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Assessment Update Ms. Danielle Shockey, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Michele Walker, Director of Student Assessment Ms. Sholonda Trice, Assistant Director.

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1 Assessment Update Ms. Danielle Shockey, Deputy Superintendent Dr. Michele Walker, Director of Student Assessment Ms. Sholonda Trice, Assistant Director of Student Assessment November 2014

2 Agenda CCR Standards & Assessments Support for Educators Transitions: IMAST, Graduation Exam 2015-16 and Beyond 2

3 States must adopt college- and career-ready (CCR) standards  CCR ELA and Math standards adopted by State Board of Education on April 28, 2014 States must administer assessments based on CCR standards by the spring of 2015  Featuring new item type: technology-enhanced (TE) items Transitioning Standards and Assessments: ESEA Flexibility Waiver/Federal Requirements

4 Designing the Spring 2015 ISTEP+ (Grades 3-8) ISTEP+ Part 1  March Administration – Applied Skills Items (Online voluntary) Paper/Pencil Testing Window: March 2 - 11, 2015 Online Testing Window: March 2 - 13, 2015 ISTEP+ Part 2  April/May Administration (Online required) Paper/Pencil Testing Window (Requires Pre-Approval): April 27 – May 8, 2015  Multiple-Choice and Gridded-Response Items Online Testing Window: April 27 – May 15, 2015  Multiple-Choice and Technology-Enhanced Items

5 ISTEP+ Assessment Notes – Part 1 (Grades 3-8) English/Language Arts  Writing Prompts Read one or more passages Respond to 4 multiple-choice questions (scaffold to the prompt) Provide evidence from the passage(s) when responding to the prompt Mathematics  Icons – Not displayed on the assessment Mathematical Process Standard 5  Use appropriate tools strategically

6 ISTEP+ Assessment Notes – Part 2 (Grades 3-8) Mathematics, continued  Reference Sheets – Grades 4-8 Separate sheet by grade level  Fluency items Measure fluency as demonstrated “efficiently” and “accurately”  Define the variable When creating an expression or equation  Gridded-Response items – Grades 4-8 During ISTEP+ Part 2 paper-and-pencil administration ONLY

7 7 Construct an answer using Math Palette

8 Drag-and-drop Multiple-correct response

9 9

10 Drag-and-drop

11 Designing the Spring 2015 ISTEP+ End of Course Assessments (ECAs) Spring 2015 ECAs will include two components:  Graduation examination Aligned to IAS (2000 Algebra I, 2006 English 10)  Accountability assessment Aligned to CCR IAS (2014 Algebra I and English 10) Grade 10 students participating in the ECAs

12 Blue font = Educator Involvement Assessment Development Journey

13 . ActivityISTEP+ TimelineECA Timeline Specification Review Meetings and Test Blueprint Development May/June 2014September 2014 Passage Review MeetingsEarly June 2014September 2014 Item DevelopmentJune/July 2014September/October 2014 Content and Bias/Sensitivity Review MeetingsEarly August 2014November 2014 Pilot New ECA Items During Late Winter Testing Window N/A Late February/Early March 2015 Form Selection and BuildFall 2014March 2015 Administer AssessmentMarch, April/May 2015April/May 2015 Standards Setting (Cut-Score Setting)Summer 2015 Development & Implementation

14 . Support for Educators SupportGrades 3-8ECAs Test Blueprints Posted early July Posted late Fall Instructional and Assessment Guidance Posted late August Posted late Fall Acuity 3-8: Acuity Readiness Assessments Late September N/A Acuity ECAs: CCR-aligned items (GQE-Alg. I, Eng. 10: Predictive continues) N/A January Professional Development: Open-ended items and Technology-Enhanced Items September/October December/January Item SamplersEarly OctoberJanuary Experience College- and Career-Ready Assessment Early OctoberJanuary

15 Test Blueprints (Gr. 3-8, ECAs-Graduation: Currently posted; ECAs-Accountability: December) Provide “big picture” view of strands/reporting categories Assist in prioritizing curriculum Enhance instructional planning Guide development of classroom assessments

16 Instructional and Assessment Guidance (Gr. 3-8, ECAs-Graduation: Currently posted; ECAs-Accountability: December) Provides “granular” view of standards Informs curricular and instructional priorities Provides transparency regarding assessments  ISTEP+ Part 1, ISTEP+ Part 2 +,, –

17 Instructional and Assessment Guidance 2014-15 Mathematics – Grade 5 Represents standards that may be assessed on ISTEP+ Part 1 and ISTEP+ Part 2. All standards may be assessed on ISTEP+ Part 2. SymbolContent PriorityApproximate Instructional Time ++ Critical50 – 75%  Important25 – 50% –– Additional5 – 10% Strand 1 Number Sense Strand 2 Computation Strand 3 Algebraic Thinking Strand 4 Geometry Strand 5 Measurement Strand 6 Data Analysis Strand 7 Mathematical Process 5.NS.1  *5.C.1 ++ *5.AT.1 ++ 5.G.1  *5.M.1 ++ 5.DS.1  *PS.1 ++ 5.NS.2  5.C.2 ++ *5.AT.2 ++ *5.G.2  5.M.2  5.DS.2  *PS.2 ++ 5.NS.3 –– 5.C.3 –– *5.AT.3  *5.M.3 ++ *PS.3 ++ 5.NS.4 –– 5.C.4 ++ *5.AT.4  5.M.4  *PS.4 ++ 5.NS.5 –– 5.C.5 ++ *5.AT.5 ++ *5.M.5 ++ *PS.5 ++ 5.NS.6  5.C.6 –– 5.AT.6  *5.M.6  *PS.6 ++ 5.C.7 ++ 5.AT.7  *PS.7 ++ *5.C.8 ++ *5.AT.8  *PS.8 ++ *5.C.9 ++

18 Acuity Assessments (Gr. 3-8: September; ECAs-Accountability: January) NEW Acuity Readiness Assessments  Grades 3-8, ELA and Math  Aligned to the CCR 2014 Indiana Academic Standards  3 administrations/diagnostic in nature  (Science, Social Studies remain unchanged) Acuity for Algebra I and English 10  Continue Predictive forms for the ECAs  NEW CCR-aligned items for use by teachers

19 Assessment Professional Development (Gr. 3-8: October; ECAs-Accountability: January) Grades 3-8: Recorded WebEx sessions Focused on:  Use of Instructional and Assessment Guidance  Sample open-ended items based on new CCR standards  Technology-enhanced item types Watch for professional development related to CCR standards on the ECAs.

20 Item Samplers (Gr. 3-8: October) Updated for 2014-15 Sample open-ended items based on new CCR standards Examples of ISTEP+ Part 1 administration English/Language Arts Items: writing prompts, constructed-response, extended-response Focus on evidence Mathematics Items: constructed-response, extended-response Focus on content and process

21 “Experience College- and Career- Ready Assessment” Tool (Gr. 3-8: October; ECAs-Accountability: January) Technology-enhanced item types Training for students and educators Engaging and interactive Include available accommodations Teachers are encouraged to use Experience CCRA as an instructional tool in the classroom!

22 . Spring 2015 ACCUPLACER Testing Window  Part 1: January 22 – February 20, 2015 Administer to juniors who meet State Board-adopted criteria during Part 1  Part 2: February 25 – April 1, 2015 Participation Criteria  PSAT score  Performance on ECAs Updated guidance coming soon  Includes details re: Dual-Credit, Financial Aid, and more!

23 . Transition: Graduation Examination & Accountability Assessment Implementation YearGrade ECA (IAS 2000 Algebra I, 2006 English 10) ECA (CCR IAS 2014 Algebra I, English 10) Grade 10 Summative Assessment Graduation Examination Accountability Assessment 2014-15 Grade 10 Graduation Examination Accountability Assessment Grade 11Retest Grade 12Retest AdultsRetest 2015-16 Grade 10 Graduation Examination X Grade 11Retest Grade 12Retest AdultsRetest 2016-17 Grade 10 XX Grade 11Retest Grade 12Retest AdultsRetest 2017-18 Grade 10 XX Grade 11 Retest Grade 12Retest AdultsRetest 2018-19 Grade 10 XX Grade 11 Retest Grade 12 Retest AdultsRetest 2019-20 Grade 10 XX Grade 11 Retest Grade 12 Retest Adults Retest

24 . Transition: Spring 2015 ECAs Spring 2015 ECA Administration: Graduation Examination and Accountability Assessment Implementation Grade(s) End of Course Assessment (1 test with 2 components) Accountability Assessment Notes Graduation Examination (IAS 2000 Algebra I, 2006 English 10) Accountability Assessment (CCR IAS 2014 Algebra I, English 10) (Accountability Assessment component will likely consist of 1-2 extra test sessions.) Grade 10 Required (testers/retesters) Required (testers/retesters) Accountability calculations for Grade 10 students testing in spring 2015 are based on new CCR standards. Grades 9, 11, 12 Required (testers/retesters) Optional—Local Decision Feedback regarding new CCR standards may be helpful for remediation and other purposes. (NOT included in accountability calculations) Adults Required (testers/retesters) Not Applicable Adults are not included in school accountability. Watch for more ECA-related guidance coming soon!

25 . Transition: IMAST Federal regulations discontinued modified assessments after 2013-14  Indiana’s version: IMAST  Sunset after Spring 2014 administration “IMAST Transition” resources/information available  Refer to Office of Student Assessment webpage IMPORTANT: Provide local support necessary to students formerly participating in IMAST  Provide support for parents, too!

26 . Future Assessments: Beginning in 2015-16  Assessment Resolution passed by Education Roundtable and State Board of Education includes 7 Components: 1.Summative Assessment (Grades 3-10) Grade 10 ISTEP+ becomes new Graduation Examination High School Science Assessment based on Biology I 2.IREAD-3 3.Phase-out Algebra I, English 10 ECAs (Graduation Examination) 4.Grade 11, 12 Post-Secondary Assessments 5.College- and Career-Readiness Exam (Grade 11) 6.Formative Assessments (Grades K-10; ELA, Math, SCI, SS) 7.Alternate Assessment (Grades 3-10)

27 . Assessment RFP Update  Review process ongoing Educators included as:  Advisors  Evaluators  Determine top two vendors per Component January – oral presentations  Advisors  Award expected mid-March

28 . R – I – G – O – R R eady for college- and career-related expectations… I mplement innovative instructional practices; G ather and use resources from the IDOE website; O ffer and seek ideas via a Community of Practice; and R each out when you have questions or need assistance. R – I – G – O – R leads to student success! To be…

29 Resources for Assessment Guidance School Test Coordinator (STC) Corporation Test Coordinator (CTC) Office of Student Assessment  Telephone: (317) 232-9050  Email:  Website:

30 Thanks for the opportunity!

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