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XCON Framework Overview & Issues Editors: Mary Barnes Chris Boulton

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1 XCON Framework Overview & Issues Editors: Mary Barnes ( Chris Boulton ( Orit Levin ( XCON WG IETF-65 Meeting Dallas, TX, March 2006

2 1 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Overview  Updates since IETF-64  Summary of Open Issues  Additional Work items  Way Forward

3 2 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Updates (-03)  Added detailed scenario/diagram for sidebars (section 9.4)  Replaced Editor’s notes with initial content, per past mailing list feedback and discussion:  Whisper/private messaging (section 9.5)  Conference announcements and recordings (section 9.6)  Primary changes involved resolution of discussion points around the format of the data:  Clarification of terminology and functionality related to blueprints, templates and common conference information.

4 3 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Updates (-03) - Issues resolved – DP4/4.1  DP4/4.1: Is the template in the same object as the common conference information (i.e. "in") or is it a separate object (i.e."out")?  Resolution:  The blueprint comprises both the common conference information and a (single) template.  The template within the blueprint can either be included by-value or by-reference depending upon the system implementation.  Added appropriate text to 7.3 and expanded the definition of Blueprint.

5 4 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Updates (-03) - Issues resolved – DP4.2 & 4.3  DP 4.2: Can clients dynamically use new templates or do new templates require new SW in clients?  Resolution: Adding new elements or modifying elements requires the definition of a new template.  Added appropriate text to section 5.2.  DP 4.3: Can a blueprint contain more than one template?  Resolution: No. A blueprint is common conference information + one template.  Added appropriate text in section 7.3 and mention that multiple templates are FFS.

6 5 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006  DP5: State and Policy Manipulation Protocol(s)  Three protocols on the table: CSCP, CCCP, COMP/CCMP  CSCP – based on BFCP  CCCP – new protocol  CCMP/COMP – based on SOAP  To be discussed as a separate agenda item. Open Issue – DP5

7 6 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Open Issue – Roles  Currently, role is defined in both the common conference information and the templates. Proposal: Given that the agreement is that there is always a template (e.g., default) associated with a blueprint, it would now seem reasonable to have the role defined by the templates, rather than as part of the common conference information.  Further discussion on this topic to continue on the mailing list, wrt the separate roles document and templates.

8 7 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Additional work to complete Framework  Include the resolution of the way forward on the conference control protocol.  Definition for whisper.  Consistent with current proposal in section 9.5  Additional detail in section 9:  Include more detail (i.e., example diagrams) for whisper.  Include more detail for announcements/recording.  Add additional scenarios/flows to highlight how the XCON functional elements work together and more importantly how a UA interfaces to the elements to achieve the desired functionality OR should we leave that for a separate scenarios doc, which comprises more details of the protocol, templates, etc?  URI schemas for new conference object and conference user identifiers, currently in the appendix, need to be described in new, separate documents.

9 8 draft-ietf-xcon-framework-03 Mar, 2006 Way Forward  Any additional WG feedback on open issues and proposed changes should be provided ASAP.  Once resolution of open issues is agreed, Framework document can be completed.

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