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Earthquake Challenge Project AC Science Students:.

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1 Earthquake Challenge Project AC Science Students:

2 Problem: What features help a building withstand an earthquake? How can I use this info to build my structure? – Read ch. 8 section 3 pages 236-237 silently

3 Group Placement: You cannot whine, complain, or moan/groan about your groups. They have been chosen for you and YOU must cooperate to receive a good project grade! There are 4 to a group. Each person must contribute to the project. Groups will have a designated leader who will report any and all concerns, problems, or lack of participation to the teacher. If you are reported, your grade will reflect lower than your peers! Group leaders will keep up with all paperwork, too.

4 Objective: Build a model of a structure that can withstand a simulated earthquake. Materials: Blueprint via paper Pencil Spaghetti (25 pieces) Mini-Marshmallows (40) Paper Plates

5 Brainstorming: Brainstorm with your group a structure that will resist the simulated earthquake Write 2-3 sentences to describe your design Explain why you think your design can withstand your earthquake MUST include a rough draft blueprint of your design (This is part of the final grade!)

6 Day 2 ~ Building: Begin to build your designed blueprint Start with a good foundation – It cannot exceed 10 cm on any side (it may be smaller if you choose) – Height: there is no limit on the building – If your structure falls, you may rebuild and submit a different final blueprint; however, you will not get any additional materials – All details must be finalized by the end of the working day! (Day 2)

7 Final Design: (end of Day 2) You must submit a detailed illustration of the final design in color It must include how many pieces of spaghetti and marshmallows you used.

8 Day 3: Testing Day After testing, answer the following questions to submit for your final grade! – Which buildings were still standing after the earthquake? – What features made them more stable? – How would you change your design in order to make your structure more stable? – What are some limitations of your earthquake model? – How did this activity share with you an understanding of necessary precautions that must be taken when architects build structures in earthquake zones?

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