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Blueprint for Negro Writing

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1 Blueprint for Negro Writing
By: Jordan Hatten 1

2 Richard Wright Born on September 4, 1908 and Roxie, Mississippi
Had a very unstable and rough childhood Only got a ninth grade education Moved to Chicago in 1927 during The Great Depression Move to New York City in 1937 to become a writer where he published Uncle Tom's Children Did not discriminate against whites 2

3 Theme To break assumptions and traditional theories by reading the works of black authors. To also understand why and how they create them. "By placing cultural health above narrow sectional prejudices, liberal writers of our braces can help to break the stony soil of aggrandizement out of which the stunted plants of Negro nationalism grow. And, simultaneously, Negro writers can help to weed out these chocking growths of reactionary nationalism and replace them with sturdier types." 3

4 Tone Non - Judgmental Thought Provoking Not Angry Honest 😄😞😥😠😠😨😳😭😶😶 4

5 Technique Genuine Opinion Imagery Metaphor Divided into sections #BARS "After Marxism has laid bare the skeleton of society, there remains the task of the writer to plant flesh upon those bones out of his will to live." 5

6 Blueprint for Negro Writing
The Role of Negro Writing: Two Definitions The Minority Outlook A Whole Culture The Problem of Nationalism in Negro Writing The Basis and Meaning of Nationalism in Negro Writing Social Consciousness and Responsibility The Problem of Perspective The Problem of Theme The Necessity for Collective Work 6

7 Essential Questions What vision must Negro writers have before their eyes in order to feel the impelling necessity for an about-face? What angle of vision can show them all the forces of modern society in process, all the lines of economic development converging toward a distant point of hope? Must they believe in some "ism"? 7

8 The Importance of the Essay
Shows the reason and cause of black writing Why and How it was created To express the importance of writing How writers look at their writing 8

9 The Importance of Wright
One of the first black writers to be acknowledge Known for his work His creation and philosophy Took ideas from the Harlem Renaissance 9

10 Native Son One of Wright's most famous works Discussed and communism
Showed the nation racism Broadway and Film 10

11 Work Cited Gaster, Snally. "Richard Wright Biography." Richard Wright Biography. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 Jan Moskowitz, Milton. "The Enduring Importance of Richard Wright." The Enduring Importance of Richard Wright. The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, n.d. Web. 10 Jan <>. "Native Son." SparkNotes. SparkNotes, n.d. Web. 10 Jan <>. "Richard Wright Biography." A&E Networks Television, n.d. Web. 12 Jan Wright, Richard. "Blueprint of Negro Writing." Wordprss, n.d. Web. 26 Oct <>.

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