST) and WSDL (SOAP) specifications

3 CTS2 An application program interface (API) specification:
It defines the semantics, syntax and valid interactions that can occur It is a “blueprint” for software If everyone follows the blueprint (and the blueprint is sufficiently precise) then CTS2 clients and services can interoperate

4 CTS2 Standard as a Blueprint
CTS2 Clients An analogy might be a blueprint for an engine - a detailed specification of the various parts that go into engine assembly as well as the dimensions, requirements, etc. that would allow the engine to be used in a motor vehicle. This blueprint would allow engine manufacturers (terminology service providers) to assemble some or all of the components of the engine in a way that would allow them to be assembled into a variety of working models. At the same time, vehicle manufacturers (client software developers) could configure their components in a way that would allow engines from different manufacturers to be used in the same vehicle. CTS2 Services April 2, 2012

5 CTS2 Modules Structural Functional Code System / Code System Version
Entity / Association Map / Map Version Value Set / Value Set Definition Resolved Value Set Concept Domain / Concept Domain Binding Functional Read Query Import Export Update Maintenance History Temporal

6 Using CTS2 XML Schema defines required and optional components of a resource WADL or WSDL defines how resource is accessed REST PSM defines how to access using HTTP (Browser) GET / PUT / POST / REMOVE SOAP PSM defines web services addess

7 CTS2 Implementations BioPortal REST BioPortal RDF SNOMED CT (alpha)
eXist (alpha) ECIS External (PHAST / Codices / BiKE …) Ad-hoc (CTS2 basement shop)

8 Demonstration Creating information in CTS2
Publishing information in CTS2 CTS2 Client In action

9 CTS2 Development Framework

10 CTS2 and SHARP SHARP Value Sets published as CTS2 Resolved Value Sets
SNOMED CT resolved using py4cts2 server ECIS Value Sets and maps published using CTS2 Development Framework

11 Next Steps RxNorm, UMLS, LOINC available for value set construction
Complete URI links to Entity and Association Nodes SHARP / ECIS and related maps as CTS2 Maps

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