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 Donna Leigh Bliss, PhD.  Present my vision for the Quinnipiac University Master of Social Work Program  Discuss how I will continue with my scholarship.

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1  Donna Leigh Bliss, PhD

2  Present my vision for the Quinnipiac University Master of Social Work Program  Discuss how I will continue with my scholarship while serving as Director of MSW program  Propose a blueprint for developing and implementing the MSW program


4 Global Leadership in Healthcare Practice, Policy, Research, and Advocacy

5 Regional Map of Current MSW Programs

6  Build on strengths of Quinnipiac University ◦ Student-centered focus ◦ Emphasis on healthcare ◦ Interdisciplinary collaboration ◦ Good fit with many undergraduate majors  Focus on trends in social work education ◦ Be a leader rather than a follower in social work education ◦ Students as “citizens of the world”  Incorporate my vision for social work ◦ Taking a leadership role in addressing pressing social problems in the world in areas of practice, policy, research, and advocacy

7  Provide a stimulating environment that promotes intellectual and personal development of students  Focus on leadership in healthcare with Schools of Health Sciences, Medicine, and Nursing  Pathway to graduate degree for many undergraduate majors ◦ Psychology, sociology, criminal justice, gerontology, health and sciences study, social services  Smaller class sizes and personalized attention and devotion of professors who embrace teaching and mentoring students

8  Competency-based education in practice, research, policy, and advocacy domains  Seamless transition along micro-macro continuum  Students as “citizens of the world” by taking leadership position on global as well as local and national perspectives  Explore ways to utilize digital and social media in the service of promoting social work values  Target needs of non- traditional students ◦ Hybrid learning options  Focus on healthcare ◦ Gerontology, addiction, mental health, etc.

9 Veterans Dept. Will Increase Mental Health Staffing  Return to social work roots ◦ Take a primary leadership role in confronting social problems  Abandon the false dichotomy between micro and macro ◦ Focus on the global social work leadership  Option to specialize through certificate programs  Flexible curriculum responds to contemporary issues  Embrace advocacy ◦ Use 21 st century digital and social media tools to advocate on local, state, national, and global levels ◦ Give voice to social work values by promoting social and economic justice for vulnerable and marginalized populations  Students want to learn how to do this

10  Global Leadership is an innovative multidimensional and dynamic curriculum model ◦ Global refers not just to a geographic perspective, but also to a holistic perspective on responding to social problems in the areas of practice, research, policy, and advocacy by seamlessly transitioning along various domains ◦ Leadership refers to taking an explicit and robust position on addressing pressing social problems in the world  Help students become “citizens of the world”  Social workers are thought leaders  Builds on Quinnipiac University focus on healthcare ◦ Emphasize interdisciplinary collaboration within University and with community partners  Strong emphasis on role of faculty in mentoring and teaching students to strive for and achieve excellence

11 Macro Micro Practice Policy Research Advocacy

12 Teaching, research, service, and advocacy

13  Writing ◦ Write a book on 21 st century social work education  Research ◦ Examine ways to improve treatment outcomes for persons with substance abuse disorders ◦ Continue publishing empirical research and practice models ◦ Seek external funding  Teaching ◦ Continue teaching courses in clinical practice with addictive disorders and macro-level social work practice  Service ◦ Continue to develop service-learning projects with community agencies and students ◦ websites  Advocacy ◦ Continue to explore how to teach students how to use digital and social media ◦ Leadership development

14  Center for Holistic Addiction Research and Treatment ◦ Submit SEAT proposal to NIAAA ◦ Emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborative partnerships ◦ Practice, research, policy, and advocacy focus ◦ Student involvement via field placements, service- learning, and class work  Maternal and Child Health Post-Graduate Leadership Academy ◦ Collaborate with University of Maryland School of Social Work ◦ Expand geographic footprint for post- graduate social workers ◦ Include component for students who want to focus on maternal and child health

15 From vision to reality

16  Phase 1: Preplanning ◦ Candidacy timeframe, resource allocation, broad marketing strategy, identify broad curriculum themes  Phase 2: Planning ◦ Begin candidacy process, shared vision, curriculum development, market analysis, hire faculty  Phase 3: Development ◦ Attain candidacy, develop policies and procedures, hire faculty, market program, begin admissions  Phase 4: Implementation ◦ Formal launch, begin classes

17  Explore broad themes for MSW program ◦ Based on preliminary market analysis  Assess candidacy process ◦ Critical tasks and timeframes  Determine feasible launch date for program ◦ Fall 2014 versus Fall 2013  Identify resource requirements ◦ Develop budget  Develop broad strokes for marketing strategy  Green light MSW program development process

18  Begin process for attaining CSWE candidacy ◦ Create candidacy timeline  Conduct formal market research ◦ Demographic profiles of internal and markets  Develop shared vision through consulting with internal and external constituencies ◦ Create buy-in  Create formal marketing strategy ◦ Target internal and external markets  Hire faculty  Curriculum development ◦ Key factor in candidacy process (Benchmark 1)

19  Attain candidacy ◦ Stay on top of process to ensure timely success  Hire faculty ◦ Teambuilding and collaborative relationships  Develop policies and procedures  Implement marketing strategy ◦ Create buzz and build momentum  Start admissions process ◦ Provide concierge-level service to applicants ◦ Create brand identity

20  Formally launch program ◦ Capitalize on accomplishment to showcase leadership stature of Quinnipiac University  Begin classes ◦ MSW Program is now a reality  Continue marketing program  Continue with accreditation process  Begin strategic plan development process to guide future growth of MSW program

21 Thank you

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