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Pre-Implementation Project “Mid-term” Town Hall January 24, 2013.

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1 Pre-Implementation Project “Mid-term” Town Hall January 24, 2013

2 Project Goal and Phases This project specifically is focused on preparation to replace the current student information system (UniverSIS). Phases I & II “as-is” and “to-be” business process documentation requirements gathering gap analysis of leading solutions institutional readiness assessment Phases III & IV (upon BoT approval) Vendor selection Implementation Partner selection

3 Project Sponsors Robert Ambach, Senior Vice President of Administration and Finance Lawrence Johnson, Interim Senior Vice President and Provost Nelson Vincent, CIO and Vice President of Information Technologies

4 Steering Committee Jennifer Albrecht (PM), Collegiate Project Services Aurora Bennett, College of Medicine Douglas Burgess (PM), Registrar Anton Harfmann, Dean’s Council Patricia Krekeler (PM), UCIT Carol Metzger, Finance Caroline Miller (Co-Chair), Enrollment Management Lee Mortimer, Institutional Research Andrew Naab, Student Government Robin Pittman (PM), Business Core Systems Jim Plummer (Co-Chair), Administration & Finance Robert Rokey, Faculty Senate Troy Travis (Co-Chair), UCIT

5 Project Team Jennifer Albrecht (PM), Collegiate Project Services Douglas Burgess (PM), Registrar Thomas Canepa, Admissions Paul Foster, UCIT (Blackboard) Nicholas Frame, Institutional Research Cecily Goode, One Stop Student Services Gary Grafe, UCIT (Web & Integration) Ken Hirsch, College of Law Emily Kregor, The Graduate School Patricia Krekeler (PM), UCIT Bob Miller, Enrollment Management Mark Miller, UC Blue Ash Andrea Oaks, College of Medicine Dana Pawlowicz, Financial Aid Robin Pittman (PM), Business Core Systems M. B. Reilly, Public Relations Tara Warden, Academic Advising Ken Wolterman, Bursar Mark Young, UCIT (SIS)

6 Collegiate Project Services Ed Cornelius, President and Founder Jennifer Albrecht, CPS Team-Lead Matt Coombs, Technical Expert & Integration Specialist Jason Elwood, Functional Expert & Process Analysis John Pratt, Functional & Technical Expert

7 Project Timeline – Phases I & II

8 Project Timeline: – Phases III & IV

9 Fall Semester Activities SIS Technology Previews – four previews: Ellucian Banner, Kuali, Oracle/PS, SAP Business Process Analysis (BPA) Visioning sessions – 103 participants across six business functions/units Admissions, Advising, Bursar, Financial Aid, One Stop, Registrar – Documented high-level vision for student lifecycle – Identified ‘ideal characteristics’ for future processes

10 Fall Semester Activities Technical interviews & survey Business Process Analysis (BPA) “As Is” sessions (final group completing this week) – 156 processes documented across ten business units Admissions, Advising, Bursar, Clermont College, College of Law, College of Medicine, Financial Aid, One Stop, Registrar, UC Blue Ash Requirements Gathering – 39% overall participation (322 of 827 invitees) – >75% average participation in key functional areas & IT

11 Spring Semester Activities CPS Requirements Gap Analysis CPS Options Assessment Analysis Critical Issues & Risk Analysis sessions (1/30 – 1/31) Readiness Assessment – interviews with selected stakeholders (1/24 – 2/15) – university community readiness questionnaire (2/11 – 2/25)

12 Other Key Dates and Events Collegiate Project Services data compilation and analysis; final report preparation (2/25 – 3/29) Readiness report to be delivered to the Steering Committee and Sponsors (4/1) Options report to be delivered to the Steering Committee and Sponsors (4/2)

13 CPS Assessment Deliverables Implementation Readiness Assessment SIS Options Assessment

14 What is a Readiness Assessment? An analysis of how well-prepared UC is to implement a modern student information system. The assessment will be based on sixteen “readiness” factors which CPS has found to be predictive of successful ERP implementation projects in higher education.

15 What is a Readiness Assessment? Three Goals: 1.Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the university to implement a modern SIS 2.Make recommendations to close gaps between where the university “is” and where the university “should be” 3.Provide an “implementation blueprint”

16 How We Collect Readiness Data University-Wide Data Collection Focus Group Sessions Individual Interviews Online Survey Implementation- Specific Data Collection Software & Services Vendor Data CPS ‘Experiential’ Data

17 Readiness Assessment Deliverables Readiness Scorecard & Recommendations Analysis against 16 readiness factors Specific recommendations to close gaps Implementation Blueprint Detailed project plan for UC based upon readiness

18 Sample Readiness Scorecard

19 Implementation Blueprint Elements Implementation Timeline Realistic Budget Project Organization Roles & Responsibilities Table Communication Plan Critical Issues Lists Risk Mitigation Plans Staffing recommendations Training Plan

20 What is an Options Assessment? Comparison of major student information systems in the market and their compelling differences to provide a ranking and recommendation for UC.

21 What are the Options for UC? Single Vendor ERP Solution Multiple Vendor ERP Solution Multiple Source ERP Solution

22 How We Collect Options Data Technical Interviews & Survey Software & Services Vendor Data Collection CPS “Experiential” Data Industry Awareness & Research Requirements Fit-Gap

23 How We Analyze the Options Solution Offerings UC Needs Match to Functional Needs Strategic Alignment Time to Solution Total Cost of Ownership Solution Track Record Technology Framework Deployment Options Others…

24 CPS Assessment Deliverables Implementation Readiness Assessment SIS Options Assessment UC’s preparedness to take on an SIS implementation & steps to take to ensure success Analysis of best-fit SIS options based on UC needs and requirements

25 Questions, Comments, or Concerns? Visit E-mail to

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