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“The future depends on what you do today.” Ghandi Conclusions.

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1 “The future depends on what you do today.” Ghandi Conclusions

2 Recommendations (1) Create an international police white paper that articulates a vision and a blueprint for international policing co-operation and co-ordination for the next 10 years. This blueprint will assist Chiefs and Commissioners to co- ordinate investment and support the political positioning that will create local policing visions. Initiate a global policing think tank for research into policing policy and development, using a public-private partnership model. Develop a framework for sharing information through fusion centres. International Action Learning Group

3 Recommendations (2) Establish a fully funded international and multi-disciplinary recruitment and training centre that will achieve: – a physical and virtual hub – a common recruitment system with complementary screening tools and processes – a pool of registered subject matter experts on international policing issues, challenges and phenomena – develop and deliver courses from an international policing perspective and context – produce subject matter experts to help address international policing issues, challenges and interoperability – investment and participation from private / public and not for profit organization International Action Learning Group

4 Recommendations (3) Implement a “Revolving Door” HR resource strategy by establishing co- operation on a local, national and global level with partners from public, private and academia. This would allow organizations to: – Support flexible employment relationships for permanent and temporary staff; – Be adaptable to change by bringing in, or developing (in-house or externally), the skills, talents and capabilities required; – On either short, medium or longer term basis. International Action Learning Group

5 Chiefs and Commissioners Responsibilities 15 Local Policing 19 National and International Policing Total annual budgets: $50 - $53 Billion USD 0.02% = $ 10 million USD 117 IALG participants International Action Learning Group

6 “The best way to predict your future is to create it” Act now! Peter Drucker

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