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New Rules of Strategy (Arthur Andersen Outlook, 1998, #1)

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1 New Rules of Strategy (Arthur Andersen Outlook, 1998, #1)

2 New Rules of Strategy (Arthur Andersen Outlook, 1998,01)

3 Architecture, Infrastructure & ERP zDefine: application,bit, byte, client/server, coaxial cable, CPU, database,ERP, ethernet, fiber optic, gigabit (byte), hard drive, ISDN, kilobit (byte), LAN, WAN, megabit (byte), modem, operating system, protocol, RAM, SAP, server, thick client, thin client, WAN, TCO, legacy system zDistinguish architecture from infrastructure zDiscuss the relationship between strategy, business requirements, architecture, and infrastructure zDiscuss the applicability of evaluation criteria to architecture and infrastructure zAnalyze infrastructure and architecture needs across hardware, software, data and networks zAdvantages and disadvantages of ERPs

4 Strategy, Requirements, Architecture & Infrastructure Strategy Business Requirements Architecture Infrastructure

5 Information Architecture zHigh level map of info requirements; blueprint zCentralized: ydata ycommunications zDecentralized: yfocus on organizational function zTranslates strategy into infrastructure zHard to define: needs change

6 Information Infrastructure zPhysical facilities, services, management supporting computing resources yhardware ysoftware ynetworks & communications ydata ypersonnel

7 Evaluation Criteria: Applicability

8 Meta Group Guidelines for Adaptable IT A&I zPlan modular (independent and loosely coupled) vs. monolithic zHave clear boundaries between infrastructure components zWith network architecture, provide access to all users when it makes sense to do so

9 Architecture Definitions - Client/server zClient - PC or workstation attached to a network which is used to access shared network resources zServer - machine that provides clients with services (i.e., sharing databases, software) zThick client - full function stand-alone computer that is used either exclusively or occasionally as a client in a client/server architecture zThin client - computer hardware designed to be used only as a client in a client/server architecture (Network PCs)

10 Definitions zEnterprise-wide system - distributed system that covers the entire organization zERP - a large highly complex software program that integrates many business functions under a single application zLegacy system - older or mature IS (often 20-30 years old)

11 ERP zNo more fragments! zStreamlined operations zOne system fits all? zToo centralized? zBig bucks zGrowing need to integrate ERP applications within companies and across trading partners ymiddleware for 24/7 B2B applications (ERP databases and B2B applications)

12 Total Cost of Ownership zPopular when PC-based IT infrastructures began gaining popularity zTCO = capital investments + technical support + administration + training zHelps managers understand how infrastructure costs break down zAnnual costs per user for each potential infrastructure choice zShared vs. isolated

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